I’ve Won #31

Hello everyone! FO #31 is the last one I’m going to talk about today. I called it “Pumpkin Season, ALL The Time!!!”

It’s also the longest Work in Progress (WIP) that I finished recently. I started this on April 10th and finished this just after midnight yesterday. I LOVE how this came out! It’s SOO comfy and I can cuddle into it.

I used US 6 (4.0mm) and US 8 (5.0mm) needles and Berroco Vintage DK in the “Pumpkin” colorway.


Well, Until the next time I have FO’s to Parade!



Proud Of #30

Hello again! So, I finished another iteration of the shawl I’ve been designing. I called this simply “Shawl #2” on Ravelry.

Until I’m ready to share more about this pattern, this will have to do. I’m sorry…

For this iteration, I used a US 6 (a 4.0mm) needle and 4 skeins of yarn. A total of 1,399.6 yards. I used Nice & Knit yarn in the colorways “Vineyard,” “Canal,” and “Driftwood” as well as Tilting Planet’s “Luna.”

I REALLY love how this knit up! I can’t wait to share more details of this shawl.

Until Next Time,


#27 is Heaven

Hello again! Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been BUSY finishing things. This FO was another Holiday Gift that I can check off my list, so that’s always exciting. I called this project “Rhapsody in Socks” on Ravelry.

I used a US 2, 2.75mm needle. 9 inch circs, and 2 16 inch circs for the heels, toes, and cuffs. I used Lolodidit Everyday Sock in the “Bohemian Rhapsody” colorway.

I LOVE how these came out, and I hope my recipient will enjoy them as well.


Until Next Time,


#26 & #29 Are in A Fix

So FO #26 is actually a series of 12 Baby to Child Hats I made to add to the donations to the Charity bin at SSK this year.  I called this project “A Few Good Barleys” on Ravelry, even though I only used the numbers and the needle sizes from the pattern…

I used a US 4 – 3.5 mm, and a US 6 – 4.0 mm for each of these hats. For the ease of entering the Hats, I separated them into month increments.
May’s Charity Hats = 140 yards.
June’s Charity Hats = 290 yards.
July’s Charity Hats = 350 yards.
Total: 780 yards.
For this project, I was using up as much of my baby/comfortable yarn as I possibly could. I used Bernat Softee Baby Solids & Marls in the “Baby Pink” colorway, Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in the “9862” and “9912” colorways, Knit Picks Felici Worsted in the “Wizard” colorway, and Leading Men Fiber Arts Dramaturg in the “Love You To Pieces” colorway.
I really think that these lovely little hats will make their way to wonderful new homes!
Well, Until Next Time,

Quarter Century #25

Hello again! This time, I would like to talk about FO #25 for the year. 

I called this one “Gemini’s In Red-Trograde” because I’m Punny like that! This pattern was the “Gemini” top by Jane Richmond. This pattern has been in my queue for quite a bit, and I wanted to have it to wear at SSK this year. Especially since I knew that it would be warmer. Never ended up wearing it, but that’s neither here, nor there…

I finished this on July 9th after starting it June 21st. I used Red Heart Comfort Sport in both the “Cardinal Red” and “Amethyst” colorways. This is such a cute top, but I wish I had made a smaller size. The shoulders are a bit too baggy. Still wearing it as is, so there’s that… lol.

I used a US 6 – 4.0 mm, and a US 7 – 4.5 mm. This ended up being a total of 1,220 yards for Stash Dash as well, so GO ME!!! 🙂 lol.


Well, Until Next Time!


#24 is Back, Back Again…

Hello again everyone! As promised, I have another FO I would like to Parade in front of you today. Again, I’m sorry I waited so long to come back to talk about what I’ve been working on.  But, here goes.

#24 is  what I called “June SS Socks” on Ravelry. 

I used a US 1 (a 2.25mm) needle on this one. Used a 9 inch circ for the bulk of the sock, but 2 16 inch circs for the heels, toes, and cuffs, as is usual for socks I make for myself. I entered this pair of socks for The Knitgirllls’  Self-Striping KAL. The colorway  was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by FabFunkyFibres, Self-striping Sock.

I absolutely LOVE how these socks came out. They’re nice and warm. Plus, I also got a chance to show off the poster from the album that Emptyeye and I have in our Media Room.

Well, Until Next Time!