17’s Sweet Like Candy! :)

Hello Again! I have another FO to report!

FO #17 is what I called “Cotton Candy Sock Blank Socks” on my Ravelry Project page.

I used size US 2 – 2.75 mm needles this time. In both a 9 inch circ needle, and 2 16 inch circs.

I used a Gale’s Art Single Knit Sock Blank. The Color is the “Pink and Blue Abstract.” When I first started the toe of the first sock, it reminded me of Cotton Candy, hence the Project title… lol.
I REALLY love how Sock Blanks knit up. They start like this,  and knit up quite differently. You never know EXACTLY what socks you’ll get by the end. Which, I suppose, is the REAL reason I tend to gravitate toward them!
Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!