#36’s In A Fix

Hello again everyone!  FO #36 this year is what I called “Rainbows For Marc N’.” These are a Holiday Gift for Emptyeye. In case you were wondering the project name has a reference to Emptyeye’s family nickname.  I’m not going to explain further. If you’re in the know, I’m sure you got a chuckle from the reference… LOL.

I cast these socks on before the end of 2017, and finished them August 12th. I used 306.2 yards of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply, “Prom Paradise” and size US 1½ – 2.5 mm needles. This pattern was a vanilla sock pattern that I’ve perfected over the years for his heel.

These look like a muted rainbow.  What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!