Girls Night Out

Saturday night, a few of the girls and I went out to the Olive Garden. Sasha, Basha, Kasha, and I ate and talked alot. No one drank, because we’ve never have had a reason to together. Even back in High School, we never had to. We brought the party wherever we went. Since we haven’t all been together in awhile, we had ALOT to talk about. The waiter was sweet, and joined in with our talk from time to time. Gave Sasha some advice, some extra mints, and a card saying “good luck with ____ .”

The blank is actually the reason we had a lot to talk about. She’s really excited about that blank, but since she hasn’t told her boss yet, she’s told us to keep things anonymous if we were going to talk about it online. That’s basically what’s complicated. And why I’m loath to keep real names and tell you what Sasha’s news is.

Anyway… After dinner, we decided to walk the food off while we talked. Ended up walking the strip by the Olive Garden. We found Petsmart, so we decided to oogle the fish and other pets up for adoption. After the stores on the strip closed, we decided we should go somewhere to keep chatting.

We ended up going to a nearby bar/ pool hall. Found a racing game that Sasha and Kasha decided that they really wanted to play. Played 3 games of pool. But, before we started to play we had to wait for a table to open up. While we waited, we decided what names we were going to give people if they asked and to choose songs we wanted to hear from the Jukebox.

We decided on Sasha, Kasha, Basha and JoJo. (Actually, Basha was the only one I can remember right now. But for the sake of the story, I decided to use rhyming names. You’ll have to excuse me. My writer’s side is showing through.) Apparently Silver sounds too much like a hooker’s name. You don’t want a hooker name in a bar.

I don’t remember who won the games, but it was pretty dead even. Basha and I were on a team, while Sasha and Kasha were on the other. We took a bunch of photos! I included the best of the best! Hope you enjoy them!