And Finally, #68!

Hello again everyone! I have 1 final FO for 2018! I hope you’ve had as much fun with this as I have this year. This makes 68 total FO’s for the sake of this blog.

This last FO I called “Mixed-Up, Fall-Ish.” I finished this pair of socks in 16 days, which is AMAZING for me! I used the “Vanilla is the New Black” by Vanessa Fletcher. I also used 4 different colors in this “scrappy socks.”

  1. Hooker’s Corner, Fingering “Hot Damn”

  2. Hooker’s Corner, Fingering “Honey Bear”

  3. Woolen Boon, Fingering “Copper Boom”

  4. Whimzee Stitches Yarn Co., Standard Sock “Autumn Forest Walk”

I LOVE the way that everything worked up together. I can wear these in my boots, and I can’t wait to wear them. What do you all think?

Thank you for following me on my journey this year. I REALLY do appreciate it!

Until the next Post, Happy Crafting!


67’s On Fire!

Hello again everyone! I made a hat for myself during the Holiday Season. Something I could work on while I was off visiting family.

I used the “Sockhead Slouch Hat” pattern by Kelly McClure and West Yorkshire Spinners 4-ply in the “Tequilla Sunrise” colorway. I REALLY love how this came out. I kept thinking to myself “Wow! I’m knitting the Dunkin Logo…” It was pretty funny. What do you think?

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!


Matchy-Matchy #65

Hello again everyone! I had made a hat that I gave to someone for Christmas. This one had matched the others I have made. I used the “Ribbed Watchman’s Hat” by Channah Koppel.

I used Lion’s Brand, Vanna’s Choice in the “Silver Grey” and “Mint.” I can’t believe how well these two colorways play together. What do you think?

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!


#64’s On Point

Hello everyone! I have a few more things that I finished in 2018. I’m going to be posting them in almost rapid succession, so yeah…

The first thing that I finished, I called “Point Me In The Right Direction.”

I used “CC’s Vanilla Cappuccino Socks” by CC Almon and Gale’s Art Sparkle Single Sock Blank in the “Poinsettia” colorway. I absolutely LOVE the way both of these mesh together. What do you think?

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!


#63 Is Sweet

Hello again everyone! I finished another shawl this year. I was calling it “Ice Cream Social 2018 KAL.”

This was from a KAL based on the pattern based on a pattern by the same name from J.L. Fleckenstein of the Lucky Violet Yarn company. I LOVE how this shawl knit up.  I used US 6, 4.0mm needles.

It was a Total of 1,575.1 yards. There were 5 colors I used for this shawl.

  1. Queen City, NODA Sock, “Slumber Party”
  2. Supernatural Yarns, Siren Sock “Frozen”
  3. Leading Men Fiber Arts, Diva “Deep Sea”
  4. GnomeAcres, Fancy Gnome “Dobby”
  5. Stranded Dyeworks, BFL Nylon Fingering “Four Two Two Four”


What do you think of the color combo?  I’m SUPER in love with it!

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#62 All In Cotton

Hello again everyone. I have a few projects that I’ve finished since the last time we talked. The first, is my 4th Quarter 2018 Washcloth goal. I’m FINALLY done!!!!! Yes, I DID do a happy dance when I finished them all.  So you know, for all of my washcloths, I use a size US 6 24 inch Marblz needles.

40: White/Green/Red
41: Stripy White/Green/Red
42: Same
43: White/Green/Red


44: White/Green/Red
45: Same.
46: Same.
47: Same.


48: White/Green/Red 
49: Same
50: Purple
51: Random Mix 
52: Denim Blue


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!!!