I Officially Work Part-time, I think.

Alright. So I worked with my Uncle this past Thursday. It was the best time I’ve ever had. Believe it or not, I actually LIKE order in my place. Because it isn’t there, is due to the fact that Empty and I both live there (from time to time). I get lazy, like everyone else. Then I get sick of it, and try to restore order by cleaning the place from top to bottom. The job Thursday felt like that to me. It was okay, though. I kept thinking, “Okay, how clean would I want these windows?” Or, “How little would I like to see spots inside my fridge (and did, in case you were wondering; eww. . .) inside my future fridge when I moved in?”

I have to tell you, these questions are perfect ways to make sure that I kept moving. And believe me, I was kinda starting to get dizzy and sick from chemical fumes and the cold that I later came down with. Yes. Yours truly is still getting over it, but I’m willing to work when my Uncle calls me back. I’ve come to the point that I need the money. (you know, the usual suspects; credit card bills, living expenses, etc.) I’m just waiting on him to call me back. The second part of the job he promised me was postponed from Friday (which ended up working in my favor) to sometime this week. I know I’ll hear from him soon. I’m just glad that I had the weekend to fight this damn thing off.

Other than the cold I’ve been fighting, this Saturday we had a wake to go to. One of my aunts by marriage (several cousins; and another aunt by blood) had a sister (aunt; childhood friend, respectively) who passed away this past Monday. Let’s just say that I don’t want to talk about the details, because the rest of my family wouldn’t like it very much. Mind you, that’s hard for me to say to you, but I think out of respect for all those that knew the woman (myself only a few times in the course of my cousin’s lifetimes)

Alright. Enough. I think I’m starting to see Heffalumps and Woozles. Or was it pink elephants on parade? That means Pooh, Tigger, the gang from Disney, and I need to head to bed.

Yesterday in Review

Alright. Since I’m STILL awake, I guess I’ll give you a rant about yesterday. Weigh-in. Gained another 1.8 pounds. I’ll have to try to be more active and stuff like that.
Let’s see, Empty and I went to see a friend of mine (Nicole Zuraitis) playing at the Red Door in Watertown. She’s awesome, but I’ve known that since high school. She’s got an album on itunes. Download it, and you can see how she is for yourself. She does jazz.
Other than those two things (and the fact that I’m STILL wide-the-fuck-awake), that’s all that really went down in my world.
So, yeah. I’m going to go read. Just on the off chance that it’ll put me asleep. I’ve tried to listen to music and stare at this screen to make me tired, but NO GO. EPIC FAIL!!!!

P.S. Yeah, you can probably check out Nicole’s website to find her album too. Above is the link.