Saying Aloha to #48

Hello again everyone! I forgot to mention. I finished a cross-stitch project that I worked on from late May into early June. I’ll put this as FO #48.

This project was what I called “Aloha Pineapple.” The pattern I followed was called “You Had Me At Aloha” by Stitch Area.

Their pattern store can be found here. If you stitch, might I recommend trying them out. They have SUCH wonderful patterns. As evidenced by the fact that I bought a few patterns from them all at once… Lol.  The patterns are also written so that a beginning stitcher could also make one of these designs.

I decided to use DMC #310, which is black floss. This is what the pattern calls for. But, I may be thinking about making more of these in multple of colors for other recipients. Can’t confirm it at this time, but you never know…

Here are all the pictures I took while working on this piece.


What do you think of this piece? I still have to FFO (Finish Finish. Like in a frame, or other methods) it. But I LOVE the way it came out!

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


3 Months of Washcloths, All Together Now… ;)

Hello again everyone! Since FOs #48, #50, &  #57 are all the same, I think I’m going to go ahead and bundle together 3 months worth of washcloths together.  If you do mind, it’s entirely too late to say anything now, so there… lol… 😉

September Washcloths

August Washcloths

July Washcloths








Anyway, as I mentioned, these 3 FOs are all “Gramma’s Favorite Dishcloth” by PJ Allen. I use the same US 6 (4.0mm) 24-inch Marblz circs for each washcloth. I also have been using MANY different colorways of scraps. For a majority of the scraps, I’ve had them so long that I don’t have the actual label for them anymore.

But I’m loving the way each of these knit up. What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!