Whispering Amira

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! This time, I want to talk about the project I called “Whispering Amira.”

I started this project in 2019, and it was meant to be a top I wore in the Summer, as it is a light garment. The pattern I’m working on for this one, is the “Amira” by Ranee Mueller. I’m using Knit Picks, CotLin yarn in the “Whisper” colorway. For this Summer garment, I’ve been using size US 3, 3.25mm and US 5, 3.75mm Zing needles.

The project is being housed in my “New Doctor Who” bag by WhimzeeStitches. His shop can be found here. I REALLY love this bag!

I also have a Tardis progress keeper from AdoreKnit that I’m using as a zipper pull. You can find AdoreKnit’s shop here.

This project has been restarted at least once. The First time I started this project, I thought about knitting it in pieces. But then I realized that I stink at seaming garments (well, anything in general). Once I made that decision, it was easier working in the round. There is this part now, where I’ve had to split the front and backs to allow for the sleeves. The front is on holders and the back is being worked (or is it the other way round? I can never remember… Either way, I need to work them separately). At first, I had both pieces on separate needles, and they would clank together, which drove me nuts. Then I realized I had interchangeable needles (even if I never really use them), that I could use the cable on to stop the clanking. Since I made the change-over, I really haven’t worked on it. Mostly because the Cotton and Linen blend hurts my hands after a few rows. Well, that, and the fact that each row requires you do something different, and there are times my brain DOES NOT want a pattern. Still. I’ve been thinking I should probably start working on it again soon.  What do you think?


Update 9/7:

Since the last time we’ve talked, I’ve decided that I want to wear this to my sister’s wedding. Which means I have to finish this top before the end of September. Wish me luck! I have done a whole pattern rotation (about 4 inches) on the back of the garment since the last time I’ve updated.

Update 12/21:

I finished this top a few days before the wedding, (9/23, actually) so that was pretty cool. It made it’s debut at breakfast the next morning. I LOVE how it fits! I ended up using 1,076 yards to finish this top. What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!



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