#5, And We’re Starting To Jive!!!

Yup! I have another project finished for January. This is actually going in my box for 2018 Holiday gifts, so it’s a win-win. I didn’t want to stop knitting on it. Can you blame me? It came out awesome!

I called this project “Icy Joyful Diamonds.” I started this project October 15th of 2017, and finished it yesterday! I was taking a picture of this FO for Instagram, and got Catbombed in the cutest of ways…. The picture was too cute, so I didn’t bother re-taking the picture to get a better picture for my Ravelry FO picture. You can see why, right?

This is the “Pure Joy” by Joji Locatelli. I absolutely LOVED the genius of this simple, but pretty, pattern! It called to me the entire time I was knitting on it. Let me show you a close  up of the simple lace pattering.  Isn’t it pretty!!!

I used two colorways of Lolo Did It, Plush Sock. One was “Ice Ice Baby,” and the Second was “Barely There Diamond.” I absolutely LOVE the way these two colors played off each other, and of the way they matched the personality of the person I’m giving this shawl to.

Honestly, now that I’ve finished it, I kinda wish there was more to knit. So, I predict there will be another “Pure Joy” on my needles in the near future. Maybe after I finish a few other things… Let’s see how long I can be good…


Anyway, I’m off to continue Finishing things!  Until Next time, Happy Crafting!