#56. My Quickest Sweater EVER….

Hey everyone! If you don’t follow me on Social Media, you probably don’t know this, but…

I participated in NaKniSweMo this year. This stands for Knit A Sweater In A Month. It’s a KAL where you knit an adult sweater of 50,000 stitches in a month. This is my second year, and chose the “Millie” by Nice & Knit, as well as their fingering yarn. I LOVE the “Back Bay” colorway I chose for this sweater.

I finished my sweater in under 10 days of actual work. I started this November 1st, and Cast Off on November 14th. There were several days where I was avoiding the sweater and worked on EVERYTHING ELSE.  Mostly to avoid the sleeves. I HATE knitting sleeves… I finished the body of the sweater by Day 8. Then I took 2 days off. Worked on the sleeves for a day, then took another day off before finally finishing the sweater off…

I LOVE how it came out, though.  3/4 sleeves that are kind of tight, but they look good… I ended up adding an inch to the length to fit over my hips. It’s supposed to be a crop top, but I don’t roll that way… lol.


Here is the progression of the sweater, by day…


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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