My Scrappy Happy Blanket – pt 2

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The next WIP I want to talk about is what I called My Scrappy Happy Blanket – pt 2. I started this project on 06/01 of this year. I’m not really using a pattern and making it up as I go along. I’m using a 4.25mm (or a G) Hook to create 11 round Granny Squares that I’ll be using the Join As You Go method to connect them all.

This project is being hosted in my Catching Fireflies bag by Bags by Awesome Granny. Her shop can be found here. (as Of Monday, the bag’s in the shop! It’s called “Summer Nights Blue.” Yay!!!)








This project will probably take me up until the end of the year (if not longer), and will contain SOOO many fingering weight scraps leftover from pairs of socks I’ve made myself. I haven’t had the ball bands on it for FOREVER, so I’ll try to update you with colors on the scraps when I know where they came from. I have scraps of my Sock Blank socks, and a few of the shawls I finished this year too. Can’t remember the names of them. I’m sorry.

The blanket isn’t all that much to look at right now, as I’m working on the squares. I haven’t even connected any of the squares yet. I have too few of them. Maybe when I have several more rows worth of squares, then I’ll feel motivated to start connecting them. Here is what I have so far…

Update 9/7:

I’ve finished 4 squares for this blanket since the last time I updated this post.

I have also used the Join As You Go method to put together two rows. I still have a few rows of squares left to add, but I wanted to stop and show you what I’ve been working on.

Update 12/21:

I have finished all of the squares for this blanket. I’ve realized that I need to mattress seam it together, as I’m running out of the JAYG yarn I had chosen. This is why it’s stalled out as much as it has. I’ll get to it eventually, I suppose…

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

Kit Kat Hat For Me

Hello again, Beautiful Makers! The next thing I finished this year, is what I called “Kit Kat Hat For Me.”

This hat was made using the “KitKat Hat” pattern by AndreSue Knits. It took 120.24 yards of Paintbox Yarns 100% Worsted Superwash Wool “Bubblegum Pink” & Miss Babs Yowza. I used size US 6, 4.0 mm 16 inch Marblz circs needles.

I housed this project in my Tardis bag by The Knitted Broomstick. Jilly’s shop can be found here (even though she’s currently on a hiatus).

I really like how it came out. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Knitting!


October 2020 DVD Socks

Hello beautiful crafters! This next FO was my pair of DVD socks for October. Hence the name of the project…

I used the “Toe-Up Socks With A Difference” pattern by Wendy D. Johnson, along with Desert Vista Dyework’s, Viso “Zombody Loves TheKnitgirllls.” These socks took 273 yards total. I used US 1, 2.25 9 inch circs until the heel, toes, and cuffs. Then I used 2 16 inch circs, which is my preferred method to purl on socks.

This project was hosted in my Jack Skellington bag by MollyKleinDesign. Her bag and yarn shop can be found here.


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


September 2020 DVD Socks

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The last part of my WIP Parade (for now), is a WIP I’m calling “September 2020 DVD Socks.”

This project is being housed in my Stainglass Beauty & The Beast bag by MollyKleinDesign. Her shop can be found here.

For the month of September, I’m using size US 1, 2.25mm 9 inch circs, and DVD’s (Desert Vista Dyeworks)”Elvis” colorway. This month’s pattern is “Vanilla Is The New Black” by Anneh Fletcher.

I’m a full color repeat in. I really DO love this color. So does Emptyeye, so this pair has become his. lol.  What do you think of the color?


Update 12/21:  I finished these socks on 9/15 and used 259 yards. These will be going to Emptyeye for the Holidays. He knows, so I’m not giving away any secrets… lol. Anyway, what do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

Drawing Number 47

Hello again everyone! This is the last FO in our Parade for today. I’m sure I’ll have another batch soon, but I think it might be a bit, as Stash Dash is starting to close down (5/22->8/22). This is usually the busiest time for FOs for me. But, you never know. Right?  Either way…

FO #47 was what I called “Drawing DVD in August.”

These were August’s DVD (Desert Vista Dyeworks) monthly Socks. I used my usual size 1 (2.25mm) 9 inch circs. I also used the “Vanilla Is The New Black” pattern by Anneh Fletcher and DVD’s “Harold’s Crayon” colorway. I love the way that the stripe plays into the heel. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Sunny #46

Hello everyone!  FO #46 is what I called “Sunflower Shawl.”

This was a shawl I made to match the blanket I mentioned in my FO #45 (post before this one). I used the “Quick and Simple Granny Shawl” by Hannah Owens pattern, an I (5.5mm) crochet hook, and the remainder of the Caron One Pound yarn I had in “Black” and “Sunflower.” I LOVE the way this came out. I hope the recipient will love the shawl as much as I do. I made it wide enough to cover my wingspan, so it should fit my intended recipient without being too fiddly when they wear it. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Bumblebee Forty Five

Hey everyone! FO #45 was what I called “I Can Hear The Bells.”

This project was a bunch of 5 round granny squares that I put together. I used Caron One Pound in the “Off White,” “Black,” and “Sunflower” colorways and a size I (5.5mm) crochet hook. Below are all the pictures I took while I was working on this blanket.

For the border, I used a combination of granny clusters, treble crochet stitches, and single crochet stitches to make it slightly bigger. I LOVE the way that this blanket came out. I’m hoping that the Recipients love this blanket as much as I do. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Muddy #43

Hello everyone! FO #43 is what I called “Stick In The Mud Fix It.”

This was a Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure. I used a size 3 needle for the entire hat as well as “Candy Cane Tipsy” from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock. For a bit of context about the project name…

This hat was for Quidditch Match #4 in the HPKCHC this past term. The prompt was to figure out a way to retrieve your broom from the mud and show it off through your crafting. I chose to explain that Toad would be my familiar in this instance and he would do a sack race over to my broom and get the broom that way. Here are the images I used to show this off…

Shenanigans aside, I REALLY love the way that the hat came out. What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Sparkly #42

Hello again everyone! FO #42 is a project I called “July’s All About That Sparkle ;).”

July’s DVD (Desert Vista Dyeworks) socks were in their “Rose Champagne” colorway. I used my usual US 1 (2.25mm) 9 inch circs and the “Simple Skyp Socks” by Adrienne Ku. I REALLY love the way this stripe sequence picks up the pattern. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Scrappy Forty One

Hello everyone! FO #41 was a project I called “Scrappy Happy DVD.”


This project was the “Granny Stripe” pattern my Lucy of Attic24. I love this pattern. I used a BUNCH of DVD (Desert Vista Dyeworks) stripey yarn that was left over from socks I had made from their yarn. I used a G crochet hook (4.25mm). If I remember correctly, this blanket took me several iterations before I found a pattern I liked. The most current iteration has been on the hook for much of 2020. I really LOVE the way that these colors play together. It’s super scrappy and warm. I can’t wait for it to cool off enough to use it.  What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Blanketing #40

Hello again everyone! FO #40 this year was what I called “Blankie 2.0.”

For this blanket, I used the “Fuss Free Baby Blanket” by Lousie Tillbrook and a few full Skeins of Paton’s Kroy that were never going to be destined to be socks, so they’ve been sitting around for a bit. I used US 4 Red Lace ChaioGoo 40 inch circs.  It was a pretty simple knit, and I LOVE the way the colors play together. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Squares, Squares, and More Squares…

Hello everyone! I’m actually going to combine FOs #39 and #44. Well… You’ll see why…

I finished a total of 20 11 round granny squares since the last time I put up a large batch. Here are what I labeled “3rd batch of Fingering Squares” and “4th Batch of Fingering Squares.” Both of which I wanted to enter for Stash Dash (spoiler alert, I did… 😉 ) Each square I created was leftover from socks/other projects I’ve finished over the years. TO be honest, I haven’t been keeping a full list of all the scraps I’ve been using, as I lost the ball bands on each YEARS ago… I love each and every one of these squares. I’ll think they’ll make great additions to a future blanket. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!



Rippling #38

Hello again everyone! The 38th thing that I finished this year is what I called “Rippling on The Water.”

This was the “Ripple Bralette” pattern by Jessie Maed Designs. I used size 2 (or 2.75mm) needles for the bottom ribbing and size 4 (3.5mm) needles for the rest of the bralette. I used several sock blanks. 3 were from the dyeing class I took at SSK2018. The purple was a remainder from a HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup) project from a few Terms ago. If you can’t tell by this FO and the last one, that I’m on a quazi-mission to finish up as many scraps as I possibly can. I really DO like how these colors played together, though. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


SSDGM Murderinos!!!

Hiya!!! FO #17 was what I called “SSDGM 2020.”

This was my March Desert Vista Dyeworks (DVD) Monthly Sock Club Socks. I used the color “My Favorite Murder.” Hence the name of the project, which you’ll probably only get if you are a fan of the show as I am… I really do LOVE the way that dyer brought out the colors of the Podcast’s logo.  What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


And Finally, #68!

Hello again everyone! I have 1 final FO for 2018! I hope you’ve had as much fun with this as I have this year. This makes 68 total FO’s for the sake of this blog.

This last FO I called “Mixed-Up, Fall-Ish.” I finished this pair of socks in 16 days, which is AMAZING for me! I used the “Vanilla is the New Black” by Vanessa Fletcher. I also used 4 different colors in this “scrappy socks.”

  1. Hooker’s Corner, Fingering “Hot Damn”

  2. Hooker’s Corner, Fingering “Honey Bear”

  3. Woolen Boon, Fingering “Copper Boom”

  4. Whimzee Stitches Yarn Co., Standard Sock “Autumn Forest Walk”

I LOVE the way that everything worked up together. I can wear these in my boots, and I can’t wait to wear them. What do you all think?

Thank you for following me on my journey this year. I REALLY do appreciate it!

Until the next Post, Happy Crafting!


67’s On Fire!

Hello again everyone! I made a hat for myself during the Holiday Season. Something I could work on while I was off visiting family.

I used the “Sockhead Slouch Hat” pattern by Kelly McClure and West Yorkshire Spinners 4-ply in the “Tequilla Sunrise” colorway. I REALLY love how this came out. I kept thinking to myself “Wow! I’m knitting the Dunkin Logo…” It was pretty funny. What do you think?

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!


Matchy-Matchy #65

Hello again everyone! I had made a hat that I gave to someone for Christmas. This one had matched the others I have made. I used the “Ribbed Watchman’s Hat” by Channah Koppel.

I used Lion’s Brand, Vanna’s Choice in the “Silver Grey” and “Mint.” I can’t believe how well these two colorways play together. What do you think?

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!


#64’s On Point

Hello everyone! I have a few more things that I finished in 2018. I’m going to be posting them in almost rapid succession, so yeah…

The first thing that I finished, I called “Point Me In The Right Direction.”

I used “CC’s Vanilla Cappuccino Socks” by CC Almon and Gale’s Art Sparkle Single Sock Blank in the “Poinsettia” colorway. I absolutely LOVE the way both of these mesh together. What do you think?

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!


#63 Is Sweet

Hello again everyone! I finished another shawl this year. I was calling it “Ice Cream Social 2018 KAL.”

This was from a KAL based on the pattern based on a pattern by the same name from J.L. Fleckenstein of the Lucky Violet Yarn company. I LOVE how this shawl knit up.  I used US 6, 4.0mm needles.

It was a Total of 1,575.1 yards. There were 5 colors I used for this shawl.

  1. Queen City, NODA Sock, “Slumber Party”
  2. Supernatural Yarns, Siren Sock “Frozen”
  3. Leading Men Fiber Arts, Diva “Deep Sea”
  4. GnomeAcres, Fancy Gnome “Dobby”
  5. Stranded Dyeworks, BFL Nylon Fingering “Four Two Two Four”


What do you think of the color combo?  I’m SUPER in love with it!

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#62 All In Cotton

Hello again everyone. I have a few projects that I’ve finished since the last time we talked. The first, is my 4th Quarter 2018 Washcloth goal. I’m FINALLY done!!!!! Yes, I DID do a happy dance when I finished them all.  So you know, for all of my washcloths, I use a size US 6 24 inch Marblz needles.

40: White/Green/Red
41: Stripy White/Green/Red
42: Same
43: White/Green/Red


44: White/Green/Red
45: Same.
46: Same.
47: Same.


48: White/Green/Red 
49: Same
50: Purple
51: Random Mix 
52: Denim Blue


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!!!


#61’s Musical!!!

Hello again everyone! Hope your day is going well!!!  The fourth and final thing that I’ve finished since the last time we’ve talked FO’s is what I called “December DVD Socks.” I finished these socks within 7 days, which is a record for me.

This month, I used the “Vanilla is the New Black” pattern by Vanessa Fletcher. As a recap, I’ve been knitting a pair of socks every month with Desert Vista Dyeworks’ Viso base. This month, I used “Bing and the Andrews Sisters.” I LOVE the colors in the stripes of this one. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


60’s Nifty!!!

Hello again everyone!  The third thing I’ve finished since the last time I’ve updated you on my FO’s is what I called “Hat #2.”

I used the “Ribbed Watchman’s Hat” pattern by Channah Koppel, which is essentially 2×2 ribbing. I really love the color combo I put together out of Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice. I used “Mint” and “Silver Grey.” What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#59 Is Fine! ;)

Hello again!  This next Finished Object I called “Hot Damn!!! Tune It Up!!!” It was the pattern “Fine Tune” by Joji Locatelli. This was part of the Joji Along. I literally finished this cowl within 24 hours before the end of the KAL. I wasn’t going to push myself, but I’m glad I did! It looks so pretty!!!

I used 4 different colors on this one. The two main colors are:

  1. Woolen Boon Fingering “Copper Boom”
  2. Hooker’s Corner Fingering “Honey Bear”


The Two contrasting colors are:

  1. Hooker’s Corner Fingering “Hot Damn”
  2. Whimzee Stitches, Standard Sock “Autumn Forest Walk”


What do you all think of the color combo?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!!!



#58’s Great!

Hello everyone!  Hope your December is going well so far! I’ve finished a few things since the last time we talked. I’ll be spreading the posts out a bit today, so you won’t be surprised.

The first thing that I finished since the last time we talked was what I called “Pattern ALL The Things!!” This was a pair of socks that I had started for a KAL back in April and never finished. I had a full sock to do, but I finished it in under a week. I don’t know why it took me so long.

The pattern I used for this project is “–. .–. -.- .–. Socks (GPKP 2016)” by C.C. Almon. I also used Regia, Arne & Carlos. The Tinn Colorway. I really love how the color sequence and pattern play well together.  I REALLY have no idea why I delayed finished these…


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Spooky #57

Hello again everyone! Hope your day is going well so far! I have one more FO to talk to you about today. What I called “Halloween 2018 MKAL.” This was a mystery knit along that I participated in for Halloween. I started this shawl on October 26th. I just finished this on the 20th. I LOVE how this came out. This pattern is “Halloween 2018 MKAL” by J.L. Fleckenstein, who is a favorite designer of mine. The idea I had for the shawl was to have as much color as possible, which was also the goal of this MKAL. To this end, I used Pandia’s Jewels “Llamicorn” and Leading Men Fiber Arts “London Fog.”

What do you think of this color combo?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#56. My Quickest Sweater EVER….

Hey everyone! If you don’t follow me on Social Media, you probably don’t know this, but…

I participated in NaKniSweMo this year. This stands for Knit A Sweater In A Month. It’s a KAL where you knit an adult sweater of 50,000 stitches in a month. This is my second year, and chose the “Millie” by Nice & Knit, as well as their fingering yarn. I LOVE the “Back Bay” colorway I chose for this sweater.

I finished my sweater in under 10 days of actual work. I started this November 1st, and Cast Off on November 14th. There were several days where I was avoiding the sweater and worked on EVERYTHING ELSE.  Mostly to avoid the sleeves. I HATE knitting sleeves… I finished the body of the sweater by Day 8. Then I took 2 days off. Worked on the sleeves for a day, then took another day off before finally finishing the sweater off…

I LOVE how it came out, though.  3/4 sleeves that are kind of tight, but they look good… I ended up adding an inch to the length to fit over my hips. It’s supposed to be a crop top, but I don’t roll that way… lol.


Here is the progression of the sweater, by day…


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#55 And Ready To Jive

Hello again everyone!!! I hope you had a wonderful morning! FO #55 was a project that I’m calling simply “November DVD Socks.” For this month of the Desert Vista Dyeworks (DVD)’s Fourth Annual Sock Club, I decided to go with a different heel. I gave the “Vanilla Is The New Black” heel pattern by Vanessa Fletcher. I LOVE this pattern. It goes SOOOO fast, and it’s easier than it looks. No heel flap & gusset to pick up. Just increases and decreases. I think I’m going with this same pattern for December’s Socks, if not beyond that.  This month, I used the “Dia De Los Muertos” colorway this month.  I LOVE the color sequence. With the pattern flying by and the color, I finished these in record time…

What do you think?       Interesting, right?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


54 – Hats Off To You!!!

Hello again everyone!!! The next FO was a hat for a recipient. Won’t say who it’s for, as it’s another gift. Sorry. This seems to be a common theme…

With this hat, I used the  “Ribbed Watchman’s Hat” by Channah Koppel. I modified it a bit (read, I messed up the first part, and decided to go with it…) to have 1 by 1 ribbing for the brim, then a purl row.  Then I followed the pattern exactly.  I used two different colors. Elegant Yarns Kaleidoscope  in the “Ocean Breeze” colorway, as well as Vanna’s Choice “Silver Grey.”  I LOVE how these two colors play together.

What do you think?     


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!