Don’t Test Me

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner!

The next thing that I want to talk about, is what I’m calling “Don’t Test Me.” I started this Cowl on  8/15. This is a test knit, so I really can’t talk about much about this Cowl until the pattern premiers in October.  I can’t show off in-progress pictures or any details. I CAN show off the yarn I’ve been using, though…

The designer, CC of JavaPurl Designs has okay’d me talking about the name of the pattern, which will be “I’ll Have Two Coffees And Two Cherry Danishes To Go Please Cowl.”

I can also say that this starts with a provisional cast-on and is knit flat. I actually found an awesome new way of doing the provisional cast on that works better for me. Here’s the video I found.

I’m housing this Test Knit in my London Tardis bag by The Knitting Broomstick.  Jilly’s shop can be found here.

Sorry to tease you and dip, but it is what it is… I’ll come by and update the post as soon as the pattern releases with more details. I’m currently about half-way done knitting the Cowl, if that helps…


Update 12/21: I finished this WIP on  9/11. The pattern went live on 10/31. I’m not sure why I never added more to this post, TBH… It’s been a ride of a year, let me tell you… But you all know what I mean… lol. I ended up using 323 yards. What do you think of the patterning? I might have to cast on another sooner rather than later.

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

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