#61’s Musical!!!

Hello again everyone! Hope your day is going well!!!  The fourth and final thing that I’ve finished since the last time we’ve talked FO’s is what I called “December DVD Socks.” I finished these socks within 7 days, which is a record for me.

This month, I used the “Vanilla is the New Black” pattern by Vanessa Fletcher. As a recap, I’ve been knitting a pair of socks every month with Desert Vista Dyeworks’ Viso base. This month, I used “Bing and the Andrews Sisters.” I LOVE the colors in the stripes of this one. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!



60’s Nifty!!!

Hello again everyone!  The third thing I’ve finished since the last time I’ve updated you on my FO’s is what I called “Hat #2.”

I used the “Ribbed Watchman’s Hat” pattern by Channah Koppel, which is essentially 2×2 ribbing. I really love the color combo I put together out of Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice. I used “Mint” and “Silver Grey.” What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#59 Is Fine! ;)

Hello again!  This next Finished Object I called “Hot Damn!!! Tune It Up!!!” It was the pattern “Fine Tune” by Joji Locatelli. This was part of the Joji Along. I literally finished this cowl within 24 hours before the end of the KAL. I wasn’t going to push myself, but I’m glad I did! It looks so pretty!!!

I used 4 different colors on this one. The two main colors are:

  1. Woolen Boon Fingering “Copper Boom”
  2. Hooker’s Corner Fingering “Honey Bear”


The Two contrasting colors are:

  1. Hooker’s Corner Fingering “Hot Damn”
  2. Whimzee Stitches, Standard Sock “Autumn Forest Walk”


What do you all think of the color combo?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!!!



#58’s Great!

Hello everyone!  Hope your December is going well so far! I’ve finished a few things since the last time we talked. I’ll be spreading the posts out a bit today, so you won’t be surprised.

The first thing that I finished since the last time we talked was what I called “Pattern ALL The Things!!” This was a pair of socks that I had started for a KAL back in April and never finished. I had a full sock to do, but I finished it in under a week. I don’t know why it took me so long.

The pattern I used for this project is “–. .–. -.- .–. Socks (GPKP 2016)” by C.C. Almon. I also used Regia, Arne & Carlos. The Tinn Colorway. I really love how the color sequence and pattern play well together.  I REALLY have no idea why I delayed finished these…


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Spooky #57

Hello again everyone! Hope your day is going well so far! I have one more FO to talk to you about today. What I called “Halloween 2018 MKAL.” This was a mystery knit along that I participated in for Halloween. I started this shawl on October 26th. I just finished this on the 20th. I LOVE how this came out. This pattern is “Halloween 2018 MKAL” by J.L. Fleckenstein, who is a favorite designer of mine. The idea I had for the shawl was to have as much color as possible, which was also the goal of this MKAL. To this end, I used Pandia’s Jewels “Llamicorn” and Leading Men Fiber Arts “London Fog.”

What do you think of this color combo?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#56. My Quickest Sweater EVER….

Hey everyone! If you don’t follow me on Social Media, you probably don’t know this, but…

I participated in NaKniSweMo this year. This stands for Knit A Sweater In A Month. It’s a KAL where you knit an adult sweater of 50,000 stitches in a month. This is my second year, and chose the “Millie” by Nice & Knit, as well as their fingering yarn. I LOVE the “Back Bay” colorway I chose for this sweater.

I finished my sweater in under 10 days of actual work. I started this November 1st, and Cast Off on November 14th. There were several days where I was avoiding the sweater and worked on EVERYTHING ELSE.  Mostly to avoid the sleeves. I HATE knitting sleeves… I finished the body of the sweater by Day 8. Then I took 2 days off. Worked on the sleeves for a day, then took another day off before finally finishing the sweater off…

I LOVE how it came out, though.  3/4 sleeves that are kind of tight, but they look good… I ended up adding an inch to the length to fit over my hips. It’s supposed to be a crop top, but I don’t roll that way… lol.


Here is the progression of the sweater, by day…


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


#55 And Ready To Jive

Hello again everyone!!! I hope you had a wonderful morning! FO #55 was a project that I’m calling simply “November DVD Socks.” For this month of the Desert Vista Dyeworks (DVD)’s Fourth Annual Sock Club, I decided to go with a different heel. I gave the “Vanilla Is The New Black” heel pattern by Vanessa Fletcher. I LOVE this pattern. It goes SOOOO fast, and it’s easier than it looks. No heel flap & gusset to pick up. Just increases and decreases. I think I’m going with this same pattern for December’s Socks, if not beyond that.  This month, I used the “Dia De Los Muertos” colorway this month.  I LOVE the color sequence. With the pattern flying by and the color, I finished these in record time…

What do you think?       Interesting, right?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!