DVD Love <3

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The next WIP I want to talk about is what I called DVD Love <3.

I started this blanket on 07/14 of this year. Shortly after I finished my other DVD scrap blanket. I’m using the “Granny Stripes” pattern by Lucy of Attic24. I’m using a size G 4.25mm crochet hook.

I’m using a Tan color from The  Loopy Ewe Solid Series to start and finish this blanket. I can’t remember the colorway name, I’m sorry. It’s not on The Loopy Ewe’s website at the moment, and I’ve since lost the tags for the yarn… I don’t believe they are carrying it at the moment, but Their store can be found here.

For the rest of this blanket, I’ll be using up the remainder of the yarn my DVD (Desert Vista Dyeworks) Monthly Sock Club socks that I’ve completed over the years. I’ll be listing each color I’ve used, as well as the amount of yardage I had left of each to add to the blanket below. Before I do that, you can find Desert Vista Dyework’s shop here.

From Year 1 of Sock Club:
1) Mar 2018 – Babushka – 161 yds (FO)
2) Apr 2018 – Poodle Skirt – 180 yds (FO)
3) May 2018 – Happy Birthday Cupcake! – 217 yds (FO)
4) June 2018 – Oh, Clark! – 203 yds (FO)
5) July 2018 – Clue -207 yds (FO)
6) Aug 2018 – Mr. Darcy – 208 yds (FO)
7) Sept 2018 – Zombody’s Eating Candy Corn – 157 yds (FO)
8) Oct 2018 – Dracula – 148 yds (FO)
9) Nov 2018 – Dia De Los Muertos – 129 yds (FO)
10) Dec 2018 – Bing And The Andrews Sisters – 143 yds (FO)

From Year 3 of Sock Club:
1) May 2020 – Daphne Zombody Blake – 203 yds (FO)
2) June 2020 – Crystal Ball Frap – 194 yds (FO)
3) July 2020 – Rose Champagne – 166 yds (FO)
4) August 2020 – Harold’s Purple Crayon – 176.56 yards
5) September 2020 – Elvis
6) October 2020 –
7) November 2020 –
9) December 2020 –

Other DVD Colorways:


This project is being housed in my Zombie Bag by The Knitted Broomstick.

I’m all caught up on the socks I’ve already knit for the DVD Monthly Sock Club, so I’m just waiting until I finish September’s socks to add more to this blanket. For now, here is the current progress picture.

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

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