ipad scam.

Of coarse there’s an ipad scam. If there’s something hot out there to get and the general public cannot afford it, there’s going to be a “free” scam for it. What am I talking about? Well, Facebook has been hacked for the zillionth time today. All because some stupid person decided to click on the “free ipad if you join this group” link. Dunno who it is, but there you go. Don’t blame the creators of Facebook. You only have yourselves to blame if you get scammed!

A rule of thumb that I follow. If it seems to good to be true, then it isn’t. Ipad just came out. How the hell do you think that they’ll be GIVING them the hell away yet? Remember, we live in a world that revolves around money. The creators of the Ipad will milk us for all of the money they can get out of it. It’s just a fact with anything “new and upcoming” out in that world of ours. So, nothing is TRUELY free. Especially if you have to do something like clicking on a link that says “free ipad if you join this group.” Then I’m sure they want your e-mail address and personal information. Uh, duh! They’re setting you up for a fool. They want to scam you!

Think about these pearls of wisdom before you click something like that, you dumb ass.

Now because of one such dumbass, Facebook has gotten hacked. Possibly all of it’s users as well. Nice going, dick wad!