My Scrappy Happy Blanket – pt 2

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The next WIP I want to talk about is what I called My Scrappy Happy Blanket – pt 2. I started this project on 06/01 of this year. I’m not really using a pattern and making it up as I go along. I’m using a 4.25mm (or a G) Hook to create 11 round Granny Squares that I’ll be using the Join As You Go method to connect them all.

This project is being hosted in my Catching Fireflies bag by Bags by Awesome Granny. Her shop can be found here. (as Of Monday, the bag’s in the shop! It’s called “Summer Nights Blue.” Yay!!!)








This project will probably take me up until the end of the year (if not longer), and will contain SOOO many fingering weight scraps leftover from pairs of socks I’ve made myself. I haven’t had the ball bands on it for FOREVER, so I’ll try to update you with colors on the scraps when I know where they came from. I have scraps of my Sock Blank socks, and a few of the shawls I finished this year too. Can’t remember the names of them. I’m sorry.

The blanket isn’t all that much to look at right now, as I’m working on the squares. I haven’t even connected any of the squares yet. I have too few of them. Maybe when I have several more rows worth of squares, then I’ll feel motivated to start connecting them. Here is what I have so far…

Update 9/7:

I’ve finished 4 squares for this blanket since the last time I updated this post.

I have also used the Join As You Go method to put together two rows. I still have a few rows of squares left to add, but I wanted to stop and show you what I’ve been working on.

Update 12/21:

I have finished all of the squares for this blanket. I’ve realized that I need to mattress seam it together, as I’m running out of the JAYG yarn I had chosen. This is why it’s stalled out as much as it has. I’ll get to it eventually, I suppose…

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

#19’s Fine, but #20’s Better!!! ;)

Hiya! Project #19 was a bunch of 4 squares for my Fingering weight granny square blanket I called “My Scrappy Happy Blanket.”

Project #20 was 5 squares for the same blanket.  Hence why I’m combining them here…

What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!



Quickest #19

Hello again!!! I told you, I’ve been busy finishing things up since the start of Stash Dash about 10 days ago…

FO #19 is June’s DVD socks! 

This month’s socks were also knit with the “OMG Heel” by Megan Williams.  I’m still enamored with this heel, yo!!! 🙂

I used the same needles as with my May DVD socks, and used DVD’s “Oh, Clark” colorway on their Viso base.  I LOVED the colors, and how the stripy sequence knit up!!! Hence why I couldn’t put them down.  Well, for very long…

This was probably the quickest I’ve knit a pair of socks.  4 days… I amazed even myself! Then again, it DOES help that I was pretty monogamously working on this project… That doesn’t help AT ALL… lol…

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!!!