Hexi Blanket

Hiya Beautiful Makers! The next thing I’ve been working on this year is something new. I called this project simply “Hexi Blanket.”

I’ve been making 5 round Hexis using a size US G, 4.0mm hook. I’ve been separating out the number of Hexis I’ve been making each month and counting the yardage that way. I’ll show them off the same way below.


August/September’s Hexis: (966 yards)

October’s Hexis: (345 yards)

November’s Hexis: (920 yards)

December’s Hexis (so far – 12/15 was the last time I made one): (92 yards)

The minis I plan on using for the Hexis are being held in my 12th Doctor Who bag by Whimzee Stitches that I bought at SSK2018. You can find Rick’s shop here.

I have a few more to go until I have enough for a blanket, but I love the way that they are coming out so far. What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Lovely Squares

Hello again everyone! The last FO of 2019 was 32 yellow squares and 18 black squares for a new Granny Square blanket.¬†This is a blanket I started for a surprise Recipient and their SO (Significant Other). I’m calling the project “I Can Hear The Bells.”

Here are the rows I connected in December. What do you think of my progress?

This means I have a total of 48,274.1 yards for the year. Quite awesome, huh?¬† Either way, I’ll be back for an FO parade in 2020!

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!