Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Silver Style

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! This time, I’ll be talking about a project I called Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Silver Style.

This was another project I cast on during the weekend when my Sister-In-Wool and her hubby were visiting us. Specifically, I noted that I cast these gloves on  on 07/14 of 2019. I’m using the 1 Shot, 2 Shots, 3 Shots Fingerless Mitts pattern by C.C. Almon and Hayfield Baby Blossom DK, “350.” I’ve also been using size US 3, 3.25 mm 9 inch HiyaHiya Sharp circs to knit these gloves.

This project is being housed in my Coffee Bag by Molly Klein Designs. I love her bags SOOO much! Her shop can be found here

These gloves have been a bit slow-going. I think it has something to do with the fact that the pattern is a cabled pattern with a background of purls. Purling in the round isn’t one of my favorite things, but they DO make the cables pop on the gloves. But, honestly, it could also be the yarn I chose for the gloves. It’s super fluffy and can be splitty at times… Then, there’s part of me that worries that I’ll never use the gloves, no matter how pretty they come out. It’s honestly a lot of what’s got me stalled…

I had finished this first glove and tried it on. It all fits so well, and I REALLY do love the way they look.

Then, it was months until I started the second glove. And now, I’m stalled again and have been for the past few months. I REALLY have no idea WHY, though…








Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

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