WIP Madness

Hello Beautiful Readers! I don’t normally talk about the things I’m currently knitting on. However, I have finally decided to leave the Ravelry platform after 9 years of being on the platform. Suffice to say, their doxing of those with disabilities, their lack of response to such issues, and even the number of times they have not been able to protect their community members has made me mad enough to leave the platform for good. I’ve gone over the specifics of all this in my latest podcast episode.

What this means, is that I’m going to start blogging more about the projects I’m working on (Work In Progress, or WIP for short). When I work on a project or make any changes to a project, you will see an update directly on that blog entry. I’m trying not to flood your RSS feed with posts, whenever possible. This will also make sure I’m here a lot more than I was…

Each post will have the “WIP Madness” category tag on it, so it is easy to follow. I think I will also include a page with each blog entry link, for ease of access. I plan on releasing the beginning entries slowly over the next few weeks (as there are QUITE a few WIPs I currently have on the hooks and needles already). If I happen to finish that item, there will be an update at the top of the post with the FO # and I will be adding each blog entry to the “FO Parade” category with the year it was finished (as I totally expect a few of these WIPs to stay UFOs [Unfinished Objects] for awhile).  I should have the first WIP posts up in a short while, and each one will be slightly different, to mix it up…

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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