About Dreamysilver2112

CT resident.  Married to Emptyeye.  A dreamer.  A writer. A professional reader. A video game and music enthusiast. Avid Knitter (not pro, but VERY Avid Knitter). Soap-box resident. Sometime Pessimist. Please read more to find out more of what she’s about.



BAWLS; The Prefered Energy Drink of Staffers

BAWLS; The Prefered Energy Drink of Silver


  1. I appreciated your compliments, which came to my email. I was so tickled to have such a wonderful response. I am pretty new to most of the “social media” stuff, so this is a “muddle through the best I can, but it seems to be working, for the time being, at least.”

    I have my poetry on my blog, on the discussion; as an attachment, and in my word program so I can upload as needed. It looks like you are somewhat like me, as a dreamer and a writer. What kinds of writing, besides school assignments do you do? Just curios. Thanks again. Krward3849 Krystina
    Into Health Care, how awesome! That is a great profession. Have a great summer, and a great rest of the year. Best wihes, Krystina

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