Wow!!! Whatta Rush!

Last night was pretty epic.  For those that knew, Emptyeye, Amy (his cousin), and I had a night out in Boston.  We went out to Boston Beer Works, Canal Street to eat beforehand.  I had two tall glasses of their “Watermelon Ale,” Emptyeye had two tall glasses of their “Boston Red Ale,” and Amy had two of their “Blue-beery Ale.”  They were all SOOO good. 

The Watermelon ale actually had slices of watermelon that you can dunk in the ale if you want [which I did.  It made it yummier! ;)].  Watermelon Ale I have to leave you with stock photos from Beer Work’s website, as I was a dummy and left my phone in the car.  Emptyeye took a photo of it with his phone, at my insistence, but you can’t see the watermelon in it, so I said “screw it.”  Stock photos it is!!!!  🙂


Amy’s had blueberries that keep fizzing to the top.  I kept commenting that it looked like a lava lamp.  See for yourself: Amy's Beer 


Emptyeye’s was good too.  But I can’t say much more than that.  I only tried several sips of his (as he was hording it).  But I’ll recommend it, based on the small sip-age I did get to enjoy!  We didn’t get pictures of it, as we clearly forgot.  Oops.  We bad!

We had a bucket of FIERY FRIES to start off, which were SOOOOO good.  And gone super fast!  They were gone before the first round of beer was completely finished!  I do recommend them.  Trust me.  Don’t let the word “Fiery” get you.  They’ve just got enough kick to be a good starter with a seasonal beer like the Watermelon Ale.  But then, I may be biased…  Winky Face LOL.


For my main course, I had the CHARLESTOWN BURGER with a side of fries.  They weren’t as good as the Fiery Fries, but they helped to complement the flavor of the burger.  There’s just something about burgers, fries, and a good beer that just hit the spot, huh?

Anyway, Emptyeye had the CHICKEN CHEESE QUESADILLA  meal.  Amy had the GARDEN BURGER.  They must have loved their meals as much as I did.  There was almost complete silence as we ate.  Besides my commenting on Amy’s beer looking like a lava lamp, for the third time, that is…



Now that we’re done discussing dinner, on to the reason for this blog post.  The Rush Concert at the TD Garden last night.  The main event, if you will!!!  Let me just preferace it all by saying:

OMG!  I still can’t believe I got tickets to an AMAZING CONCERT!  Especially for such an amazing band.  Rush is pretty much my FAVORITE band of all time.  They happen to have 3 AMAZING KICK ASS musicians who love to show off their talents.  If you don’t believe me, here’s Neil “The Professor” Peart on the drums last night! 

I just sat there like thisEYES during his solos.  In fact, I did that while both Getty Lee (Bass/Keyboard) and Alex Lifeson (Guitars) did their own shredding too.


This awesome 3-Man band has been around for more than 40 years, and have 27 albums (if you include their live albums, which you should as they are equally as awesome) spanning over that time.

Rush - 1974rush-cover-600x600   “Rush” from 1974   – >  clockwork-angels-cover-600x600“Clockwork Angels” from 2012

Here is their website.  If you go here, you will be able to see every one of their wonderful and amazing albums!!!!



Here is the show as we experienced it last night!  They did an awesome job.  I am still trying to recover my voice from all the screaming I did last night.

Set 1:  The World Is…The World Is

The Anarchist

The Wreckers

Headlong Flight

Far Cry

The Main Monkey Business

How It Is


Roll the Bones (This isn’t recorded from last night, but it is the best one out there at the moment.  Mostly because you can see everything)

Between the Wheels



Set 2: No Country for Old Hens

Tom Sawyer

The Camera Eye

The Spirit of Radio

Jacob’s Ladder

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Part 1: Prelude

Cygnus X-1

Closer to the Heart

Xanadu  (Sorry about this guy’s shaky hand, but you can get a glimpse of the Double-Bass/Double-Guitar action)

2112 Part I: Overture

2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx

2112 Part IV: Presentation

2112 Part VII: Grand Finale


Encore: Mel’s Rock Pile starring Eugene Levy

Lakeside Park


What You’re Doing

Working Man


Exit Stage Left…  (Where we were required to leave, duh!


Thanks to Setlist.FM for the help with the set list.   I was trying to remember the exact order of the songs from last night, when I remembered that there were people recording EVERYTHING!  The videos that were in the middle of the set list portions were actually recorded by those at the concert.  So a large thank you HAS to go out to them for taking the time (and the wasted phone battery) to record those as they happened.  I didn’t want to include all of the night’s festivities (as there were quite a bit) because I don’t want to ruin it for those later on in the tour.  Have fun, those that are lucky enough to have tickets to Rush’s 40th Anniversary Tour!  If you have seen them before, be aware that they’re up to their usual tricks and bring back some awesome bits from past concerts.  I just showed you a clip with some of them.  Can my fellow Rush fans figure them out?  Tell me what tour they’re all from, if you can…


Wish I was able to get more than one ticket to see their show this time around!  🙂  Getting back to reality today has been hard.  I’m still jazzed from last night!

#R40BOS Forever!!!