Power Went Out? Ok. Time for A New Project

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The next WIP that I’m going to talk about, I called “Power Went Out? Ok. Time for A New Project.” I started this project on 8/4 of this year. If you don’t know, that’s the date that Storm Isias hit our area, and Emptyeye and I lost power for 2 1/2 days. I decided I needed a new project to work on. Hence the name…

This project is being housed in my Tardis bag by The Knitting Broomstick. Jilly’s shop can be found here.

I’m using the Quick & Simple Granny Shawl” pattern by Hannah Owens. I’ve been using a size G or 4.0mm Knitters Pride crochet hook and MANY different scraps from Stripey Socks. I’m sorry. I no longer have the ball bands, so I don’t know what the colors. I”ve been adding colors pretty much at random as well. I hope to get this shawl to at least 100 rows, which should be about 200 granny clusters in the row. I’ll see when I feel like finishing it off. Here’s what I have so far…

Update 9/7:

I finished this shawl on 8/29. It went SUPER fast! This is FO #54 for the year. I LOVE this shawl. What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Hello again everyone! FO #54 for this year is what I called “September 2019 DVD Socks.” I know. Straight and right to the point. I have to admit that my naming skills for several projects in the month of September kind of went by the wayside… What can I say, September was a busy month for me. For various reasons I’m not going to get into here…


As with each pair of socks I use for the Desert Vista Dyeworks (DVD) Socks KAL, I used her Viso base. This month was “Stranger Things.”  Besides the DVD KAL, I am using this pair as part of my Arithmancy OWL in the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC). My plan? To knit 9 pairs of the “Toe-Up Socks With A Difference” pattern by Wendy D. Johnson before the end of November. Crossing my fingers that I can finish earlier. But, we’ll see… I’ve made a pretty good showing for it. But, you’ll see how I did later..

I ended up knitting this pair in just under 7 days. I really do love the way the stripes came out, even if I was able to speed through the pattern. What do you all think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!