Trying #17

Hello everyone! The seventeenth thing that I finished this year was what was called “Tri-ed And True.”

I casted this on back in April of 2016. It stalled out at about 60% for over two years while I worked on other things. It had literally sat in a Ziploc bag in my UFO box for all that time. When it came time to planning my Detention OWL for this semester of HPKCHC, I saw that this shawl had been the longest on my needles and made the executive decision that I NEEDED to finish it by the end of March. So, I did. I REALLY wasn’t that far from the end. I’m STILL not sure as to why I haven’t worked on it much over the years… I had pegged this to be finished in TWO different Stash Dash years, and never QUITE got there.

Meh.  Either way, it’s done now… I even got my wonderful Hubby to model it too.  Doesn’t he look ESTATIC about it???  lol.  What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!