12’s On Par

So, I managed to get some work done on a long-standing goal in the last few days as well… You know, my goal of getting rid of most of my cotton stash which REALLY hurts my hands. As with last year, I have a goal of finishing at least 52 washcloths, if not more, by year’s end.
Started “2018’s Washcloths” at the beginning of the year. All 12 are done from the First Quarter, Which makes me extremely happy. This is a total of 720 yards I can count out of my stash, so that makes me even more excited to be done with these.
The last 5 (shown below) are staying here at the Silver/Emptyeye Household, while the others will be donated or given away as holiday gifts. There will be a full list of all of the cotton colors I’ll be using over the course of the year on my project page on Ravelry directly, in case you want to see all of them. Aren’t these AWESOME!!! Well, I think so, anyway…
The Pattern I’ve been using has been “Grandma’s Favorite Dish Cloth” by Ruth Slate. I have a constant number of 44 stitches that I increase to, then I start my decreased. With each washcloth, I will also be using one pair of 24 inch Marblz needles, size US 6 (or a 4.0 mm).  Wish me luck with the Second Quarter’s Goal!
Until Next Time,
Happy Crafting!