#22 Is Brought To You By Everyone’s Favorite Dog… ;)

Hiya! Project #22 is what I called “Scooby Roobie Roo.”

This was April’s DVD Sock Club Socks. I used their colorway “Zombody Mystery Machine” as a nod to Scooby-Doo. I LOVED the classic series, and this yarn brings out the colors of the Mystery Machine.  What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Wishy Washy #s 21, 22, 23, 30, 33 & 34

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been SUCH a long time since I came back and update my FO parade. I’ve been on a real Finishing Kick. Especially since Stash Dash has been going strong for 20 days… See my official Stash Dash 2019 post for more details (edited earlier today).  To this end, I have 16 FO’s since the last time we talked. SOOO… Buckle in Buttercup!


Since the last time I updated you, I’ve completed ALOT of washcloths. With each one, I’m using a US 6, 4.0mm 24 inch Marblz circs, and Knit Picks DIshie in the colorways “Azure,” “Conch,” and “Blush.” There were two that I used Premier Yarns Cotton Fair Multi “Circus.”


#21: January 2019’s Washcloths


#22: February 2019’s Washcloths

#23: March 2019’s Washcloths

#30: Pre-S.D. April Washcloths

#33: Post-S.D. April Washcloths

#34: May 2019’s Washcloths

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!