Proud Of #23

Sorry it’s been awhile since I did an update on my FO Parade. I’ve got a few going up today, so I’m sorry if your feeds go nuts. I’ll try to spread out the posts a bit over the course of today.  Hopefully that helps.
That said, let’s move on to the first FO I would like to mention, #23. This FO was actually finished on 6/26,  and only took me 10 days to finish. This is the first iteration of my first Shawl Design.  I’ll have more details on this as I get ready to release the pattern, I promise.
I used a US 7 – 4.5 mm needle. The yarn I used was Dream in Color Smooshy in the colorway “Animal Menagerie.” I LOVE this color, and how the pattern plays so well with the variegation of this skein. I ended up using 551.4 yds. I REALLY can’t wait to tell you more about the pattern down the road!  Sorry to leave you in the dark about the name of the pattern, etc, but I’m not ready to release it yet. I’m sorry…
Until Next Time!

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