Post-Independence Day Post

Alright. I promised my readers a post. This week’s weigh-in was the same. I’ve decided that I’ll take Dizzy’s advice to heart. It’s too bad, because I REALLY love cheese. It’s like one of my cousin’s obsession with bacon. (this is hard to explain the similarity, if you don’t know her). I don’t know if I can, but I’m going to try REAL hard not to eat a shitload of cheese like I used to. Here’s to that. . .
Anyway, my Independence day was good. Ate WAY too much, and heard about alot of drama that I didn’t hear about yet about my cousin’s wedding. Other than that, I drank more of my mom’s 2009 Merlot Black Box than I should have. Ended up falling asleep in Empty’s lap toward the end as the sun was starting to go down. Made him drive me home.
Not too much has happened since. Have a Housewarming Party to go to Friday. That should be fun.
Anyway, gotta get going on getting stuff done before I finally get too tired.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again . . . Silver’s Back. Tell Some Friends.

Alright. So I forgot to comment on my diet “experiment” recently. It happens, where I have nothing to comment on, and therefore, I forget to tell you. To be honest, this week’s report got lost in the way that I forgot to record what my new weight was. That happens too. The sad fact, is that I just realized that I didn’t even write it down. Just in time for the new week. I believe I managed to stay even with last weigh in. No proof of this, but there you go.

This week has been composed of yours truly trying to get a job. Other than that, not too much new stuff has happened in my neck of the woods.

I suppose I’ll try to do some writing soon. I promise you. I think I’m done procrastinating. Also had a dream about my characters last night, so I think that was my sign to continue the storyline.
See you in another couple of days or so.

Later Gator!!!

Why, hello there . . .

Alright. This week, not too much has been happening in my neck of the woods. Just did a lot of cleaning up and thinking about my cousin and her husband-to-be. Been thinking that maybe I was a little mean to him in a past blog. But my true intention was to state that there are things that women like to change about their men, but never can. No matter how much we want to. I was stating the fact that everyone I’ve ever known (including myself) has something that they need to have just so in order to move on to another thing. That’s all. No disrespect to my future cousin-in-law meant. I’m sorry if it hurts anyone that I speak

I’ve always been a chica that thinks like a dude. Sex on the brain alot. All my thoughts tend to side with the dirty. I have to have things spelled out for me sometimes. I don’t take hints well. You know, like a dude. But my thoughts race around and almost don’t connect like any girlfriend I’ve ever had.

Okay, I’ve been reading up on my news recently, and I’m surprised at the world the way it is. When the hell did we get so closed-minded? People taking objection to what amounts to other people’s business. Who cares what people do on their free time?
I’m going to go on my soap box tonight and ask, when the hell did the constitution get written to say that religion is included in state business? A separation of church and state!!! Banning Gay marriage on the basis that the bible says that marriage should be 1 man and 1 woman is VERY closed-minded, and not letting them be happy is just BULLSHIT!!! It’s also closed-minded and immoral.
We have a saying in Wiccianism. “An if it harm none, do as ye will.” What this means, is that if someone isn’t hurting oneself or someone else, then do what the hell you want. Write spells and celebrate anyway you want. I believe that banning Gay marriage is a direct violation of this natural instinct to be happy. The so-called conservatives of today’s society are harming people’s wishes to be happy with one another, based on the fact that they happen to be gay. There’s nothing “un-natural” about being in love with a woman if you happen to me a woman, or being in love with a man if you’re a man, mostly because one cannot judge what is natural. Nature is the trees. Not the “right way of loving” or the “right way of being.” Mother Nature means for us to be happy, at all costs.
You have to wonder, if you believe in a god that causes you to be so closed-minded, can it be worth it?
No, I don’t think that a higher power would say that he would want you to be unhappy, just because you happen to love someone of the same sex. Just as an FYI, the bible was written by a bunch of mortals. A so-called higher power may have “told” those individuals to write such rubbish about homosexuality being wrong, but where’s your proof? These individuals lived so long ago. They may have been just crack-pot old fools who smoked a little too much doobage and had a “vision” while still under the influence. Who the hell knows.

What got me thinking about all the above? Well, I found a video on the Onion that pissed me off. I know half of their shit is fake, but the message was what did it. The individual being interviewed said something about how gay people are trying to get around the loophole in the same-sex marriage ban by getting a sex change. That some people think that there should be a thorough investigation to make sure the “parts are real.” It’s a funny thought to think about, but VERY closed-minded. . . I honestly don’t know if the video was real or not, but I wanted to comment on it. And there you have it. . .

The second thing that caught my eye, was the following article on CNN.
Can you believe the nerve of this guy? I mean, who does he think he is. It’s not fair to those families of soldiers that might need a mouthpiece in Washington. People like that are despicable and MAKE ME SICK!!!

Okay, some good news. My cousin is getting married on Saturday. I’M nervous for her. I can’t imagine the stress she’s been under. I do wish her the best of luck.
Also, my brother made it in from California just over 2 hours ago, after his original flight being canceled at the last minute. That’s always good news. Can’t wait to see him again. I miss him like crazy, even if I didn’t see him much before when we WERE living in the same house. But that’s another story altogether. . .

Weigh In: 214.2 lbs.
That’s a loss of 2 lbs. Yay me!!!

Anyway, I should go. I have to be up to finish all my chores before we have to head to Albany for the wedding Saturday morning. I’ll try to come back early next week to fill you in on the ceremony and such. Later Gator!!!

Yesterday in Review

Alright. Since I’m STILL awake, I guess I’ll give you a rant about yesterday. Weigh-in. Gained another 1.8 pounds. I’ll have to try to be more active and stuff like that.
Let’s see, Empty and I went to see a friend of mine (Nicole Zuraitis) playing at the Red Door in Watertown. She’s awesome, but I’ve known that since high school. She’s got an album on itunes. Download it, and you can see how she is for yourself. She does jazz.
Other than those two things (and the fact that I’m STILL wide-the-fuck-awake), that’s all that really went down in my world.
So, yeah. I’m going to go read. Just on the off chance that it’ll put me asleep. I’ve tried to listen to music and stare at this screen to make me tired, but NO GO. EPIC FAIL!!!!
P.S. Yeah, you can probably check out Nicole’s website to find her album too. Above is the link.

Oh, yeah.

Just so you know, I’ve been running an experiment on how long I can keep a 1,500 calorie a day diet going.  I’m into EPIC FAIL mode, based on last week’s 2.8 lb gain.  I was over every day but the last one, so I knew it was going to hell in a handbasket.

It’s day 5 of week 6, and there are moments that I feel like eating my hand.  After the FAIL of last week, I’ve been trying to stay WAY under the 1,500 every day.  Moment of truth is Wednesday morning whenever I wake up and after my first pee of the day.

That’s the problem with experiments, you need a control.  The only thing I could think of, is the same time (relatively) every week, and the same day.  Oh wait, I lied.  I have another control.  Being as I’m VERY anal about things, this experiment has it’s own excel document.  Otherwise, I think it would have been headed in the same direction all of my other “diets” headed.  To EPIC FAILURE land!!!

At last weigh-in: 214.4.  My goal: to be down to 130 by the time I have to start fitting into a wedding dress. (which is a goal, I suppose)

The only truely crap food in the place now, is the soda that I suppose I should mix with the giant bottle of Captain Morgan that Empty bought this week. . .

On that note, I think I’m growing out of the like of being drunk.  I only had 2 shots of said drink, and I was not into it AT ALL.  Interesting thought for another time. . .