Hello again everyone! FO #9  is a project I called LOL. Wut? This Peacock is strutting its stuff on the Quidditch pitch…”

If you couldn’t tell, this was for a Quidditch match in the HPKCHC Ravelry group. I used the “Peacock Shawl” pattern by Emily Walton. This pattern calls for 6 colors of yarn. I actually used 5.

  • Hue Loco, Merino Sock, “It’s So You”
  • Nerd Girl Yarns, Bounce & Stomp, “#lolwut”
  • Once Upon A Corgi, Handmade Penny, “Tell Me To Smile One More Time”
  • The Fiber Seed, Sprout Sock, “Pure Imagination”
  • Lolodidit, Plush Sock, “Polyjuice Potion”

I love the way the pattern plays with each color. What do you think?


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!