#51’s Won

Hello again everyone! This time I’m going to combine FO’s #51 and #53. I recently had the pleasure of doing a Test Knit for CC of The Geeky Girls Knit Podcast. She will be releasing the pattern sort of soon, but I didn’t want to put off the releasing of this post any longer in order to show off the genius patterning she came up with. Especially since I’m already so delayed… The pattern will be called “I’ll have two coffees and two cherry danishes to go please Socks,” which is a Gilmore Girls reference…

I used two different colorways and made two iterations of this pattern. One with a light variegation to it, and another with the stripey sequence she called for in the pattern. This way, others will know how well the pattern plays with both.

As the pattern has not been released, I have only been authorized to show off the bottom of each foot. I’ll try to remember to update this post later with my FO pictures. Like I said, I’ll TRY. No guarantees, though.










What do you think of these wonderful colorways? The black and Rainbow stripe colorway is called “Black Unicorn” by Spotted Circus on her Merino Sock base. The other is “English Rose” by West Yorkshire Spinners.

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!