#12’s Lovey Dovey

Hello again everyone! Welcome back to my FO Parade! It’s been a busy few weeks here in my neck of the woods. So, I’m going to apologize for the large number of posts going up today… Now that this caveat is out of the way, let’s start the Parade.

The 12th thing that I finished was part of my HPKCHC Detention OWL. This project was on the needles (or off, as I had finished the body and only needed sleeves) for almost a year. It was sitting in my UFO (Unfinished Objects) bin for close to 11 months. Can you tell I have an issue putting myself onto “Sleeve Island?”

I called this project “I’m Lovin’ It.” 


The pattern I used on this project was the “All The Love” by Joji Locatelli, size US 4 and US 6 needles. I LOVED this Pinky Colorway by Dream in Color. It was a BFL (Bluefaced Leicester ) Silk combo, and I LOVE the feel of this finished object. What do you all think?


Until Next Time, Happy Knitting!



Stash Dash 2019 For The Win!!!

Hey everyone!!!  The 2019 dates for Stash Dash have been announced. It will start on May 24th and be done on August 24th. I’ve already been making plans for which items I want to finish during the Summer. I’m sure I’ll add more later, but as of right now… Here are what my plans are, for now…

  1. Already Cast-On
    1. A Winter’s Snow (total of 2,040 yards planned)
      1. Creamsicle – 1,020
      2. Bluebell – 1.020
    2. Stripey Heart (right now, 4.372 yards are in the blanket)
      1. 1) Royal = 291
        2) Hunter = 248
        3) Pumpkin = 349
        4) Claret = 200
        5) Misc White = 450
        6) Pink = 300
        7) Random Scrap #1 = 10
        8) Random Scrap #2 = 10
        9) Random Scrap #3 = 10
        10) Unknown Blue from MercuryZelda = 200
        11) Unknown Yellow = 150
        12) Unknown Variegate = 300
        13) Red = 200
        14) Green = 200
        15) Red/White Team Spirit = 366
        16) Light Lavender = 250
        17) Light Blue – 250
        18) Sparkle White = 20
        19) Dark Red = 40
        20) Baby Varigate = 40
        21) Dark Neon/Black Light = 244
        22) Light Neon/Day Glow = 244
    3. Granny Stripes and Cozy Dreamz (right now, 1.970 yards are in the blanket)
      1. 1) Boysenbery = 370
        2) Paddy Green = 364
        3) Cameo = 300
        4) Team Spirit – Gold & Black = 366
        5) Team Spirit – Red & White = 200
        6) Royal Blue = 370
    4. My Scrappy Lap Blanket (right now, 1,870 yards are in the blanket)
      1. Apple/Purple/Jade Print
      2. Turquoise
    5. (possibly) ITA Blanket
      1. Blue
      2. Green
      3. Yellow
      4. Multi
  2. Still to Cast-On (All these are predictive, and will change, depending on how tall I decide to make each pair of socks for the Desert Vista Dyeworks sock club)
    1. May DVD Socks (462 yards) – Minerva Quiddy Socks pattern
    2. June DVD Socks (462 yards) – Weasley Homesetead pattern
    3. July DVD Socks (462 yards) – Hermoine’s Every Day  pattern
    4. August DVD Socks (462 yards) – Hermoine’s Secret pattern


I can’t wait to get started this year! I’ll see you after the start of Stash Dash.

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Little Knits Are A Go!

Hello again everyone! The latest thing that I finished I called simply “Vertebrae #1.”

I have a friend that I’m knitting tiny human knits for. I won’t say whom they’ll be for, just in case they happen to read this. I want to keep this a surprise. This is the first of two sweaters I’m going to be knitting. This is the “Vertebrae” pattern by Kelly van Niekerk. I used size 4 and size 6 (US) needles, and Bernat Baby Sport in two colorways “Baby Ombre” and “Mint.” What do you think? Isn’t this so cute???

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Oh, Bother! #10 is Coming Your Way!

Hello again everyone! The 10th thing that I finished this month I called “Piglet & Honey, What More Could A Pooh Bear Ask For?”

This is my February submission for the DVD (Desert Vista Dyeworks) Fifth Annual Sock KAL. I used her Viso base in the “ZomPiglet” colorway and the “Honey Badger” pattern  by Irishgirlieknits. I really do love the way that the pattern picks up the stripy sequence in the colors. What do you all think?

I also entered this in the HPKCHC as part of Quidditch Match 3 and I finished the pair in 5 days, which impresses even me…

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!




Also, Sheep racing… 😉        


Green #9

Hello again everyone! The 9th thing that I’ve finished this year was another thing that’s been “on my needles” for quite some time. I started this January 11th of last year and finished the body on January 24th. I only literally had to include 2 sleeves, yet it sat in my UFO (Unfinished Objects) box for that whole time. To help me finish this up, I decided to enter it as part of my Detention OWL for the HPKCHC. It worked, and I finally finished it!

This is the “Flax” pattern by Tincanknits and is for Emptyeye.  He’s happy to have it, no matter how he looks in this photo… lol.

I used size 6 and size 8 (US) needles and Miss Babs Yowza in the “Sea Teal” colorway. What do you guys think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Whispering To #8

Hello again everyone! The 8th thing that I finished this year was another thing that I’ve had on the needles for a bit. Not quite as long as some, but this one has been on the needles since 9/18. I also am entering this as part of my Detention OWL for HPKCHC. I called this project “Gemini Whispers.”

I used size 6 and size 7 needles as well as Knit Picks CotLin in the “Whisper” colorway. I love how this top came out, and I cannot wait for warmer weather so I can wear it outside! 🙂 This got me 1,015 yards.


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#7 Werks It!!!

Hello again everyone!!! The Seventh project that I finished this year is what I called “Just You Wait.”

If you haven’t figured it out by the title of this blog, and the title I gave my Project, this was a Hamilton-themed MKAL that I participated in from Lyrical Knits. The pattern can be found on Ravelry now.  Young, Scrappy, and Cozy by Mary Annarella. For the MKAL, we were told that we would need three separate colors. One of these colors would be a contrast with the other two. I ended up using Miss Babs Yowza in the “Spiked Punch,” Ebony,” and “Gator Bait” colorways. I love how these three colors worked up. What do you think? Sorry about all the photos, but it’s a weird shape to capture the entire FO in. Hopefully, these help…

Besides the MKAL, I also entered this into the HPKCHC as my Ancient Runes Class. It got me 42 points into the Cup.


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!