Yowza! That’s An Awesome FO!!!

Hello again everyone! The largest FO of the year happens to be #71. I called this one “Yowza Blanket.”

This blanket has gone through multiple versions/patterns since I first started this project. I crocheted this blanket Granny Square until I ran out of Miss Babs Yowza yarn scraps from previous projects. As I’ve finished this blanket for Emptyeye (he knows that it’s a Holiday Gift, otherwise I wouldn’t mention it), I’ll list off the colors I used.

Total of 3,079.3 yards used.

Spiked Punch – 52 yds
Big Silk Worsted – Garden Party – 20 yards
BFF – 20 yards
Bat S’ Crazy – 20 yards
Across The Universe – 123.9 yards
Coral – 136 yards
Drunken Watermelon – 20 yds
Echo – 143.7 yds
Gator Bait – 498.1 yds
Indigo Bunting – 60 yds – 2045.6
Mad Hatter – 20 yds
Morticia – 420 yds
Mountain Morning – 39.6 yds
My Kelley – 136.3 yds
Sea Teal – 101.6 yds
Seduction – 60 yds – 1268.1
Seductress – 545.1 yds
Squash Blossom – 136 yds
Supriza – 96.7yds
Tardish – 25 yds
You Gotta Love Me – 95.2 yds
Zombie Honeymoon – 20 yds
Zombie Prom – 20 yds
Ebony – 270.1 yds

I REALLY love the way this came out. I was going from a Reverse Rainbow from the center -> out.  What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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