Geeky Readers Unite!!!

Hello everyone! I’m back for the 4th Year of book goals!!! I’m planning on reading as much as I possibly can. I’m starting off with a goal of 100 books on Goodreads. Let’s see how fast I read through my goals. I’ll separate out the books by months. I’ll be updating this one post with all the books as we go through the year. The links below will take you directly to each month, if you’ve read parts of the post before.


Update 2/14: I’ve been a busy Girl. Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to come by and update you on the books I’ve been reading. Now is as good a time as any, right? So, here goes…

12/31/18->1/2: Angel Unborn by Andris Bear

1/2->1/3: Maid For The Rock Star by Demelza Carlton

1/3->1/5: Cheetahs Never Win by R.J. Blain

1/5->1/6: Hot For Sports by Erica Hobbs

1/6-1/7: First Bite by Mac Flynn

1/7-1/8: Second Sight by Mac Flynn

From Goodreads: Best pun EVER!!!! “I shrugged. “Our sheets and the bed, but I wouldn’t ask the curtains. They’re a little shady.”’

1/8-1/9: Third Night by Mac Flynn

1/9: Fourth Fight by Mac Flynn

1/9->1/10: A Christmas Gift by Stella Wilkinson

1/10->1/11: The Sleeping Truth by Ian C.P. Irvine

1/11->1/13: Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

1/16: Evil Has A Name by Paul Holes

From Goodreads: “OMG!!! He’s a great story teller. I have to admit, I was bawling when then victims and the family/friends of victims were telling their stories. VERY well done!!! Everyone should read/listen to this book!”

1/13->1/16: The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

1/15->1/19: Circus Of The Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

1/19->1/23: The Lunatic Café by Laurell K. Hamilton

From Goodreads: Favorite Quote from the Afterward. These are Laurell K. Hamilton’s words, not my own… “When I was a little girl, younger than my daughter is now, I learned that you don’t stand up to the bad guys because you think you’ll win. You stand up because it’s the right thing to do. You stand up for those weaker than you, which at that time in my life meant younger than me. You put yourself between them and harm, not because you’re sure you won’t get hurt, but because you’ve decided that to sit and watch them come to harm is wrong, and you cannot merely sit and watch evil. There comes a time when you have to step up and be willing to take some damage, because it’s the right thing to do. ”

1/24->1/25: Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

1/25->1/28: The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton



1/30->2/1: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

1/28->2/3: Burnt Offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton

11/28/18->2/9: Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

2/3->2/10: Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton


Update 3/13: Hey again everyone. I’ve been reading a bit. Here are the books I’ve read since the last time I dropped in. So, here goes!


2/10->2/15: Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton

2/15->2/19: Narcissus In Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton

2/19->2/22: Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

2/22->2/27: Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton

2/27->2/28: Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton



2/28->3/5: Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton

3/6->3/12: The Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton


Update 4/28: Hello everyone! It’s been a busy month for my reading. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

3/12: The Vampire Knitting Club by Nancy Warren

3/13>3/16: Stitches and Witches by Nancy Warren

3/16->3/19: Crochet and Cauldrons by Nancy Warren

3/19->3/21: Stockings and Spells by Nancy Warren

3/21->3/25: Purls and Pages by Nancy Warren

3/26->3/27: Prince of Death by Sam Burns

3/28: 9-1-1 by Monique DuBois

3/29: Don’t Let Go by Michelle Lynn

3/28->3/29: Saved By A Billionaire by Eve Fox



3/30->4/1: Let Me In by Michelle Lynn

4/1->4/3: Let Me Love by Michelle Lynn

4/3->4/9: Can’t Let Go by Michelle Lynn

4/9->4/11: Let Me Go by Michelle Lynn

4/11->4/12: Love Me Always by Michelle Lynn

4/13->4/14: Closer by Aria Hawthorne

4/15->4/16: Chase Darkness With Me by Billy Jensen

4/15->4/16: Six Months In Montana by Pamela Kelley

4/16->4/18: Drawn To You by Serena Grey

4/18->4/19: Wild Sexy Thing by Serena Grey

4/19: Babes & Billionaires by Serena Grey

4/20: Addicted To You by Serena Grey

4/21: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

4/20->4/21: Lost In You by Serena Grey

4/21->4/23: The Billionaire Stepbrother by Emma Lea

4/23->4/24: Billionaire At Sea: Pt. 1 by K.L. Middleton

4/24: Billionaire At Sea: Pt. 2 by K.L. Middleton

4/24->4/25: Under Contract by Jacquelyn Ayres

4/25->4/28: Hooked Up by Arianne Richmonde










I’m having so much writing about what I’ve been reading. Hope you liked this series too!
Until Next Time,

Reading Is Good For Silvers…

Yes. Indeed. Reading is good For my soul. I think I’ll breakdown the books I read and show the book covers. Maybe less of a review of each one as I go. Hopefully, you’ll still get the gist, right? lol. Okay. Here we go…



December 27th, 2016 -> January 6th: Rock Chick Reckoning: This is the story of Stella and Mace. My Goodreads review: “OMG!!! The Feels!!! ;)”



12th: The Mistletoe Secret by Richard Paul Evans: I read this one pretty fast. My Goodreads review: “🙂 Okay. This was cute! 5 hours of Audible. Have to say… The Feels…. 🙂



6th -> 17th: Rock Chick Regret: This is the story of Hector and Sadie. I loved their characters as well. I love how she goes from an “Ice Princess” at the beginning to a softie at the end.



17th -> 18th: Full Package By Lauren Blakely: Needed a quick break from the Rock CHick series. It was a pretty quick read. Started mid-evening and finished just after midnight…



17th -> 25th: Rock Chick Revolution: This is the last of the Rock Chick series by Kristen Alley. This is the story of Ally and Ren. It was pretty good. The author used the character of Jane to embody her own personality. I have to admit to delaying the end of this book to make it last…

From Goodreads: “🙂 Best ending to the series! But I’m sad it’s over. I’ll keep hoping for more, but…. ”



25th -> 26th:  Trading Christmas by Debbie Macomber: This was a cute little story that includes a mother/daughter relationship, mis-understandings, and people falling in love, despite the odds. This is everything that I’ve come to love and know about Debbie Macomber books. Well done!!!

From Goodreads: “It was a cute little read. Wish I had gotten to it before Christmas, but what-evs. It was still pretty good.”



26th: The Dispatcher by John Scalzi: This was a cute little story. A bit odd, but I loved listening to Zachary Quinto reading it even better. He does voices, ya’ll!!! 🙂

From Goodreads: “Interesting story… Better reader, if you get it through Audible. I mean, come on… It’s freaking “new Spock” reading to you…. “


February: (4/8: Playing catch-up!  Sorry. I just realized that I haven’t updated in a bit… Sorry about that. -Silver-)

6th -> 8th: Surrender by Melody Anne: It was cute and entertaining. Not something I would recommend to my family, though. Hence why I had a 1 star rating on Goodreads…

8th -> 12th: Submit by Melody Anne: It was cute and entertaining. Not something I would recommend to my family, though. Hence why I had a 1 star rating on Goodreads…

15th ->16th: Seduced by Melody Anne: It was cute and entertaining. Not something I would recommend to my family, though. Hence why I had a 1 star rating on Goodreads…

16th -> 22nd: Scorched by Melody Anne: It was cute and entertaining. Not something I would recommend to my family, though. Hence why I had a 1 star rating on Goodreads…

From Goodreads :”It was cute and entertaining while I was sick…

22nd -> 24th: Bedding the Wrong Brother by Virna DePaul

From Goodreads: “:) Cute”

24th -> 27th: The Substitute by Denise Grover Swank. From Goodreads: “:) Cute”



1st: Beast Unchained by Daniella Wright. Shifter romance. Pretty good.

1st -> 2nd: First Beginning by Malcolm Bryant. Hot guys and animals? Perfect combo!

2nd -> 6th: The Succubus in a Red Dress by Daniel David Garcia. Cute. But I dunno how I feel about it, even a month later…

7th: Filthy Professor by Amy Brent. My Goodreads review says it all.

From Goodreads: “🙂 Look. I liked the main book itself. I just never try to give a 5 star on anything that I wouldn’t be proud to recommend to my mother. It’s not on the fault of the author, or anything like that. I enjoyed it. Just see my previous comment… ”

7th: Dirty Filthy Rich Boys by Laurelin Paige. My Goodreads review says it all.

From Goodreads: “🙂 Okay. NOT sold on this one… It was a cute little story. Rescuer getting her V-Chip, him being an a-hole about her grades to get it… I’m more confused by the main character than anything. Maybe there’s more to their story coming up… I’ll have to see…”

6th -> 7th: Teaching The Boss by Mallory Crowe.

7th->8th: Tapping The Billionaire by Max Monroe.

8th: A Seal’s Oath by Cora Seton. I like the concept of this book. Bringing in an important Ecological issue of composting and not being wasteful. Basically, they are building a sustainable community, which is a topic I’m in LOVE with! The concept revolves around  a Reality TV show where Navy Seals pledge to save their Farming project by falling in love and marrying while on Camera. This one was Boone and Riley’s story, the first to meet (as in, when they were younger) and fall in love.  I LOVED this book!

9th ->10th: A Seal’s Vow by Cora Seton. I like the concept of this book. Bringing in an important Ecological issue of composting and not being wasteful. Basically, they are building a sustainable community, which is a topic I’m in LOVE with! The concept revolves around  a Reality TV show where Navy Seals pledge to save their Farming project by falling in love and marrying while on Camera. This one was Clay and Nora’s story.  I LOVED this book! Although, I hated that Nora was in trouble with a stalker, but… Yeah. You’ll have to read this to figure out all the details.

9th -> 12th: A Seal’s Consent by Cora Seton. I like the concept of this book. Bringing in an important Ecological issue of composting and not being wasteful. Basically, they are building a sustainable community, which is a topic I’m in LOVE with! The concept revolves around  a Reality TV show where Navy Seals pledge to save their Farming project by falling in love and marrying while on Camera. This one was Harris (Hawk) and Samantha’s story.

12th -> 14th: A Seal’s Pledge by Cora Seton. I like the concept of this book. Bringing in an important Ecological issue of composting and not being wasteful. Basically, they are building a sustainable community, which is a topic I’m in LOVE with! The concept revolves around  a Reality TV show where Navy Seals pledge to save their Farming project by falling in love and marrying while on Camera. This one was Jericho and Savannah’s story.  I LOVED this book! This one wasn’t released until this year, so I suppose I’ll have to wait for the next one to come out, even though I’m anxious to read the next one! 🙂 Well done Ms. Seton!

15th -> 16th: Filthy Scrooge by Taryn Quinn. Interesting. A Kandy Kane melting the heart of a scrooge? Perfect!  🙂

17th -> 20th: The Soldier’s E-mail Order Bride by Cora Seton. Cute. Austin and Ella meet online via an e-mail ad. Interesting concept of the Ranch/Military dude getting a movie star.  It was a pretty cute story. Wasn’t sure about reading the rest of this mini-series, though…

20th -> 21st: Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham. My Goodreads review says it all…

From Goodreads: “🙂 ALLL Gilmore Girls Fans will enjoy this one. Lauren talks about the original series and the Reboot. Her thoughts on both, the final 4 words, and Ed. Well Done! I listened to the audio version, which made it SOOO much better! Wish there was 10 stars I could give it…

18th – > 21st: Sing Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell. Rockstar fiction? Sign me up!  It was a pretty cute book. Won’t be reading the rest in the series, even though I gave the book a 4 star review. I think I had enough of the bandmates with this first book. I don’t need to see them in later books. Sorry, but there it is…

21st: The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson. I read the audio version of this book, on a suggestion from the ladies on the “Knit The Books” podcast. They were right. This book was pretty good.  I honestly couldn’t stop listening to this wonderful story. My Goodreads review should tell you the rest…

From Goodreads: “”I love this book. It’s so cute, and it got me thinking about my own life. It also draws parallels between the main character’s love of movies and his own real life. I mean, how many of us see the beauty in movies that they may normally not see in real life. Well Done! Reader was pretty good too…

22nd: Wicked Wedding by Brooke Page. Cute story. But I’m not sure how I feel about it, even with the time that has passed since I read it… But it helped pass the evening. So, I guess that’s something…

25th -> 27th: Bedded Bliss by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott. Vegas shotgun wedding starts their relationship.  However, there is more to this  story that meets the eye. Which is perfect for me… My Goodreads review says it all…

From Goodreads: “Like… aww. The ending was pretty cute! 🙂

28th ->29th: Yes Boss by Juliana Conners. Boss and employee. I don’t know why I keep reading these, but I seem like I was in the mood for them when I originally downloaded them… So, I guess that’s something…  I only said “Cute” as a review on Goodreads, so I guess that’s telling, right?



1st ->2nd: Lemon Drops and Love by Angela Stevens. Okay, so I think I have more to say about this one than a few others. Mostly, because I made a note to do so… Controlling boyfriend gets dumped and ends up stalking the girl. Gil hooks up with her best friend. Best friend helps to fight him off. Rape and other bad things help make them stronger. But it helps show off the victim’s side of things, which made it a VERY powerful story. I’ll admit, I was crying much of the time while reading this book, and I think that’s a powerful emotion, and the right emotion you want your readers to have when dealing with such a dark subject.  So, well done, Ms. Stevens!

2nd -> 3rd: A Risk Worth Taking by Heather Hildenbrand. After the last one, I needed something a bit lighter. This one was perfect! Broken girl meets an ecological-minded dude, who helps her take her mind off her problems.

3rd: Coming Back to You by Darline Joyce. It was cute, but not really as good as some others in this same genre…

4th -> 6th: Close to Home by Suzanne Ferrell. My goodreads review says it all! 🙂

From Goodreads: “🙂 VERY good. A Must-read!”

6th: Embracing my Submission by Jenna Jacob. Subject matter is adult, but it’s a nice little story that  teaches the reader that no matter what life throws at you, don’t be afraid to be yourself.. No matter what.. And while you’re off finding yourself, if you find a handsome man who accepts you for who you are, then keep hold of him VERY tight. 🙂


Update 9/11: I JUST realized how far behind I was mentioning the books I’ve been reading. Since I’m so far behind, I’ll just list off the book, show a picture, the date I finished the book, and if there’s a review on Goodreads, I’ll copy it here too. If I put a “:)” in the review, I counted it as a non-review for the sake of this post (as there are QUITE a few)  So, grab a drink, and away we go!!!


4/10: Wedding Bands by Ev Bishop. “It was cute. Almost tempted to read the other books…. Almost… ”


4/13: If Not For You by Debbie Macomber. “🙂 VERY cute. Well done. I wanted more of these two characters, but I didn’t all at the same time… Too much drama between them would have made this less than the 5 star it deserves! 🙂 ”


4/20: Nerd In Shining Armor by Vicki Lewis Thompson. “Sooo cute! Didn’t want to stop reading this one…”


4/20: Tequila and Tea Bags by Laura Barnard.


4/24: Rock Fuck Club by Michelle Mankin. “Wish there was the ability to give it a 10 star, I loved it that much!

You know it’s a good book when…
….You consider calling out of work to finish it.” I Actually wrote a full review and posted it on the blog.


4/26: The Men of BMUS by Vicki Lewis Thompson.



5/2: Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell.


5/3: Wicked Abyss by Kresley Cole. “🙂 Couldn’t stop listening to this one! Well Done!!! 🙂 ”


5/4: Hunted by Suzanne Ferrell.


5/5: Seized by Suzanne Ferrell.


5/5: One Hot Daddy by Kira Blakely. “Cute… main story isn’t even 25%… ”


5/8: Vanished by Suzanne Ferrell.


5/10: Exposed by Suzanne Ferrell.


5/15: The Nerd Who Loved Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson


5/15: Bossy Millionaire by Angela Blake. “Be Aware, I got this as an ARC. So, keep that in mind…
Honestly, the story is only 70 pages, if that. There are two scenes premiered that are okay. Honestly, the characters aren’t developed enough. But given the length, there is hardly time to do so… I honestly don’t believe that such a perfectionist/strong woman would give in that fast… But what do I know… Some grammar issues (ARC’s usually have some). Some, which I couldn’t ignore and distracted me from the story… ie?: Psycho is not the same as Psychic… In case you were wondering.
This was good for a quick distraction from my other stories, so there’s that. But I’d love to read more from this author, either way…


5/16: Nerd Gone Wild by Vicki Lewis Thompson.


5/16: Seductive Billionaire by Angela Blake. “Be Aware, I got this as an ARC. So, keep that in mind…
Some grammar issues (ARC’s usually have some). Some, which I couldn’t ignore and distracted me from the story… Another issue I had when reading this story, was the timeframe the character went from “No way in hell” to “whatever you say.” It was too quick. No character development, but with how quick the actual story is, it’s no wonder…
This was good for a quick distraction from my other stories, so there’s that. But I’d love to read more from this author, either way…


5/18: This Matter of Marriage by Debbie Macomber. “🙂 cute ”


5/19: The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. “Woo hoo!!! Took almost 6 months to listen to. Loved every second!

Simon Vance reading it, even better.”


5/19: Gone With The Nerd by Vicki Lewis Thompson.


5/22: 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber. “🙂 A cute book. Dunno why I haven’t read this one before… lol.           ”


5/22: Talk Nerdy To Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson.


5/24: 204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber.


5/25: Nerds Like It Hot by Vicki Lewis Thompson.


5/30: Lost and Found In Cedar Cove by Debbie Macomber.


5/30: 311 Pelican Court by Debbie Macomber.



  6/2: D.I.L.F. by Alexis Angel

6/4: Nerds Are From Mars by Vicki Lewis Thompson

 6/5: Three Brothers by Samantha Twinn

6/5: 44 Cranberry Point by Debbie Macomber

 6/7: Desired by Two Alphas by Maya Crey

6/7: Big Bad Neighbor by Tia Siren

 6/7: Her Dad’s Best Friend by Poppy Adams

6/9: Close To The Edge by Suzanne Ferrell. “🙂 Didn’t want to put it down!!!”

 6/10: 50 Harbor St by Debbie Macomber.

6/10: 5-B Poppy Lane by Debbie Macomber.

 6/12: Close To Christmas by Suzanne Ferrell.

6/12: Close To The Mistletoe by Suzanne Ferrell.

 6/12: Close To The Fire by Suzanne Ferrell.

6/13: Close To Santa’s Heart by Suzanne Ferrell.

 6/14: The Navy’s E-mail Order Bride by Cora Seton.

6/15: The Marine’s E-mail Order Bride by Cora Seton.

 6/16: The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Drive by Cora Seton.

6/19: A SEAL’s Chance by Cora Seton.

 6/19: The Airman’s E-mail Order Bride by Cora Seton.

6/21: Issued to The Bride: One Navy SEAL by Cora Seton.

 6/21: 6 Rainier Drive by Debbie Macomber

6/22: Issued To The Bride: One Airman by Cora Seton.

 6/25: Issued To The Bride: One Sniper by Cora Seton.

6/26: 74 Seaside Avenue by Debbie Macomber

 6/28: Death and Relaxation by Devon Monk



 7/3: Devils and Details by Devon Monk.

7/7: Gods and Ends by Devon Monk.

 7/8: 8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber.

7/10: A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber.

 7/10: Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris.

7/11: Shy Girls Write It Better by May Sage.

 7/12: The Billionaire Wins The Game by Melody Anne.

7/14: The Wedding Trap by Adrienne Bell.

 7/14: Snowed In by Lila Monroe.

7/14: Beautifully Wounded by Susan Griscom. “Tough subject, but VERY glad I finished it. ”

 7/18: Once Upon A Coffee by Kait Nolan. “3.5… cute, but not enough to make me want to read more of the Series… ”

7/19: My Mr. Sexy by CC Cartwright

 7/19: Man Candy by Elise Sax

7/19: Going Down by Elise Sax. “Luke and Lorelei in half the time. I couldn’t put it down…. lol

 7/19: In Too Deep by Tracey Alvarez

7/20: Just Sacked by Elise Sax.

 7/20: Wicked Ride by Elise Sax.

7/20: Blown Away by Elise Sax.

 7/20: Hot Wired by Elise Sax.

7/20: Quick Bang by Elise Sax.

 7/20: Inn And Out by Elise Sax.

7/24: The Counterfeit Bride by Liberty Blake.

 7/26: How To Lose a Groom in 10 Days by Catherine Mann.

7/28: 92 Pacific Boulevard by Debbie Macomber.

 7/29: How To Knit A Love Song by Rachel Herron.

7/31: Eliza’s Home  by Rachel Herron.

 7/31: Honeymooning  by Rachel Herron.



 8/2: How To Knit A Heart Back Home  by Rachel Herron.

8/4: Wishes and Stitches  by Rachel Herron.

 8/8: Cora’s Heart  by Rachel Herron.

8/10: Fiona’s Flame  by Rachel Herron.

 8/11: Dracula by Bram Stoker.  “Good book, made even better with the selected readers! Well done! 🙂
Second Time=AWESOME!!!! ”

8/12: The Darling Songbirds  by Rachel Herron.

 8/14: 1022 Evergreen Place by Debbie Macomber.

8/15: The Songbird’s Call  by Rachel Herron.

 8/16: The Songbird Sisters  by Rachel Herron.

8/16: Highland Moon #1 by Mac Flynn.

 8/17: Falling For A Wolf by Mac Flynn.

8/18: Beast Millionaire by Mac Flynn

 8/19: Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews.  ” Wish there was an ability to make this one 10 stars! I may just have to dive into the second book RIGHT NOW… Well done! 🙂  ”

8/26: The Wedding Audition by Catherine Mann.

 8/27: Here Comes The Witch by Ani Gonzalez “:) Cute.”

8/28: Fortune Favors The Witch by Ani Gonzalez. “:) Cute.”

 8/29: Some Like It Witchy by Ani Gonzalez. “:) Cute.” Snide Comment:  “‘Not to mention safe, notwithstanding the flammable nature of the merchandise.’ they’re f’n candles dude! of course they’re flammable”

8/30: White Hot by Ilona Andrews. “:) LOVE this book!!! Can’t wait for the next!”

 8/31: Rock Hard by Lucia Jordan.



 9/4: Wildfire by Ilona Andrews. “BEST way to end the series. Love how Nevada kicks asses and takes names! :)”

9/5: One Night Stand by J.S. Cooper.

 9/6: Four Week Fiance by Helen Cooper. “Woof…I dunno… ”

9/8: Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews.

 9/9: All I Want For Christmas by Jennifer Gracen.

9/11: Sweep In Peace by Ilona Andrews.


Update 10/17:

 9/13: Marrying His Best Friend by Jennifer Gracen

9/14: Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely

Goodreads: ” 🙂 ”

 9/16: One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Goodreads: ” 🙂 ”

9/19: The Cowboy Rockstar by K.C. Klein

 9/19: Let Me Touch by Lucia Jordan

9/20: The Troll Whisperer by Sera Trever

 9/20: Gay Rebel by Jesse Fuchs

9/21: The Visitor by K.D. West

 9/24: Werecat: The Rearing by Andrew T. Peters

9/26: Resisting the Bad Boy by Violet Duke

Goodreads: “:) cute. On to the next.

 9/27: Falling for the Good Guy by Violet Duke

Goodreads: “🙂 On to the next! ”

9/28: Choosing the Right Man by Violet Duke

Goodreads: “:) Cute.”




 10/3: Finding the Right Girl by Violet Duke

Goodreads: “:) Cute”

10/4: Tied Up by Jesse Fuchs

Goodreads: “:) ”

 10/4: An Indecent Proposition by Stephanie Julian

Goodreads: ” 🙂 ”

10/7: The Brands Who Came For Christmas by Maggie Shayne

Goodreads: ” 🙂 ”

 10/10: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I have a bunch of notes/review stuff. But that will be another blog entry…

10/12: Banish My Heart by Jennifer Youngblood

Goodreads: “Nope. Nuh uh. Forget the rest if this series. This book annoyed me too much. Can’t pinpoint why, soo… ”

 10/16: The Shining by Stephen King. This one took me WAY too long to finish. I explained in my Goodreads review…

Goodreads: “Better ending than the movie. Movie ending was kinda creepy in Jack’s maze death and adoption into the hotel’s ghost pool and that a location that evil got to live another day. Glad that SO had originally intended it to die… If I had read the book first, I may have been less freaked to read the book late at night… lol. Well done!!! Now to read the sequel…”

I also had a note I wanted to mention: “‘But see that you get on. That’s your job in this hard world, to keep your love alive and see that you get on, no matter what. Pull your act together and just go on.’ Yup. must remember this. SK is smart like that.”


Update 1/19/18: It’s been a bit. I have reviews on Goodreads on some of these books, but only 10 have  anything over a 4 star review. That means I’m just going to list off the rest of 2017’s books from here on out…

10/18: Beyond The Veil by Pippa DaCosta

10/20: Seven Up by Janet Evanovich

10/23: Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich

10/26: To The Nines by Janet Evanovich

10/28: Submit: Taken by The Biker by Kenzie Haven

10/28: His Five Night Stand by Emma Thorne

10/29: Legal Action by Kimball Lee

10/31: Maid for the Rock Star by Demeiza Carlton



11/6: Virgins by Diana Gabadon

11/8: Santa Baby, I Want A Bad Boy For Christmas by Justine Elving

11/8: Love & College by C.M. Owens

11/8: The Billionaire’s Virgin by Poppy Adams

11/12: Scandalous Beat by Michelle Mankin

11/13: Caught By The Dragon by Mac Flynn

11/14: 1105 Yakima St by Debbie Macomber

11/14: Material Witness by L.A. Mondello

11/16: Incubus Among Us #1 by Mac Flynn

11/18: Incubus Among Us #2 by Mac Flynn

11/18: Incubus Among Us #3 by Mac Flynn

11/19: Incubus Among Us #4 by Mac Flynn

11/20: Cupid Stupid by Sylvia McDaniel

11/20: Incubus Among Us #5 by Mac Flynn

11/22: Cupid Help Me by Sylvia McDaniel

11/22: Cupid’s Dance by Sylvia McDaniel

11/23: Cupid Cures by Sylvia McDaniel

11/25: Cupid’s Heart by Sylvia McDaniel

11/25: Birthday Blaze by Kacey Shea

11/26: It’s in His Kiss by Caitie Quinn

11/26: Scout Sniper by Victor Cox

11/27: Cupid Santa by Sylvia McDaniel

11/30: Blue Roses by Mimi Strong



12/2: The Perfect Match by Pat White

12/4: Love & Rumors by Jean Oram

12/6: Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon

12/7: Sex, Lies, & Sweet Tea by Kris Calvert

12/17: Sex, Lies, & Lipstick by Kris Calvert

12/18: Sex, Lies, & Pearls by Kris Calvert

12/20: Sex, Lies, & Lace by Kris Calvert

12/24: Sex, Lies, & Bourbon by Kris Calvert

12/29: Sex, Lies, & Black Tie by Kris Calvert

12/30: Fate, Snow, & Mistletoe: A Sex & Lies Holiday Novella by Kris Calvert

I hope I enable you to read one of these books this year. If not, I won’t be mad. I know that everyone had their own type of books they like. Have a great year!!!


Rock On Chica!!! Get On With Your Bad Self!!!

Hello everyone! As you probably can’t tell, I’ve been better about balancing my reading time with my knitting time recently. What you didn’t know, however, is that I’ve been in ABSOLUTE Love with finding great new authors to read.  I think I may have found another author to follow.  No…. I don’t just think I have… I KNOW I have. Let me be the first to introduce you to Michelle Mankin’s work.  It all started with the book “Rock F*ck Club.”

Two things you need to remember before following down my rabbit hole. 1) I love romance books. Of all kinds. 2) Rock Stars, quite frankly ROCK!!!  Anyone who can tame them in my eyes is someone I want to read or learn about.

So, with those two things in mind and I haven’t scared you off, let’s continue with my review of “Rock F*ck Club!” So, grab your drink of choice, your knitting, and away we go!!!


SO, most of the time, the description of the book catches my eye. Sometimes, it’s the picture on the front. Sometimes it’s the title itself. This one has all three, so I thought I’d share this with you right quick.  I read this book within 36 hours of getting this (mostly due to a work weekend).


The description I grabbed for you is from Goodreads:

10 cities in two weeks 10 famous rockstars. On my knees. Against the wall. On my tits
I don’t care. As long as I get the evidence to prove it. Why? Because I caught my former prick of a boyfriend from Heavy Metal Enthusiasts doing a groupie doggie style backstage on the night we were supposed to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

 He told me I was too uptight. Too vanilla. Too boring. So I got drunk with my bestie, Marsha West, the aspiring videographer. I ranted. I raved. I came up with a crazy idea. What I didn’t know was that my best friend recorded me. Marsha put the video up on YouTube. It went viral with 10 million hits. Now I’ve got fans and sponsors offering me big bucks.

Rockstars are volunteering to be my f*ck buddy.
Hollywood is calling.
I get to choose which rockstars I want.
The stakes are high.
This sh*t just got real.
What could go wrong?”


Catchy, huh? I’m going to be honest. I was approached by Michelle’s PA directly, with the chance to read this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC). This, however, won’t color what I have to say about the book, in either way. You know how I roll… lol

But honestly, I can’t say anything overly negative about this book. I have spent today (the date it goes on sale, if you were wondering) trying to think of something. I honestly cannot.


I have several stickynotes with things I was thinking about as I read the book, so I suppose I should share those pearls of wisdom. Well, now that I think about it, there was only one.  But it’s a doozy! 😉

  1.  You know it’s a good book when…
    1. …You consider calling out of work to finish it.


Okay, some notes about the book. The premise of this book is that a woman catches her man cheating with another. She and her friend decide to go on a 10 day tour of sleeping around with Rock Stars of their choosing and recording the whole journey. Along the way, Raven learns about herself, and others around her. Situations she thought were so straightforward are not what they first appeared to be. Within the first 20% of the book, I realized that Raven has had some issues in her past that make her not trust her instincts. This annoyed the F’ out of me. I even said to Emptyeye at one point that I liked the “Bad-Boy” rocker Lucky SOOOOO much better. Even with him acting all douche-y at the beginning. But that should teach me to judge… The beauty of this book, is that Ms. Mankin has this genius way of bringing you along on this personal journey of Raven’s, even if it was kicking and screaming at first. What you thought would be a “Bang-fest” turns into a way for Raven to grow and learn. All with Lucky’s help, BTW…


WELL DONE!!!  I’m buying a copy for myself, and you should too!!! I’m going to link to Amazon where you can find it, as well as where it is on Goodreads! You never know, you may find further reviews out of me when it comes to this author. She’s one to watch! 🙂 I’ve marked all of her books “To-Read” on Goodreads, in case you were wondering… lol.


You can find the book On:




Thanks for stopping by, and for giving this author a shot.


Non-Serial Reader (Almost)

I’ve been doing some reviews for series this year, but I wanted to let you know my thoughts on the Non-Serial books I’ve been reading over the course of this year.  Here they are by Month.  Hope you enjoy my thoughts as much as I enjoyed writing them down.

I’m including a “Jump-To” Hyperlink system here.  That way every month, you can just check back what has changed.  If you’ve been living under a rock, if you click the Months below, you will be brought to that month’s list of books I’ve read…

  1. January ’16
  2. February ’16
  3. March ’16
  4. April ’16
  5. May ’16
  6. June ’16
  7. July ’16
  8. August ’16
  9. September ’16
  10. October ’16
  11. November ’16
  12. December ’16




The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride – Abridged version that was eventually made into the movie.  I squeed when I realized HOW much was put in there.  Also, William Goldman did an awesome job of explaining EXACTLY what he took out of S. Morgenstern’s original version and why.  What you see in the movie is pretty much how the abridging story came about.  I’ll recommend that fans of the movie also read the book too.  But, movie first.  It makes the descriptions of the abridging parts easier to swallow.


The Librarian Principle

The Librarian Principle – Just some fluff reading I found on Audible.  I needed a break from the FBI series I’ve been listening to on Audible, so I found some fluff.  I honestly found myself blushing for how much fun the reader seemed to be having with the book at times….  That’s all I have to say about that….


As You Wish

As You Wish!

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride I have to say… very well done. I laughed, I cried, and I geeked out quite a bit at the recollection of their memories. Loved every moment and never wanted to put it down. A must-read for all fans of the book and movie!!!!!!! 🙂 And as I did, you’ll “have fun storming the castle!”


Inside Charlie's Chocolate Factory

Inside Charlie’s Chocolate Factory: The Complete Story of Willy Wonka, the Golden Ticket, and Roald Dahl’s Most Famous Creation – This book gave me a further look into the world of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I’ve always loved the movies and book.  Didn’t know there was so much history behind the scenes, so to speak.  I recommend it to everyone who’s a fan of the book!


Switch A Wish

Switch A Wish – I found this book on Goodreads, as the author was one of their Best New Authors.  It was a welcome change from the more serious books I’ve been reading so far.  It reminds me of Freaky Friday, in that people switch bodies for awhile.   M.B. Earnheardt  does an awesome job of bring the concept to life.  She introduces an interesting way for a married couple to get couple’s therapy without having to go.  It was a pretty interesting read and made me think of all the stuff I had bottled up, that could have hurt my relationships if I had let it go on…  Wow!  Well done Ms. Earnheardt!


Update: 2/3:  Just had a fan girl moment!  The author just reached out to me herself and followed me!  Squee!  Thank you again M.B.  Let me know when you’ll be coming out with your next.  I’ll be there to read it first thing!



The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia – Let’s just put it this way.  It’s a mix of two of my favorite things.  The Legend of Zelda series of videogames, and comic books.  Here we get a glimpse into the videogame’s creator as he looks back at what he intended for the series, and gives us a glimpse into the upcoming games.  It’s basically a history of The Legend of Zelda, so it made my heart squee when I saw it on sale on Amazon as a new book.  Glad I purchased it!


My Knitting Book

My Knitting Book By Ms. Lambert – I had the knitting pattern book bug for awhile in 2015.  This is the last one.  Glad I waited to read it.  Needed a change of pace, as it gave me a glimpse into the minds of knitters who came before me.  It gave me a few ideas for patterns to try down the road as well!  😉


Plan as You Go

The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan – I had the urge to study a bit on how to make my business grow.  I got a few ideas for how to make things more solid in my business-life.


Business Planning

Business Planning For Dummies – Not really a Dummy, but I will admit that there are some things I need help with.  This book helped learn some of my weak points.


EtymologiconThe Etymologicon – I love learning about the Etymology of words, don’t get me wrong, but this book was pretty boring.  The reader did his best to make it entertaining, but yeah..  I got through about a half hour->40 minutes of listening before I skipped to the end to see if I was to expect more of the same.  Yup…  The author took one word and defined it, and gave it’s roots.  Used the last word in that rant and did the same.  I think the concept was to bridge a gap between Etymology and Icon, which would have been an interesting concept, but the author’s way about going about it was just….  annoying.  I dunno.  You may like it, but I surely didn’t…


Strange CandyStrange Candy – Laurell K. Hamilton MUST be commended on her ability to adapt to different supernatural beings and make us want to read about them.  This collection of stories gave me more of an understanding of how her genius mind works.  Not only Anita Blake and vampires, but Fairies, Shifters, and many, many more.  I LOVED this short story collection!  Well Done!  🙂


The Phantom of the OperaThe Phantom of The Opera – Any fan of the Movies and Broadway Play MUST read the story in it’s entirety.  I also recommend listening to this audible version I found.  The reader (Ralph Cosham) does a great job of keeping your attention and bringing the story to life!  I’ll probably come back and listen again once I finish the list I have planned for this year, I loved it THAT much!  Well Done!  The Angel of Music was always my favorite part of this book. I’m so glad I finally got a chance to read this book in it’s original form! Reader was pretty good too! 🙂




Dracula – 2/15: My first impression of the novel, according to my review on goodreads.  “OMG! The readers on this audio version are doing a good job bringing the story to life. I read this once when I was younger, and don’t remember liking the book this much! Can’t wait to listen to more! :)”  That summed up my experience with the book, to a T!  I loved it!  🙂

Harry Potter Series – I’m calling this series as non-serial, only because they’re so few of them, based on the rest of the book series’ I’m planning on reading soon-ly.

HP Stone

15th->17th: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone: From Goodreads:”There’s something so satisfying about listening to Tim Dale read through one of my favorite books. Some of the voices were so close to the actors in the films that I thought I would squee so loud people would think I was crazy when listening to this book in public. Well done! 🙂 ”

HP Secrets

17th->19th: Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets: No review on Goodreads, but I really sucked this book up.  I love that the reader knows the book so well, and tries to give a good voice to each character!  🙂

HP Prisoner

19th->22nd: Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban: From Goodreads:  “:) I’m in love with the books all over again! Well Done Tim Dale, for making them shiny and new! 🙂 ”

HP Goblet

22nd->24th: Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire: From Goodreads:  “This was 21 hours of pure entertainment! As with the last 3, Jim Dale does an awesome job reading one of my favorite Series. I have to say, though… Sometimes he confuses male/female voices, which makes it all the more entertaining to me! 😉 ”



HP Phoenix

February 24th->March 2nd: Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix: From Goodreads: “See, when you haven’t read the series in awhile, you find new parts to love about it. The first couple of read-throughs years ago were great, but reading it again when you’re older just make it that much better. Still, in most cases, the book is better than the movie when it comes to expressing this wonderful story.  Having it read to you by someone with a pretty good sense of J.K. Rowling’s characters makes it all the better! Well done! 🙂 ”


HP Prince

2nd->6th: Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince: From Goodreads: “Just :):):)  .”  To continue in this vein, there were a lot of tears, laughter, and “oh, I didn’t remember that part” going on as I listened to Tim Dale read this one!  I think I loved listening to it as much as I loved reading it the first few times I read it.  I have to say, the movies really DON’T do this book a service.  All the small nuances I loved never made an appearance in the movies, for some odd reason…


Wrapped In Comfort

Wrapped In Comfort – 3/7.  From Goodreads: “VERY pretty shawls. I love getting ideas out of books/magazines! :)”  I can’t wait to try some of these shawls!!!


HP Hallows

6th->10th: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Already about 9% in.  Had to take a break.  It’s about 21 hours long.  After a few hours, I needed to do something else…  But I’ll be back to it soon-ly I think.  I’m already pretty hooked!  🙂  From Goodreads: “You know me. I laughed, I cried. I even geeked out at the parts I haven’t read about in forever! 🙂 Too bad this was the last one. May have to read it again soon-ly…


Closely Knit

7th->27th:  Closely Knit: I loved reading this book about a wonderful bunch of knitters.  Heard about the book from TheKnitGirllls.  It got me thinking that I’ve been anti-social of late, and I need that to stop.  LOVED this book!  Almost wish there was more of it…   🙂



Update 4/25: I’ve been absolutely HORRIBLE about not reading anything other than books that are part of a longer established series.  I’ll try to be better about that in May.  But for now, I’m calling this month good, on that front.

I maybe got 1% read in Outlander, so I think I may count this one this month…


From Goodreads on March 10th: “I read a bit, then I decided I wanted to listen to another book. If I could, I’d take back “beginning” this book for another time. As I can’t, I’m putting this into hibernation… ”  I think I still agree with these sentiments.  I’ll try again in May when other books aren’t calling my attention…



Update 5/17: Alright.  I’ve been a bit better over the past few weeks with my reading.  Pretty much a mission, if I’m going to be honest…  But here goes!  🙂


4/25->5/2: Mischief: This was an audiobook.  It featured a wonderfully creative female lead, who just happens to fall in love with a creative bad boy.  First impressions of one another lead to a story that becomes a comedy of errors, and one of growing love.  From Goodreads: “I started this one slowly, but then I got into the wonderful story.  A Wonderful story made even better by a wonderful reader.  🙂 ”


Rock Chick

5/2->5/6: Rock Chick: This is actually the first book of a short series.  I may actually read the rest of the series.  Heck, I already downloaded the next few books.  Just a matter of when, as I’m in the middle of another series that I’m listening to right now…  This first book, is the story of Indy and Lee, who have known each other since they were younger.  The children of two cops who are also friends.  Indy is obsessed with being her wonderfully different self.  Also, with Lee since she was younger.  As both grew up, Lee became more and more dangerous and started to dissuade Indy from her obsession of him.  After 10 years of her trying to ignore her feelings, she gets into a spot of trouble and needs Lee to get her out of it.  Comedy ensues, as well as a wonderful love story.  The reader was pretty good too.  I’m hoping the second book in the series  is just a s good, and can’t wait to find out.


The Gunslinger

5/7->5/8: The Gunslinger: This is the first of Steven King’s ‘Dark Tower Series.’  This is not the first, nor the second time I’ve read through this series.  I’m obsessed.  Saw this on Audible, and decided to give it a try.  Let someone read the story to me for once…  From Goodreads: “I’ve forgotten how AWESOME this book was. I read it a few years ago, and for some reason…. I just got it through my head again. This time, the wonderful story is being read TO me by a wonderful reader. It’s the PERFECT combo! Well Done!”


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

5/9->5/10: Big Rock: This was just a bit of fluff between the first and second of the new series I’ve been reading through.  Sometimes, you need something light…  At first the main character is a pretty big asshole, who only cares to get his rocks off.  Then he needs to impress one of his Diamond Business Tycoon Father’s Investors, and begs help from a woman to pay his fiancé.  They end up falling in love, and he changes.  It’s an interesting story told in the male POV.  I couldn’t put it down.  🙂  I also like the fact that the title has several meanings…


The Drawing Of The Three

5/10->5/15: The Drawing of The Three: This is the second of Steven King’s ‘Dark Tower Series.’  Also not the first time I’ve read through this book.  When I made the decision to listen to The Gunslinger, I also downloaded this one.  As you do… 😉 My only comment on Goodreads is “:)” Which just about sums up my thoughts about this series…  🙂


The Waste Lands

5/15-> Current: The Wastelands: This is the third of Steven King’s ‘Dark Tower Series.’  See my comment from above.  So far, so good.  I’m obsessed with this series so far.  Love the characters and I’m just getting to the part of Blaine the damn pain…

Update 6/5: Finished this one 5/17. It was an awesome story met with an awesome reader who really got you into the story every time you left the book for any length of time.  I didn’t, but if you did, you would be alright.  We learn that even Roland was wandering aimlessly until he finds the path of the beam that will take him to his beloved Tower.  We are joined by Jake (after he has “died/not-died” and a Billybumbler named Oy.  We hear this several times, but “Blaine is a pain, and that is the truth!” They must wake the pain to get out of Dodge, so to speak!  🙂



Wizard And Glass

May 17th-> June 5th: Wizard and Glass: I’m really not surprised this one took me as long as it did.  It’s got SOO much happening in it.  We start off with a journey aboard Blaine the pain.  I love how Eddie’s previously dumb jokes save their bacon during the Riddling contest.  It’s then, that Roland sees Eddie’s true worth, and they learn to respect each other better.  We also see a different side of Roland as he tells the story of his True Love Susan.  We see that the hard-as-nails Gunslinger can also be soft as well.  We learn that although he has been hard on his Ka-Tet over the past couple of books, he has also come to love and respect them. A trip through a land like Oz also shows us that he believes HE will be the reason the Ka-Tet breaks, after they learn about his past.  They prove him wrong, and in an awesome way!  You’ll have to read it to find out what I’m talking about.  My review from Goodreads: ” 🙂 OMG!  I’m still in love with this story, and it was even better by the reader!  Well Met!  And “Ka Like the Wind!” 🙂 ”


The Wind Through The Keyhole

June 5th->Current: The Wind Through The Keyhole: I just started this one.  It’s #4.5 in the series.  It’s new to me, as I never knew that there was a book between the “major” books in the series.  So it’s a first for me.  It’s made even better by the fact that Stephen King is reading the story to me himself!  🙂  LOL!


Update 7/26: This one took me until the 11th of June to read. Let’s be honest.  The most I remember from this book, is that Roland was telling a story that he had heard from his youth.  So “Yay!  Storytime!” 🙂


It Itches

June 21st: It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons by Franklin Habit. I absolutely LOVED this book.  I enjoyed every second of his essays and cartoons.  Here’s my review from Goodreads:  “Franklin is an amazing writer & cartoonist… I practically rolled on the floor with laughter from his cartoons. At times, these were only funny to a knitter. Or a Knitter’s Significant other. I honestly would recommend this book to anyone who wouldn’t mind some dry humor! 🙂 ”


Wolves Of The Calla

June 11th->22nd: Wolves of The Calla by Stephen King. I’ve read this book before, but there’s something about listening to someone else read this wonderful story to me. My Review from Goodreads: “OMG! I loved reading the book, but listening to it was even better! I can’t believe that this wonderful reader won’t be able to do the next one…. ”


Song of Susannah

June 22nd->July 4th: Song of Susannah by Stephen King.  Once again, I had read this one before,  but I enjoyed having someone else read Stephen King’s wonderful story. Don’t get me wrong, having Stephen write himself was an interesting twist, but it was a “pretty d-bag move.” I just thought it was an interesting twist, but having read that comment from someone else that reviewed the book, I’ve been thinking about that…  I dunno… It’s neither here, nor there.  It made for good reading, either way…



The Dark Tower

July 4th->13th: The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I’ve always loved this story! Also, having this story read to me made it even better. The twist at the end makes it even better. Sometimes, readers get mad at writers for having weird twists in their stories, or not resolving it to their satisfaction.  However, as I can attest, sometimes our characters dictate the storyline for us… This seems to be the perfect example of how Roland has been egging King on since he first appeared on the scene.  I had my moments of being mad at King’s killing off of important characters, but I do understand in the end…


The Hunger Games

July 13th->17th: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I’ve seen the movie, but never read the book. I had the pleasure of listening to a wonderful reader.  Carolyn McCormick did a wonderful job portraying the Games, and the love story that develops. I pretty much ATE up this book, and didn’t want to stop listening to it! 🙂


Catching Fire

July 17th->19th: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I’ve seen the movie, but never read the book. I had the pleasure of listening to a wonderful reader.  Carolyn McCormick did a wonderful job! I never wanted to put it down! 🙂


Yarn Harlot

June 22nd->July 20th: Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of A Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. This book was simply wonderful! Stephanie is very witty, and had me glad that my stash isn’t as large as I think it is…  I mean, her bit about the yarn in the piano made me roll on the floor laughing… 🙂  Any knitter needs to read this one, at least once!  It’s simply brilliant! If you’ve been knitting as long as I have, you’ve probably experienced many of the blunders that she mentions.  Well done!  🙂



July 19th->22nd: The Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I’ve seen the movie, but never read the book. I had the pleasure of listening to a wonderful reader.  Carolyn McCormick did a wonderful job portraying the story! 🙂



July 26th: Cinder by Marissa Meyer. This was an interesting take on the Cinderella story that we all know and love.  My review from Goodreads:

🙂 I couldn’t put it down! Pretty much read it straight through without stopping! I’ll have to download the next when my next audible credit comes through! 🙂


At Knit's End

July 26th->27th: At Knits End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  I LOVE this lady.  She totally gets me.  My review from Goodreads:

I knit, I laughed. I even cheered some! This book reminded me that you should NEVER be afraid to be who you are. A knitter who doesn’t care what other people think of you, or what you knit with. Well Done! 🙂


Death By Cashmere

July 27th->August 1: Death By Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum. This was a cute little book.  It’s a part of a series, and I may get back to the series later.  I just needed a mystery between the romance books recently. This was EXACTLY what I needed!




Aug. 4th: Security by Gina Wohlsdorf. Loved this book.  As evidenced by my review on Goodreads: “Like, DUDE! It’s a mystery who the narrator of this book is, up until the last %10 of the book. He’s someone who’s witty and a bit different. He literally gets to watch two murderers try to take out his girlfriend and her friends in a “Murder Hotel” all from the ‘comfort’ of his control-room chair. He helps where he can, but he’s literally stuck in one position that makes the reader understand how it ends. I highly recommend this book! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. And if you’re like me and have an Audible credit to burn… I recommend getting the Zach Villa version of the book. He’s a pretty good reader, who gives more character to this wonderful mystery narrator. Well done, all around! :)”


Dead Until Dark

Aug 4th->8th: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. This is the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse books. Ever since I started watching True Blood, I’ve been meaning to read the first one in the series. My review from Goodreads: “I absolutely LOVE the TV series, so I was surprised to learn that I hadn’t read this book yet. So, I got it on Audible, and sat down to listen while I knit. I absolutely LOVED this book. The reader made the book even better! 🙂 ”



Aug 15th: Cupcakes, Trinkets And Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge. I started this right before midnight, and couldn’t stop listening to it.  My review from Goodreads: “A cute book.. At times, I found myself screaming at the stupidity of the main character, but that’s ok. I still enjoyed it quite a bit.”


Burn For Me

Aug 16th->Current: Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews. Just started it, and I’m only 30 minutes into it.  I’ll let you know a bit more about it when I finish.

Update 10/26: Oops.  guess it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this log. I promise that I’ve been reading in the two months since I’ve been away.  Let’s start with this book.

I actually finished this one on  9/12. Here is what I wrote about this book on Goodreads. “Wish there was an ability to make this one 10 stars! I may just have to dive into the second book RIGHT NOW… Well done! :)” This book was a-freaking-mazing! I still remember how much I LOVED the characters and the storyline!  Remind me to grab the second book as soon as it comes out.  I’d LOVE to know what will happen with these wonderful characters!!!




Sept 20->26th: Roald Dahl Audio Box Set: 5 Favorite Stories: I found a version of five of my favorite Roald Dahl stories read by the author!  I absolutely LOVED listening to each story.  There was “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,” “James and the Giant Peach,” “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “The Enormous Crocodile,” and “The Magic Finger.” I’m still geeking out thinking about this awesome collection!!! On Goodreads, I was unable to find the cover for it, so here is the picture of the one I found and what I used for a placeholder as I read the book.




Oct. 8th -> Oct 10th: Rock Chick Rescue by Kristen Ashley. This one is the story of Jet and Eddie, and how they fall in love. I was listening to this book via Audible, and I found myself laughing pretty loud ALOT! Susannah Jones lends her voice again to this wonderful story and makes it even better in the process!  Well Done!!! 🙂 I didn’t leave much of a review on Goodreads, other than a smiley face!



Oct. 10th -> Current: Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley.  I’m in love with this story between Hank and Roxie so far.  Not what happens to her, but the story between them.  I’ll give you an update later, once I’ve finished listening to this one.


And then there are a list of short Romance stories that I’ve been reading.  I’m not really going to add them to Goodreads, as I’ve already hit my goal of 100 books for the year. That, and the fact that they were REALLY short.  Some I just gave up on, but most are so short that I don’t feel the need to enter them… So, I’m just going to list them all here.  Before I do, I’m going to note that this is the order I read them in. It should also be noted that I’ve read these between 10/19 and today (the last in the list being the one I’m currently reading – as of 4AM this morning..

  1. A Quickie With My Best Friend’s Dad – Haley Brooks
  2. Seduced By 2 – Kat Crimson
  3. Romance Quickies: Encounter 1 – Monique DuBois
  4. Pleasure Extraordinare – Liv Bennet
  5. Thrill – Lucia Jordan
  6. Jet-Setting Escort – Moniue DuBois
  7. Seduced By The Alpha Wolf – Kaycee Kine
  8. Taken Rough by The Vampires – Sarah L.
  9. Winter’s Heat – Olivia Blake
  10. Bilionare: The Sheikh Seduces – Kate Harper
  11. Masquerade – By Victoria Vale


Update 1/28/17: I finished this one on 10/30.  It was awesome to listen to this one!!!  You’ll see that I continued with the series almost right away after finishing this one…



October 30th -> December 8th: Rock Chick Renegade: This is the story of Jules and Vance.  I fell in love with each of these characters. I’ll admit, I got the feels when Jules got shot at the end…  I won’t tell you why, how, or where…  Spoilers, darling….  😉 (sorry, if you don’t know, it’s a Dr. Who reference…)



No books read in November. Move along… lol…  😉




December 8->27th: Rock Chick Revenge: This is the story of Ava and Luke. I love their characters and I couldn’t wait to get to know them better. I didn’t put a review on Goodreads, but this sentence pretty much sums everything up… “The clash of the Rock Chick and Hot Guy begins but Luke’s got the advantage. He has handcuffs and he’s not afraid to use them.”

It was a great year, knitting wise. I think I’m going to do well in 2017. Stay tuned!!!


All The Plum-y Goodness

Hello again everyone!  I’ve been wanting to read each book in this series as well!  It’s the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich!  The first was made into a movie, but the book was SOOO much better.  I cannot wait to get started on the remainder of the books as well.  I’m going to be reviewing the ones that came between the numbers as well, mostly because they ALSO include the character of Stephanie Plum.  Here they all are!

  1. One For The Money
  2. Two For The Dough
  3. Three To Get Deadly
  4. Four To Score
  5. High Five
  6. Hot Six
  7. Seven Up
  8. Hard Eight
  9. Visions of Sugar Plums (8.5)
  10. To The Nines
  11. Ten Big Ones
  12. Eleven On Top
  13. Twelve Sharp
  14. Plum Lovin (12.5)
  15. Lean Mean Thirteen
  16. Plum Lucky (13.5)
  17. Fearless Fourteen
  18. Plum Spooky (14.5)
  19. Finger Lickin’ Fifteen
  20. Sizzling Sixteen
  21. Smoking Seventeen
  22. Explosive Eighteen
  23. Notorious Nineteen
  24. Takedown Twenty
  25. Top Secret Twenty-One
  26. Tricky Twenty-Two
  27. Turbo Twenty-Three (November 2016)


Book 1: One For The Money


Photo courtesy of:

Started this one again on 9/1.  I LOVE this story so far!  🙂


Update 1/28/17: WOW! I guess it’s been awhile since I updated this post, let alone reading more of the series. Let me see if I can remember what I thought about this book, as I finished back in September. We first learn about Stephanie Plum, and how she got started as a Bond agent. We also meet Morelli and learn about how much of a pig he was with her when they were younger. This is one of three of this series I still have in paperback, so I spent more time reading this one than I have on later books. After reading this, I remember watching the movie right afterwards…

I think I’ll include my review from Goodreads.  “For the number of times I’ve read this one in the past few years, I love it even more with each pass through! That’s a true test of how awesome the character of Stephanie Plum is! 🙂  ”


Book 2: Two For The Dough

I finished this one on September 14th. I honestly don’t remember much about this book, even though I know I’ve read it several times. This is the second book of three that I have in paperback. Umm..  Morelli’s cousin makes an appearance as her mark for this book. Hilarity ensues, as per their usual. The only review I put on Goodreads was a smiley face. So, good going past me…


Book 3: Three To Get Deadly

I finished this one on September 21st. Again, I honestly don’t remember much about what happened in this book, as this was finished so long ago. This, again, was a paperback book. The premise, is that Stephanie goes up against a guy that is highly revered in their community. Again, good going past me, with the same Goodreads review of ” :)”  LOL…


Book 4: Four To Score

This one took me a bit longer to finish, as I think I was starting to need a break from the Stephanie Plum character. Either that, or I got distracted by some pretty new book in my queue. I finished this on October 10th. This is the first that I’ve collected on my Kindle… I didn’t add much to my Goodreads review, once again. I think I’ll put the blurb that’s on Goodreads for each book, if I’ve done that… So, at least you can get the basics of the books…

Stephanie Plum, Trenton, New Jersey’s favorite pistol-packing, condom-carrying bounty hunter, is back – and on the trail of a revenge-seeking waitress who’s skipped bail. With the help of 73-year-old Grandma Mazur, ex-hooker Lula, a transvestite musician named Sally Sweet, and the all-too-hospitable, all-too-sexy Joe Morelli, Stephanie might just catch her woman. Then again, with more mishaps than there are exits on the Jersey Turnpike – including murders, firebombs, and Stephanie’s arch-rival bounty hunter chasing after the same fugitive – Stephanie better watch her back big-time if she wants to live to crack this case.”


Book 5: High Five

This one took me a bit to read, but I had also marked this as ‘read’ on October 10th. Nothing on my Goodreads review, so here’s the breakdown they gave…

“Her Uncle Fred has disappeared. A body turns up in a garbage bag. She’s got a nasty bookie following her around town. Grandma Mazur has her hands on the stun gun. Stephanie can’t keep a car for more than forty-eight hours. Two men are trying to get her into bed. She has nothing to wear to the Mafia wedding. And there’s an angry little man (don’t call him a dwarf!) who won’t leave her apartment.

Bail jumping in Trenton is down to small potatoes. Stephanie’s only open case is a small bond for a small violation, committed by a small person who raises Stephanie’s frustration level in big ways. So short of money and long on bills, Stephanie comes up with a plan-–diversify! Signing on as an intern with entrepreneurial Super Bounty Hunter Ranger, Stephanie ventures into Ranger’s mostly morally correct and marginally legal operations.

None of this makes vice cop Joe Morelli a happy man. The cop in him can’t help but wonder as to the source of Stephanie’s expensive new cars. And the rest of him, the man who’s been friend and lover to Stephanie, can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the partnership than meets the eye.

The internship is downgraded to second priority when Uncle Fred goes missing. Even though Grandma Mazur is sure he was abducted by aliens, Stephanie sets out to look for Fred. He’s a perfectly average senior citizen, and he’s disappeared without a trace while running errands. He’s left his ten-year-old Pontiac station wagon locked up nice and neat in the Grand Union parking lot, the cleaning is carefully arranged on the back seat, and his wife is at home, waiting for him to return with the bread and the milk and the olive loaf bologna. Locked in the top drawer of his desk are photos of a body, dismembered and stuffed into a garbage bag. And locked away in the computer files of a another average citizen are the clues that will lead Stephanie to Fred. ”


Book 6: Hot Six

This one was marked as ‘read’ on October 19th. No review, yet again…

Low-rent bounty hunter Stephanie Plum reaches depths of personal experience that other women detectives never quite do. In Hot Six, for example, a sequence of new and hideous cars bite the dust; she finds herself lumbered with a policeman’s multiply incontinent dog; and she has several bad skin days. All this when she is trying to prove her distinctly more competent colleague and occasional boyfriend Ranger innocent of a mob hit; avoid the heavies trailing her in the hope of finding him; and cope with a wife-abusing bail defaulter with nasty habits, such as setting Stephanie on fire.”


Book 7: Seven Up

I’m still currently “reading” this one, but I think I’ve been taking a bit of a break. I started this on October 19th, and I think I only read a chapter before I let myself get carried away by other books… I’ll update you once I finish the book! 🙂


Book 8: Hard Eight

Book 9: Visions of Sugar Plums (8.5)

Book 10: To The Nines

Book 11: Ten Big Ones

Book 12: Eleven On Top

Book 13: Twelve Sharp

Book 14: Plum Lovin (12.5)

Book 15: Lean Mean Thirteen

Book 16: Plum Lucky (13.5)

Book 17: Fearless Fourteen

Book 18: Plum Spooky (14.5)

Book 19: Finger Lickin’ Fifteen

Book 20: Sizzling Sixteen

Book 21: Smoking Seventeen

Book 22: Explosive Eighteen

Book 23: Notorious Nineteen

Book 24: Takedown Twenty

Book 25: Top Secret Twenty-One

Book 26: Tricky Twenty-Two

Book 27: Turbo Twenty-Three



Wow!  That’s a lot of books.  Something tells me that Ms. Evanovich isn’t quite done with Stephanie yet.  Even with the one not being released until November, I predict she has a few more planned.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I’m out!  Cheers!  -Silver-

Sparking The Love of A Vampire

Here I have another Series to review.  This time, I will be reviewing the “Love At Stake” series by Kerrilyn Sparks.  I’ve read a few of these books already, and I’ve always meant to read them all.  Since I’ve been bit by the reviewing bug, I’ve decided to do this series as well.  I hope you like these books as much as I do!  So, sit back and craft while I type!  Thank you again for joining me!

I’ll be linking (as usual) to each book as I read through them.  Here they all are:

  1. How to Marry A Millionaire Vampire
  2. Vamps and the City
  3. A Very Vampy Christmas
  4. Be Still My Vampire Heart
  5. The Undead Next Door
  6. All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire
  7. Secret Life of a Vampire
  8. Forbidden Nights With A Vampire
  9. The Vampire and The Virgin
  10. Eat Prey Love
  11. Vampire Mine
  12. Sexiest Vampire Alive
  13. Wanted: Undead or Alive
  14. Wild About You
  15. Vampires Gone Wild
  16. The Vampire With The Dragon Tatoo
  17. How to Seduce A Vampire (Without Really Trying)
  18. Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire



Book 1: How to Marry A Millionaire Vampire

July 18th->19th: I still can’t believe I finished this book within the course of 14 hours.  But I got sucked in to the romance of Roman and Shanna. Basically, he looses a fang and goes to Shanna, who happens to be a Dentist who happens to be afraid of blood and is in trouble with the Russian Mofia (because her dad pissed them off). When Roman realizes this, he strives to protect her from the Mofia, as well as a Russian Vampire, who happens to be Roman’s Mortal Enemy (or Immortal Enemy, if you will).

I’ve actually read a few books later on, and always wondered about these two characters and how they met.  They are mentioned quite a few times in the next stories in this series and their current dramas, but not how they first got together!  I loved how Ms. Sparks dealt with their individual issues, and how she got them to work better together than apart.  Well Done!  Couldn’t wait to get to the rest of the series!


Book 2: Vamps and the City

July 19th->21st: This is the story of Mortal Austin and Vampiress Darcy. Essentially, she is a vampire who hates that Connor made her a vampire as she lay dying. He is a CIA agent in league with Shanna’s Dad Sean at the start.  A member of the Stake-Out team, and with a high level of metaphysical power to control objects and read minds. Sean sends Austin and another Stake-Out Agent undercover as contestants on a show that turns out to be the Vampire version of the Bachelor. Darcy is the one who comes up with the idea for and directs the newly coined “Sexiest Man on Earth” for the only all-owned Vampire TV station (DVN: Digital Vampire Network).  There’s a lot of comedy and romance that ensues. He starts to realize that his boss is a butthead, and ends up joining forces with Roman and the other bottle-fed Vampires hunting the Malcontent Vampires (those that still hunt and kill mortals to drink their blood).  As for Darcy, she gets another chance at a mortal life.  How, do you ask?  You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I bought this book on the newsstand when it first came out in 2006.  My copy is very well-loved, some pages are dog-eared (you know, folded over…I’ve stopped doing this since I bought this book, but the signs are there that I’ve been reading it awhile), and the pages  are actually turning yellow, but it still doesn’t keep me coming back to this lovely story. The true test of a good book, is if it has staying power.  This one REALLY does for me.  It’s survived two moves and several book purging sessions to our local library, if that’s any tell.  Well Done Ms. Sparks!


Book 2.5: A Very Vampy Christmas

July 21st->22nd: This was another quick read for me.  It’s the first read-through, and I can’t believe it took me this long to finally read it.  It’s meant to be a short story between the “main” books in the series. However, I believe Ms. Sparks would never truly think of it that way.  She took the story of Maggie & Don Orlando to a whole other level.  We learn that Don Orlando (the cheesy, piggish Vampire who is the star of DVN’s most popular soap opera) may not be Don Orlando.  Maggie suspects this from the first time she saw him on TV, but finally gets a chance to help him figure out who he really is while they work side-by-side on the soap opera. He finds his family is not what they seem like on the outside, and she finds a new step-daughter and a family with a wonderfully interesting secret.  You’ll have to read the book to find out what, though.  You’ll love the twist! I promise!


Book 3: Be Still My Vampire Heart

July 22nd->26th: This is another in the series that I picked up at the newsstand as soon it came out in 2007. However, I haven’t read it through as much as I would have liked, but it has survived at least one move! 🙂  I’m still in love with the storyline!  🙂

This is the story of Vampire Angus & Stake-Out team member Emma. I’m only 100 pages in so far, but there’s been a full moon, banter, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor I’ve come to love from the author!  Can’t wait to dive back into it!  🙂

26th 2PM: In fact, I started reading and managed to finish just after noon today!  I’m in LOVE with the story!  🙂


Book 4: The Undead Next Door

Started this one just before 12:00PM today!  Might read more later, and I can’t wait!  🙂

Update 8/17: I read this one between July 26th and 27th. It is the story of Jean-Luc and Heather.  I had heard about their possible relationship when I had picked up a later novel up  from the newsstand a few years ago, and had always meant to go back and read about them.  I can say I have now! Sometimes I found myself cringing about how long it took Heather to figure out who Jean Luc was, but that’s okay. Sometimes a little innocence can make the love story that much sweeter! I love how he gets to adopt her daughter and these two appear later in the series.  But,  you didn’t hear that from me…


Book 5: All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire

July 27th->July 29th: This is another book that I picked up at the newsstand when it first came out.  At first, I didn’t realize that it was part of a series, and I’ve been meaning to read the previous books, so here I am!  My paperback copy of this book isn’t as well-loved as the others, but I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed this story, and my want to read the series in the correct order now is just the perfect excuse to return to it! This book centers around the love story of Ian


Book 6: Secret Life of a Vampire

July 29th->Aug 1. It’s funny to me that Jack and Lara (an cop, now retired) meet as she’s busting up Ian’s Bachelor Party, which he is in charge of as the Best Man!  From there, it’s just pretty awesome! I don’t want to give up too much more of the story, but it’s a great story!  🙂


Book 7: Forbidden Nights With A Vampire

Aug 2nd->3rd: This is the story of Vanda and Phil. Vampire and werewolf, respectably. It starts with her being sentenced to Anger Management, Phil being her sponsor, and many other awesome storyline pieces.  You’ll just have to read this one for yourself.  It was a quick, but enjoyable read!  🙂


Book 8: The Vampire and The Virgin

Aug 3rd->4th: This time, it’s Olivia and Robby’s story. Carlos makes an appearance, but just as a matchmaker. Olivia can read emotions, and Robby is on a forced vacation after he was captured.  You know, they heal each other and fall in love. This is a great story, and I couldn’t put it down! 🙂


Book 9: Eat Prey Love

Aug 4th->5th: This is Carlos and Caitlyn’s story. Caitlyn learns about who her father really is, who her brother-in-law is, and who Shanna has chosen for a family. Carlos finally gets his mate, and dies a few times.  But, Cats have 9 lives, so… In Were-Cat’s cases, that means they get more power each time they die… It’s an interesting thought…

A Spoiler Alert was marked on my Goodreads page for this one…  Apparently I fat-fingered the “:)” as I was entering my review on my Kindle. LOL…


Book 10: Vampire Mine

Aug 5th->8th: Finally!  The Cranky Vampire of the clan gets his chance at love! That’s all I’m going to say… (the rest has a bit of spoilers, so don’t read it, if you haven’t read the book yet…)

Or, that’s what I thought originally.  We learn that Connor has the whole host of heaven playing matchmaker for Connor.  Marielle is an angel of death, who is just like him. A born leader, who tends not to react well to others’ orders… They end up healing each other, and the reader is left celebrating when an important battle happens! I would tell you what each got from such a healing, but then I would REALLY be giving away something pretty awesome.  You’ll have to read the book to know why I have a smile on my face as I write this.  Heck, I feel like the cat that ate the Canary…

This was such a good book, I was sad that I had gobbled it up as fast as I did.


Book 11: Sexiest Vampire Alive

Aug 8th->10th: Welp. Gregory can blame Connor for the mess he finds himself having to deal with.  The Vampire secret is out! Good news, though? He gets to meet Abby (the President’s VERY smart daughter) while trying to smooth over the video damage that has been done in the previous book. But, I don’t think Gregory is TOO mad at Connor after meeting his mate.  So, it’s all good.  Right? …LOL


Book 12: Wanted: Undead or Alive


Aug 10->11th: Phineas (Vamp) and Bryn (A Wolf Princess) get thrown together enough that their attraction sticks!  Howard comes to help Phineas and Phil (Bryn’s Brother) get Bryn back after she is kidnapped by her father and an evil Werewolf. Here, Howard learns that the bad werewolf apparently has multiple lives as well. But you’ll have to read this book and the next to learn all of the drama behind why this little tidbit is important!  I couldn’t put this book down, and that little bit of foreshadowing helped lure me right into the beginning of the next book! 🙂

Oh, city boy Phineas being afraid of horses.  That is all…


Book 13: Wild About You

Aug. 11th-16th: This is the story of Elsa and Howard. Together they learn more about their heritages. Elsa learns she’s a Guardian of the Forrest, and Howard learns more about the history of his people.  He learns more about how inter-connected the evil werewolf has been in both their pasts and in their current.  But He’s a Pooh Bear with an affinity for eating Bear Claw donuts…  Well, now we know more about him, and I kinda liked learning more about who he is, at the same time Elsa learns to trust her instincts.  Yay for that! I love that she has no idea who she really was until she met Howard. And that Tino ratted Howard out about a secret stash of “adult videos” that turn out to be tapes of the show that Elsa’s on.  Oh man!  I love that little tyke!

On to the next!  🙂


Book 13.5: Vampires Gone Wild

8/16->Current: I started this one right before 11PM last night. Read like one page before I realized HOW far behind my reviews were here versus how fast I had been reading them, and here I am…

Update 9/2: Finished this one 8/18.  I think my review on Goodreads sums up my feelings about this one PERFECTLY!!!  “:) Love at Stake was a cute little novella… Not sure about the rest…”


Book 14: The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tatoo

8/18->8/23: This book went pretty fast, considering I read this over the course of an entire work weekend.  I loved the tale of Dougal (who happens to be a vampire with a metal arm who used to play the bagpipes at gatherings, no longer can, and bitches about it more than he should at the very beginning of this story) and Leah (the new scientist hired to help the Vamps change the Supersoldiers back to normal). The VANNA dolls make another appearance, to the detriment of their first meeting… But it’s still hilarious, because metal arm meets plastic blow up doll… I’m sure you can imagine what happens, but you’ll have to read the story for yourself to see how they go from that to true love!  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!  🙂


Book 15: How to Seduce A Vampire (Without Really Trying)


8/23->8/27: This is the story of Zoltan (a vampire who has always been on the hunt for his father’s murderers and his mother’s people) and Neona (an immortal healer who just happens to live in the Valley Zoltan’s mother comes from). Suffice to say, we meet some wonderful Were-Dragons and their keepers, and the “fountain of eternal youth” along the way.  I couldn’t put this one down, even though I was trying to make the series last…


Book 16: Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire


8/27->8/31: This is the story of Russell (the Vamps found him in a Vampire Coma a few years ago, and hates Master Han) & Jia (a tiger princess who is being forced into an arranged marriage), who are after the same evil Vampire. They resist each other until she comes into her second life. There was quite to learn about after that. But, I don’t want to give away the storyline.  Ms. Sparks does a good job of wrapping up all that has happened in the series as Roman is addressing the Vamps at Russell & Jia’s wedding… Rajiv finds his beau too, just so you know..

I couldn’t put this one down, even though I was trying to make the series last…


I hope you enjoyed my analysis of this series as much as I did writing and reading them.  Until later!  -Silver-

Starlet, Star Bright…

Hello everyone!  Hope your week went well!  There have been some VERY exciting things happening in my neck of the world.  I was invited to read a preview of Catherine Coulter’s “Insidious” by the publishers directly!  I’m SOOO glad that I took them up on the offer, let me tell you.  The Book release was on 8/9, and I was supposed to have posted this teaser/review then.  But, you know how I do…  Always late.  But, I promise, there’s a reason for my delay this time.
It officially came out Tuesday, and I’ve already read this book twice.  One as the preview that they sent to me, and the second as an Audiobook.  I loved it THAT much! I mean, just read the Synopsis of the book that they sent me, and I think you’ll understand just WHY I got hooked right away.

InsidiousBookJacket“Insidious is the twentieth thriller in #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter’s FBI series. FBI agents Savich and Sherlock must discover who is trying to murder Venus Rasmussen, a powerful, wealthy society icon. They soon find out that the danger may be closer than expected.

Venus Rasmussen, a powerful woman who runs the international conglomerate Rasmussen Industries, believes someone is poisoning her. After Savich and Sherlock visit with her, someone attempts to shoot her in broad daylight. Who’s trying to kill her and why? A member of her rapacious family, or her grandson who’s been missing for ten years and suddenly reappears? Savich and Sherlock must peel away the layers to uncover the incredible truth about who would target Venus.

Meanwhile, Special Agent Cam Wittier leaves Washington for Los Angeles to work with local Detective Daniel Montoya to lead the hunt for the Starlet Slasher, a serial killer who has cut the throats of five young actresses. When a sixth young actress is murdered, Cam comes to realize the truth might be closer than she’d ever want to believe.

With breakneck speed and unexpected twists and turns, Coulter’s Insidious will leave you breathless until the shocking conclusion.”


Riveting, huh? I thought so.  But then, I’m in LOVE with Catherine Coulter’s work.  I mean come on, the woman is a wonderful writer and I always love her work.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading one of her books, click the links below.  You’ll see a list of her wonderful stories.  You won’t be sorry, I promise!  🙂


Catherine Coulter’s Social Links:


My Take:
The first read through of this book went so fast, because I was invested in Ms. Coulter’s wonderful story.  I’ve always loved the characters of Savich and Sherlock, but this time we get to know their son Sean a bit too, which is pretty awesome.  We also get to know a bit more about their artistic sides as well as their ability to think through a mystery really quickly.  Once the first readthrough was done, I simply wanted more of this wonderful story.  I decided I wanted to have several mediums to read this book on, so I kept my pre-order of the book on Audible as well. For this book in the series, there was a dual readership going on.  Both Renee Raudman and MacLeod Andrews did a wonderful job of bringing the voices in this wonderful book to life. Not only could you tell that they enjoyed the story as they were reading, but there were a few accents that were used, to make this rich story even better.


My Goodreads Review:
As soon as I finished both versions of this book, I made sure to review it on Goodreads, as well as leaving a comment for Catherine on her blog.  Here’s what I wrote there on Goodreads.

I absolutely LOVED this book. It had more mystery elements than I remember of the series, but there was definitely the usual “wow Savich figured it out pretty fast” element right at the end. I listened to this through Audible, and I really liked the dual-readership they had going on! All around, well done! 🙂


But, sometimes reading is believing.  Read the book, and let me know what you think.Also, you’ll have to read the book for yourself to know…



Insidious can be found on MANY different Mediums:


Hope you enjoyed my review as much as I loved the chance to review this wonderful book!  Till Next Time!  -Silver-

You Slay Me, Ms. Blake! ;)

Hello Fans!  Apparently, I have the book review bug.  I’ve been trying to balance my knitting with my reading over the course of the past couple of days.  I didn’t really have the brain power to do much other than sleep a lot and do a few rows on a pair of socks before giving up on it.  That and I also got sick of the clutter that has been growing on my Kindle since I got it.  There’s only so much deleting files off there that you can do before you get bored of it…  🙂  Being sick in bed made me VERY antsy!  Once I had gone through the books that I wanted to remove off my Kindle, I was left with several series that I’ve been meaning to read and had downloaded to the device.  I realized that I wanted to read back through the “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter” series by Laurell K. Hamilton more than the other series’ that I had there.

Some of these books, I’ve read before.  Some are still a mystery to me, and I’ve always meant to read the entire series in book order.  I figure if I document this journey here, then I’ll ACTUALLY do it this time around.  What do you think?

I’ll be hitting on some key points of each story, but not the whole thing.  It wouldn’t be fair to the author, and to you.  I hate having stories ruined for me, don’t you?  Anyway, to understand my obsession with the Anita Blake character, you have to simply read them for yourselves…


Here is the whole list of books in the series:

  1. Guilty Pleasures
  2. The Laughing Corpse
  3. Circus of the Damned
  4. The Lunatic Café
  5. Bloody Bones
  6. The Killing Dance
  7. Burnt Offerings
  8. Blue Moon
  9. Obsidian Butterfly
  10. Narcissus In Chains
  11. Cerulean Sins
  12. Incubus Dreams
  13. Micah
  14. Danse Macabre
  15. The Harlequin
  16. Blood Noir
  17. Skin Trade
  18. Flirt
  19. Bullet
  20. Hit List
  21. Beauty
  22. Kiss The Dead
  23. Dancing
  24. Affliction
  25. Jason
  26. Dead Ice
  27. Crimson Death (Due Out in 2016)


If you click the links above, you’ll be able to jump to each book as I write about them.  I tend to go on and on when I review books, so if you want to, you’ll be able to jump to each book’s review as I update this post over time.  As there are currently 26 books in the series, it’s going to take me at least a few weeks to read through and review them all…  So strap in, grab some coffee (and your project, if you knit/crochet), sit back, and enjoy my reviews (if you want…)!

And, Away We Go! 


Book 1: “Guilty Pleasures”

This book, I managed to read on 8/8.  I believe I had started it earlier in the week, but I can’t remember when I started it, for sure…

This is the book that started the whole bit of madness for me.  It’s here, that we meet several of our main characters.  The first, is the Heroine of our story, Ms. Anita Blake.  She’s a fierce woman who happens to be an Animator/Necromancer, a Vampire Executioner (think Vampire Hunter, but one who cannot kill a vampire without a legal Warrant – they’re legal citizens, don’t you know…),  a part of RPIT (police “Spook Squad,” pronounced Rip It), and (toward the very end), the unwilling recipient of 2 of 4 marks toward becoming Jean-Claude’s Human Servant.

Jean-Claude starts off as the 3rd most powerful vampire in the city of St. Louis.  With a bit of help from Anita, he becomes Master of the City.  He gives her the two marks without explaining to her what he was doing, and what they meant.  This in turn, gives Anita the power to resist Vampire Compulsion, and to become resilient to dying.  In turn, Jean-Claude becomes head honcho when the former Master of the City (Nikolaos.  Read, Died) left the storyline by Anita’s own hand.

We also meet a host of minor characters.  Willie the Vampire, Edward “Death,” (a fellow Vampire Hunter) and Veronica “Ronnie” Simms stand out the most, as they are regulars in this story of ours.  If I remember some of the latter stories correctly… Either way, they are three of the individuals that Anita considers to be friends.  Or “friends that may eventually kill one another” in Edward’s case.  I guess if you have her back, you’re in tight with Anita, huh?

On top of the vampire battles, we do see Anita’s investigations with RPIT.  She’s considered to be one of the guys, so we see her making cracks at the other officers and trying to prove how much of a tough chick she can be.  Like I said before, I love her fighting and independent spirit.  She admits when she’s scared, but still runs into battle with the source of her fear.  Which is pretty bad-a$$ in my book!  🙂


I have to note that there are those out there that look for more reviews before starting a book, so if you feel compelled to read more, I did find this site pretty good for helping me remember spelling of names and the like.  I also used it for the correct reading order of these books too.  Be aware…  Maryse goes into a bit more detail when it comes to storyline than I do.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, please give it a skip.  Thank you…


Book 2: “The Laughing Corpse”

I started this book very late 8/8 and finished it shortly after 11PM, in between many fever-induced naps.

My fever was starting to break at some points, so the many graphic scenes while Anita and RPIT were investigating the murders didn’t bother me as much as if I was completely well.  An example?  There was one part where Anita and another cop were playing “gross-out” for a dinner at an expensive restaurant.  Anita ended up winning by throwing body parts at him and telling a series of tasteless jokes while doing so.

So besides the large number of murders being investigated, we start to learn more about the extent to Anita’s Animator powers.  She has to deal with zombies destroying her home, large mutated zombie parts, and a zombie who got away from the person who raised him from his grave.  At the very end, the bad guys get eaten by zombies Anita had raised form an entire graveyard.

Anita, and us by association, learns exactly how powerful her connection with Jean-Claude (both in power, and in sexual tension) is.  We finally start to get a sense of what Anita, as the most powerful Necromancer, being Jean-Claude’s Human Servant will be mean for both of them.  Both start to experience power spikes toward the end…

Though we can see how tough she is, we also get scenes where Anita shows off her venerability and innocence.  When she starts having nightmares of the crime scenes, she grabs Sigmund ( Her stuffed penguin) and cuddles with him.  In fact, when the zombie attacks her at home, she freaks out only after she sees that her penguin collection has blood on it.  When Jean-Claude comes over, while playing Anita’s bodyguard, he smirks at her collection.  Here, we can see him trying to get to know her better as a person, and not just a power base.  I have to give him brownie points for that!  🙂


I have to note that there are those out there that look for more reviews before starting a book, so if you feel compelled to read more, I did find this site pretty good for helping me remember spelling of names and the like.  I also used it for the correct reading order of these books too.  Be aware…  Maryse goes into a bit more detail when it comes to storyline than I do.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, please give it a skip.  Thank you…


Book 3: “Circus of the Damned”

I started this book really early 8/10.

This book starts off right away with Anita knee-deep in monsters’ politics.  She is immediately slammed with a RPIT investigation that leads to her fighting for her life.  All this, within the first 20% of the book.  I’ll just leave you with that little bit, and this hint of how the book is going for me so far.


Updated 8/12: Finished this book at about 6:45PM last night.  Word of warning, this analysis will kind of read like a summary, but I think I hit a lot of the main points without giving away too many of the book’s secrets.  You’ll have to read the book to find out, don’t you?

Now that I’ve finished this book, all I can really say is HOLY COW!  Ms. Hamilton didn’t disappoint with this book, as usual.  Anita is her usual charming self.  All the while, she finds herself in more and more trouble as the book goes on.  After the battle with the large snake that I just mentioned, Anita must contend with a failed animation ritual, a chase by armed gunmen, a car chase that ends with her car being totaled, a fight with Alejandro (a Master Vampire older than Jean-Claude) and his followers, and then being forced 2 marks upon her by Alejandro.  Winning all that is not the end for Anita.  After arriving home, she is kidnapped and is brought to an abandoned cave.  She gets chased by a Lamia (an ancient snake shapeshifter), the Lamia’s minions, and Alejandro through a water-filled cave.  She gets bit by one of the Lamia’s minions and escapes the cave only to be picked up by Mr. Death himself, Edward.  When she gets home again, Richard arrives to go on their date.  Before they can, the snake bite gets to Anita, and she blacks out .

Jean-Claude does the third mark on her as she sleeps, which makes her pissed off enough to go to another older vampire by the name of Mr. Oliver, to give Jean-Claude up.  Once she realizes what a petty bitch she was being, she warns Jean-Claude that Mr. Oliver was coming due to her betrayal.  The battle between Master Vampires and their armies comes to a close once Alejandro makes Anita his full Human Servant.  When both Alejandro and Mr. Oliver are distracted with their “win” over Jean-Claude, Anita stakes and rips out their hearts.  She passes out after she finishes with Alejandro.  She almost dies when Alejandro does.  With this, we learn about the connections a Human Servant and their master.

At the end, we learn that by becoming another’s Human Servant, she no longer has the marks with Jean-Claude.  Anita seems to be almost… sad when she learns she is free of him.  Dare I say that this means she is falling for him?  I’ll have to read the series more to find out .  . .

Also in this book, we are introduced to Richard Zeeman, Stephan, and the concept of werewolves.  We also get to see the beginnings of a love triangle forming between Jean-Claude, Richard, and Anita.  Hey, if I had both those yummy guys fighting over me, I wouldn’t be fighting it as hard as Anita seems to be… LOL!  😉


Book 4: “The Lunatic Café”

Started this book at 9:30, shortly after writing down my impressions on “Circus of the Damned.”  I like having a way of cleansing my palate between books in the series…  I finished just before 8PM.  Under 24 hours?  Not bad.  I guess I read faster than I think I do.  Cool!

With “Lunatic Café,” we seem to have more of a balance between Anita’s love life, and her numerous jobs she must fulfill.  We do see a large number of the deaths happening “off screen” if you will.  But that is not necessarily a “BAD” thing, in the grand scheme of things.  We get too much gore in one book, we’re uncomfortable.  Too much battle, we tend to see it as par for the course.  When you have a mix of both the soft and hard side of Anita, we have a well-rounded story.  So a hardy congratulations MUST go out to Ms. Hamilton for that!  Well done!  🙂

Besides the battles at the beginning (between Anita and a whole bar of werewolves) and the battle toward the end (with the people responsible for doing the killings), we don’t see much of the violence being done by others.  A lot of this book seems to be centered around Richard’s proposal, Anita’s response to his beast, and Jean-Claude’s reaction to possibly losing her.  We see that both men don’t want to loose the higher ground with each other, nor they want to loose Anita.

They bait each other, while Anita sits there and squirms.  It almost puts on an air of comedy, as it is almost a complete distraction to all of the evil  that is surrounding Anita and her job.  She wakes up at the last minute and realizes what is happening.  Both with the case, and the larger picture.

But still, the concept of two hot men fighting over me may make me uneasy and somewhat distracted as well.  No matter what “flavor of monster” they were,  I think I would still enjoy the show…  I mean come on…  A girl has needs.  This IS supposed to be a Paranormal Romance, isn’t it?


I also keep learning more and more about the author as I dive more into this series, just by reading her afterwards.  It’s interesting to me to learn about how each author I read gets their inspiration and how they keep on going when they get to the more… unsavory… or difficult parts in their book.  I know from experience, that putting a beloved character of one’s own creation in mortal danger is not an easy task.  If you’re lucky, I’ll be sharing with you that little bit at a later date…

I’m going to leave you today with a quote Ms. Hamilton has in her afterward to this book.  It’ll help me explain where she got her inspiration for the character of Anita.  Read it and try to argue that it doesn’t sound like someone (or some character) you’ve come to know…

When I was a little girl, younger than my daughter is now, I learned that you don’t stand up to the bad guys because you think you’ll win.  You stand up because it’s the right thing to do.  You stand up for those weaker than you, which at the time in my life meant younger than me.  You put yourself between them and harm, not because you’re sure you won’t get hurt, but because you’ve decided that to sit and watch them come to harm is wrong, and you cannot merely sit and watch evil.  There comes a time when you have to step up and be willing to take some damage, because it’s the right thing to do.

Now do you see why I like this series?  I like rooting for Anita because she dares to stand up for what she believes in, no matter what others think of her.  I recognize a little bit of myself in her, and I can relate to her…


Book 5: “Bloody Bones”

This one, I’ll start reading a bit later.  I need to take a break to knit for a awhile….  My notes will come later…

Updated: 8/17

I had a busy weekend (you know, I work weekends…), so I just finished this book at 9:30 or so today.  I have to say that it was worth delaying the ending until I could devote my entire attentions to it.  If I’m doing too much, then I don’t digest things as well as I should…  That wouldn’t be fair to the author, or to myself…  In this book, We get many firsts, & a few new characters that stick, and many more that flicker out of the storyline fast.  It was definitely worth the wait.  I would recommend that you try to read as much of this book in one sitting as you possibly can.  It’s THAT good!  🙂

The first character’s role that I want to talk about is Anita’s sweetie, Richard.  We see him long enough in the book to remember that they are together and that she had the foresight to make sure Richard is made aware of her trip out of town.  However, that PDA (Public Display of Affection) scene at the school where he works was pretty hot, and deserves a mention!  😉

We meet Vampire Master of the City (in Branson, MO) Seraphina,  Vampire Pedophile Xavier, Lawyer Raymond Stirling, “Bloody Bones” bar owner & Part Fey Magnus Bouvier, and Fey Boogieman Rawhead and Bloody Bones (Bloody Bones, for short).  Together, these  5 characters keep Anita VERY busy!  They comprise of the most evil characters that she has  ever come up against.  Each character has their own “brand” of evil that makes Anita (and the reader as well) very squeamish.  This is the first time that we see the concept of the fey, and a vampire using a sword to kill people, and even the concept of the bad vampires drinking fey blood to gain more power.    Another first, is a vampire pedophile, who takes young victims to turn and “play with.”

Three recurring characters come back for a bunch of fun!  Larry, Jason, and Jean-Claude all bring a bit of backstory to this novel, and to the larger big picture that is this series.    As Anita’s un-official shadow, Larry learns more about how to do the Animation and Vampire Hunter gig.  He tries to  put in to words, WHY Anita does some of the things that she does.  We also see him start to become more confident with the blood and gore, even though there were things that he still does not understand.  He and Anita still fight over the fact that she tries to protect him.  Anita may only be 4 years older than him, but she feels the need to protect him from the worst of it.

With Jason, we learn the concept of a Pomme de Sang.  He is Jean-Claude’s constant blood donator.  Anita witnesses Jason’s addiction to being used as a blood bag by Jean-Claude.  He clearly gets a hard-on from the being bitten.  This throws Anita off, as Jason is again only 4 years younger thank herself.  She feels the need to protect the young werewolf from the world around them, even though she senses that he has seen  as much bad as she has.

In “Bloody Bones,” Jean-Claude and Anita’s relationship gets further along.  When she gets stumped with the vampire investigation, she calls him in to introduce her to the Master of the City in the area.  While together, they face incredible danger that causes Jean-Claude to die.  Then Anita willingly opens up a vein to save his life, which causes her to face the fact that she is falling in love with Jean-Claude.  Then they share a steamy tub scene, halted only by Anita’s want her sexual escapades to mean something.  She has ultimately want to be married/engaged before she takes that step.  For her, sex means that she’s devoted to her partner.  At this point in the series, she is dating both Jean-Claude and Richard, so she doesn’t want to cheat on either one with the other.  An interesting idea, to be sure…


Since Anita is called away from home  on Animation business, let’s talk a bit about what she is asked to do.  She is asked to raise zombies that may be over 2,000 years old that are in a cemetery that hasn’t seen a grave marker in generations.  Over the course of the book (due to what we and Anita learn as the truth of the matter), we learn that Anita no longer wants to do this, even though she clearly has the juice to do so.  Anita ends up raising 20 zombies that end up being 3,000 years dead and uses them to protect herself from a few of the bad guys (resulting in a few people’s deaths).  This fact, would put her under the microscope of the law and possibly get her the electric chair.  She refuses to cover her tracks and destroy the one witness who would tell, even though he is one of the bad guys in this book.  Which wins her some more brownie points in my eyes!


Book 6: “The Killing Dance”

Well, the title makes me not want to wait to jump into this one!  🙂 Hmm…

Updated: 8/26

Wow!  It’s been a few days since I’ve updated.  Sorry about that.  At least this time I’m able to comment on two books now.  I’ve been trying to think of how I want to introduce this one, as there’s been quite a bit going on with the series since the last book.  There are several “firsts” that happen with this book that are important to the storyline as a whole.  Let’s start off with the easy parts…  The bad guys!  They’re easy to define/introduce, compared to the rest of the stuff I want to discuss.  You have Sabin (Vampire), Cassandra (Wolf), and Dominic (Human Servant).  They can be termed the “Evil Triumvirate” of this story, if you will…

This is also the first novel, that we see Anita taking a back-seat to police investigations while she deals with what can be termed as “personal business” even though it involves all of our main characters (and then some!).  We see the first vampire murder crime scene, even though we’ve only been told by Anita that she tends to investigate them with RPIT.

Anita also gets introduced to her first Contract.  Edward calls her and tells her that someone has opened up a contract hit on her, and that he was at the top of the list.  He waits to refuse the hit, and ends up solving who wanted her killed that badly.  He ends up bringing in “backup” (Harley) when he and Anita go after the person that wanted her dead.  Harley is killed by Anita, and ends up owing Edward a favor, which is pretty much in a position you do NOT want to be in!…

Now that we have gotten to the easy part of this telling, let’s get to the juicy parts of this book!  🙂  I’m sure that’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!!  Let me just start off by saying, that the name of the title has to do with the Throwdown that happens between Richard and Marcus.  Finally!  I know, right?  We’ve been waiting breathlessly for this for 5 books!

We’ve heard about what an evil guy Marcus is, but until this moment, Richard has never had enough to go back into battle with Marcus for control of the pack.  Richard has enough power and is DEFINATLY Alpha enough for the position, but could never take over control of the Pack.  Short of killing Marcus, Richard has done all he can to win over Pack members.  (I’m going to use the capital “P” in Pack from now on to let you know that I’m referring to the  “Thronos Rokke clan of werewolves” for short.)  So, here we have a new first.  Richard’s first kill, which completely tears him up!  He hates having to stoop to killing, but after Marcus threatens Anita (hint, the contract I mentioned earlier) he can no longer let Marcus’ tyranny continue.

Once he makes the decision to face Marcus and make him back down from the hit, Jean-Claude has the idea to create a Triumvirate of power in order to make sure Richard has the power levels he needs to defeat Marcus in battle.  Anita is her usual hesitant self to take on any more vampire marks, but together she and Richard put their feet down when it comes to their roles within the Triumvirate.  They tell Jean-Claude that they will be having an equal partnership within it, and he will not be dictating what role they have within it.  Jean-Claude agrees, and they end up raising a lot of power.  In the end of their ménage à trois (of sorts), Anita uses her Necromancer power to raise a lot of zombies and 3 vampires (Willie, Damian, and Liv).  If she doesn’t there would have been other ways that the three would have to feed that weren’t so pretty.  This causes Anita to be concerned for the Vampire’s safety as she puts them back in their coffins for the day.  At least now we know that she can raise vampires and put them back, if the need should arrive again…

After The Killing Dance, the Pack ends up eating Marcus.  Anita is so disgusted by Richard’s participation in this, that she runs into Jean-Claude’s waiting arms.  Once she has bathed and stopped her crying and being scared of Richard, she and Jean-Claude finally have sex.  I have to say, this scene is worth the wait!  😉

Richard gets pissed and ends up running away from the both of them.  However, there tends to be another plan in the works.  The “Evil Triumvirate” has their own plans in mind for the Triumvirate.  One final betrayal…  Jean-Claude and Richard are kidnapped and are put up on stakes.  Anita is kidnapped and brought to Gabriel and Raina, who she ends up killing.  The scene is pretty graphic, but you can’t help cheer her on when she does!  🙂  Then she becomes her usual Heroine self and rescues the boys, after they raise power once more.  This further shows you why I LOVE Anita as much as I do!  🙂


Book 7: “Burnt Offerings”

Update 10/14:  Since I’m back to reading the book that got me started on this series, I thought it was time to take a break and update you on the others.  For some reason, I hadn’t felt like updating you on my progress until now.  I’m so sorry about that!  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and knitting since the last time we chatted about this series.  I originally started this book on 8/221 and finished it at 8/25 at 5:50 PM (so a damn long time ago.  Again, I’m sorry).  And yeah.  I wrote note as I went, including the date/time I finished each book, so don’t worry about that.

I think the only thing holding me back, was the fact that I started creating a list of new people we meet, and the people have been included to Anita’s “Protection List.”  Since there are a few, it was becoming QUITE the task…  lol.  In fact, there’s a quote I’d like to share with you.  In fact, Anita clearly states that a bunch of people that are on her list in a speech when she’s fighting Padma at the end of the book.  She clearly states that there are a long list of people that she would kill to protect.  All of the Pack, Wereleopard Pack that she inherited once she killed Gabriel (I’ll be calling them Pard with a capital P now), the Rat Pack, and all of Jean-Claude’s Vampires get put onto this list.  As there are a lot, then it becomes impossible to list them all!

For this book, I found that I need a bit of something to help me understand what Anita and Jean-Claude were saying to one another.  The two end up spending an increased amount of time together, as Richard has seemed to remove himself from their lives  Ms. Hamilton does her best to translate the phrases in her books, but there were some that you would have to guess at, unless you speak French.  Here’s the New Reference for French Phrasings I found that seemed to help me out…

There are a few new characters that show up in this book.  Some are good, and some are bad.  Let’s talk about the ones that will be our allies first… Nathaniel & Asher.  Each of these new characters surprised even the author about how long they would last in the grand scheme of the series.  For Nathaniel’s part, Ms. Hamilton just thought he would be a small part of this series.  I’ll show you how this changes down the road.  The same can be said for Asher.

In her own words, Nathaniel : “He went into the hospital because he let a customer tie him up and the customer gutted him (By the way, I didn’t make that up.  Actual crime.  Yeah, way creepy.  I find that true crime is far more disturbing to me than anything I can make up).”  We see that she thought that Anita would always see him as cannon fodder, based on their first meeting.  As we go on in the series, you’ll see why I already know that changes…

Regarding Asher: “But from the first moment we saw him, Anita and I thought Asher was beautiful.  We were afraid of him at first, because he was a bad guy, but he was always beautiful.”  His character comes to town to play the part of the vampire Council, but he decides to stay due to personal baggage with Jean-Claude.  We’ll learn more about that as we go, as well.

Our would-be enemies from this book include a few members of the Vampire Council come to town to assess Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard’s seat of power and to assess if they are a threat to the Council.  It is also a visit based on a trial of sorts for the death of the Earthmover (from a previous book).  The important ones include Yvette (representing Belle Morte), The Traveler (we never learn his real name), and Padma (the Master of the Beasts).

Yvette has the power to rot all over her victims, and ends up traumatizing Jason, which makes Anita pissed off.  She brings Warrick, who has the ability to kill using pyrotechnics.  Warrick is the reason that Anita gets pulled into a fire starter case at the beginning of the novel.  Warrick ends up killing Yvette (and himself, as he is her servant) with his powers.

Anita challenges The Traveler to become a better leader for his people, when she discovers his power is the reason some of the vampires in town have gone off the deep end and started killing random people.  He is intrigued with her moxy, and they become friends after that.

The last person Anita has to worry about, is Padma.  He tries to take over all of the Wereleopards, Werewolves, and even some of the Wererats and turn them against Anita.  It is with this battle with Padma, that we learn that Anita carries the Munin (or ghost) of Raina as part of her Necromantic Powers.  Raina’s munin helps Anita fight off Padma.  Anita offers Padma his life for the life of his son Fernando.  Padma and the Traveler leave and all is safe in Anita’s world.  Minus her Personal life disaster (with Richard being MIA, for the most part), which really does not change throughout the series..

A couple of other things I need to mention about this book, is that Malcolm (another Master Vampire, and the head of the Life Church) may or may not have a Human Servant.  We’re not too sure at this point, as this question never gets answered.  The other thing I forgot to mention, is that Anita had a hit put on her and many of the leaders of the Were-Community.  The reason she was able to figure it out in time, was the yellow roses that Jan-Claude had “sent” her.  He usually sends a dozen red roses.  This bit of information keeps getting re-iterated throughout the book, to show that Jean-Claude has been around a lot more than Richard.  This tells me that Richard still has some hang-ups about killing Marcus and becoming the Pack leader.  Hell, Anita even calls him a Boy Scout due to this hang-up…


*Note: I have started to use Goodreads (as Silverluna), and will be giving this book a 5 star, as it shows more of Anita’s character, and all that she has to overcome!


Book 8: “Blue Moon”

From 8/26: Ooh!  I’m presuming that “Blue Moon” refers to the second full moon in any given month.  Since I just started this book early this morning, I’ll assume that this book will revolve mostly around Richard and his drama!  We’ll see if I’m right…  🙂

Updated 10/14: I had started this book on 8/25 and finished it on 9/2.  There are a few things about this book I would like to discuss.  Most of this book is learning about what Anita can do, as well as a little about the character of Anita as well.  Who she’s becoming, more like.  Anita is learning that she can heal her people through the Munin, and is learning how to control it.  We meet a Wiccan named Marianne, who is determined to teach Anita how to control each of her powers.  We learn more about Marianne as we go along.  We meet her while Anita and Richard are visiting another Wolf Clan’s territory, and she helps Anita through her discoveries with the Munin in that Clan’s Circle of Power.

The book centers around Richard [who we learn at the beginning has gone to Myerton, Tennessee (fictionalized town)].  We learn that Richard has been accused of Rape, and Anita goes to help clear his name.  While there, Anita gets in the middle of Werewolf drama, as well as drama with the local Master of the City.  The local Master believes that she is there to help take over his territory (since she brought both Asher and Damien, both powerful vampires, with her as backup), and the Myerton Ulfric (Verne) backs her up.  She kills both that Master, and his human servant while protecting Verne’s Pack.

Once this bit of drama is over, Anita gets schooled on how to make her Pard into a more cohesive unit by Marianne.  Anita learns to be less squeamish around her Pard’s nudity, and that the simple act of touch can make them closer.  The closeness helps them to become more powerful together.

When she is able to do this, she is told by Damien that he has become compelled to do her bidding.  We learn that Damien is her Vampire Servant.  With this knowledge, she makes him tell her the truth about how much Jean-Claude and Richard have learned about their power boosts since they have become a Triumvirate.  She learns that both knew how much the Vampire Marks would bind them together.  This makes her a bit pissed, especially when Damien tells her that both had also discussed the possibility of Richard sleeping with her as well as Jean-Claude.

Before she can get even more pissed at her two men, she is thrown into another battle.  This battle comes about when Niley (the guy that has been in charge of the investigation into Richard’s rape charges) and his men kidnap Richard’s mother and brother.   Anita hunts all of the men down (with the help of her allies) and kills them all.  We learn that Richard’s brother knew all along that he was a Werewolf, and that his Mother suspected.  Richard ends up getting mad at Anita, for her ability to kill to protect what was his to protect.


Book 9: “Obsidian Butterfly”

I read “Obsidian Butterfly” from 9/2 to 9/12 @11PM.

This book revolves around the relationship between Edward/Ted and Anita that she thought she had been cultivated with him over the years.  Edward asks her to come to his hometown in New Mexico to help him on a case.  We meet Bernardo, Olaf, Donna, Becca & Peter.  Bernardo & Olaf are Edward’s buddies that he uses as backup.  Bernardo keeps hitting on her, and he seems pretty harmless.  When they are investigating together, she is forced to prove that she knows him well.  This causes her to become intimately aware of his “assets.”  Anita learns that Olaf has become an expert in many forms of torture and butchery, and that she is in a lot of trouble.  Mostly because she is considered to be his “type” of victim.  The only thing stopping him, is the case and his loyalty to Edward.  Once the case over, he has been freed to do what he pleases…

Donna is Edward’s Fiancé, and comes with two children.  Becca is the youngest, and the most trusting.  Peter is the hardest to please.  He takes an easy liking to Anita, due to the fact that she kills so quickly.  She tries to save him from having to kill again (after he had to kill someone to protect his family).  However,  after he gets raped, Anita cannot stop him.  Nor does she want to.  Hell, I cheered when he killed the bitch that had raped him.

The case that Anita gets called in on, is one that is pretty gross.  A monster is skinning people.  As Anita goes into battle with the monster, she gets injured.  It Is during this injury, that she met Lenora Evans (a local Wiccan practitioner).  It is from Leonora, that she learns that by leaving Richard and Jean-Claude, she has also been leaving herself vulnerable to attack.

Once the monster has been neutralized, it is time to deal with Obsidian Butterfly (Itzpapalotl), a vampire who thinks herself to be a goddess.  Obsidian Butterfly had rolled Anita’s mind the first time that she met her, in an attempt to learn how a true Triumvirate (mainly Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude’s) worked.  She ends up giving Anita the last bit of information she needs to go after the Red Woman’s Husband (a very old vampire who thinks that he is a god as well).

Anita does this shortly after dealing with the kidnapping of Peter and Becca by Riker.  She ends up killing all the men in the complex where they are being held, with the help of Edward, Olaf and Bernardo.  At the end, Anita goes home without interfering with Edward’s love life, as she has TOO much on her own love plate to talk…


Book 10: “Narcissus In Chains”

“Narcissus in Chains” was read between 9/12 (11:30PM) and 9/20 (11:10AM).  It revolves around a lot of Were (and personal) Drama.

We are thrown into the fray of this drama, when we learn that Anita has been attempting to mend some fences.  She starts with Ronnie and the rest of her Pard.  When they are in the middle of arguing about Jean-Claude’s roll in Anita’s life, Gregory calls Anita for help saving Nathaniel, who was in trouble at a club (the same as the title).

Anita shows up with a few members of her Pard, meets Richard and Jean-Claude.  Before they meet the kidnappers, the three of them must marry the marks and raise more power.  In this exchange, she gets the Ardeur.  Once they have done this, both Jean-Claude and Asher help distract Narcissus while she goes to rescue Nathaniel.  She finds that there are a few other Were animals being held as well.  She pulls them out as well.  She gets injured, and Gregory tries to take some of the damage.  When he does, he is in Leopard form, and she runs the risk of becoming a leopard for real.  Richard goes ape shit, and accuses him of “killing” the Pack’s Lupa by turning her into a leopard..  he brings Gregory into the Pack’s Circle of Power and challenges Anita to come get her Leopard.  When she does, she is joined by the Were Animals.  Richard sees the error of his ways, but another Werewolf Jacob tries to push his hand.  Richard doesn’t like that, so Anita and Richard fight him.

This is the first time that she has to feed the Ardeur, and she ends up feeding on Micah, a new Leopard King in town.  He is Nimira-Raj.  Together they are a married couple in the eyes of the Leopard community.  After hashing out what that means, there is a battle that happens.  Igor is killed, and Claudine is injured(both Were-rats) during this battle.

Since she is new at the Ardeur, she also ends up feeding on Richard, who doesn’t appreciate it.  In fact, he ends up breaking up with her stating: “And I don’t want to love someone who is more at home with the monsters than I am.”  He can be a right fair GIT when he wants to… (read here, AN ASS)

Lastly, in this book we meet Chimera.  He is what is called a Panwere.  A man that made himself into just about any Were-animal that he can possibly can.  He is the main bad guy.  Anita learns that he was once a Necromancer like herself.  This is important, as Anita keeps getting bit and ends up NOT turning into that animal she gets bitten by.  She fights him, and ends up killing him as well.  In this battle, she learns that both Micah and Jacob had been agents of his.  Micah has switched his allegiance to Anita’s side, and was nearly killed for it.

Once this battle is over, there is a Were-Animal Coalition formed to make sure that each group has projection from the larger groups.  She ends up becoming the head of it, as she is the one that suggests that they do this.

From “Narcissus In Chains” we get some more recurring characters.  Micah is one, as well as his bodyguards Caleb, and Merle.  Donovan Reese (the Swan King) makes a few other appearance as well…


Book 11: “Cerulean Sins”

I read “Cerulean Sins” between 9/29 (1AM) and 10/14 (3AM).

Anita’s hat of an Executioner is being brought back into effect, once she has been brought into a police investigation that left 4 people brutally slaughtered by a rouge and out-of-town Shifter.  It had been so bad of a slaughter, that the Governor of Anita’s state ordered her to kill the Shifter.  This shifter had been brought in by Leo Harlan, who has been contracted to hire her for a zombie raising overseas to help follow her.  After she kills the shifter, Harlan disappears back into the ether.

Besides the police case, Anita is confronted by more vampire drama, as well as some personal drama.  As the title suggests, Anita has to bring two new men to her bed.  The first is Jason, who insists that due to her Ardeur, he needs to “take one for the team” when Nathaniel collapses at work after she feeds on him one too man times in a day.  The second, is Asher himself.  His eyes are the color of Cerulean.  She does this, despite her squeamishness, as she wants to protect Asher from being used by a vampire by the name of Musette.

This Musette has been planning on visiting, but later on.  When she came into town early, jean-Claude didn’t have all ready for her visit.  It is during this visit, that Anita is also visited by Belle Morte (The head of Jean-Claude’s Vampire line) a few times.  Belle also manages to suck the energy out of Richard and Anita while both Jean-Claude and Asher are sleeping (after the three have become a true menage a trois).  She puts crosses on Musette’s door, and that stops until Jean-Claude wakes up.

Another by-product of the ménage a trois, is that Anita’s mind  gets rolled by Asher when her shields are down.  She gets pissed at that fact.  Mostly because now that she has been, she gets a taste of the orgasm that she had while they were all together.  That, and the fact that her shields had been down THAT much..  She ends up getting mocked by Jason (as now he knows how powerfully she is affected by orgasms in the moment now…), which makes her even more pissed that she allowed herself to get rolled.

The next night, there is a Banquet.  During that, Richard shows up and tries for a power play, which leaves them vulnerable.  Jean-Claude decides to stand up to Belle Morte while she is in the body of Musette, and succeeds in uniting Anita and Richard at his back with all of their animals to call & Vampires.  From his ability to do so, we learn that he has become his own Sourde de Sang (or leader of a bloodline), just like Belle.  This means that she cannot overtake any of his people.

Amongst all of the vampire politics, we learn that Anita is more comfortable sleeping in a large dog-pile of her Leopards.  Well, she is, until Zerbrowski teases her about it…  We also learn that Dolph is still not happy with her.  We see him go ape shit crazy when he learns that his son wants to become a vampire.  He also tries to scare the crap out of Jason, when he realizes that Jason has been at the crimescenes, and he is a Werewolf.



Book 12: “Incubus Dreams”

This is where I leave you for today, as I just started this one earlier this morning.  This is the last book in the series I have read, so the rest will be a blind read-through for me.  Wish me luck!  🙂


Update: 11/3

Hello again!  Just wanted to check in with you again with this series, as it has been awhile.  This book is a bit longer than the others, but that’s no excuse.  I’ve been overly obsessed with finishing a shawl over the past few weeks, so I haven’t been reading as much as I could be.  Well, that and the fact that I found a new game to play (don’t get me started on that, or we’ll never finish this update, trust me…).

I have to admit, I started the Anita Blake series by finding this book in my local Wal-Mart when it had just come out.  Then I went back and tried to find the whole series in my local library.  Since the whole series wasn’t there, I kinda gave up.  Then I had the bright idea (once I had a Kindle) to download all the books digitally.  My paperback of this books is just slightly used at this point….  Not that you can tell by the rest of my analysis of this book or anything… 😉

This book has so much going on, that it may seem hard to follow my train of thought at times…  Just gonna warn you now…


Update: 11/25

Umm.  Sorry.  I just realized that I had left you hanging with the analysis of this book.  I had meant to go back and re-hash the happenings once I finished the next book in this series, but I guess this never happened.  Again, sorry…

This book revolves a lot around Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard’s seat of power increasing almost too fast for them to be comfortable.  This is the base of all of the personal drama going on between Anita and her “boys.”  With Nathaniel (as her Animal To Call) and Damien (her Vampire Servant), Anita forms a new Triumvirate, which kicks up the original Triumvirate’s power levels.  There is a learning curve that Anita must learn, as she almost drains Damien of all of his energy several times.  Just because she’s fighting having to feed the Ardeur as much as she should be.

With this new Triumvirate, the trio learn that each individual within  the group will gain another’s base personalities the longer that they are together.  This includes more understanding, calmness, the ability to get angry at the drop of a hat, and even how well they seduce their bed partners.  Anita also learns that she also likes to have more than one man in her bed at one given time.  This, she learns while taking both Jean-Claude and Richard to bed,  Nathaniel and Damien, and even Nathaniel and Micah.

Anita also learns that if you love someone, you may have to do something that makes you uncomfortable.  Mostly with Nathaniel.  Before this book, she had always seen him as a younger brother who she needed to protect.  When she lets him move in with her and he is happy NOT being with her (for awhile, anyway), she starts falling for him.  In fact, she often describes her hang-ups with him.  He’s too agreeable, etc.  She doesn’t see him as the man he is, until he has to dominate her when she practically looses her mind to her Leopard while with a client.  Until that point, she only saw him as someone who was young and inexperienced (although he is a stripper at Guilty Pleasures).  She’s blown away by how she was his first real girlfriend, even though he’s done porn.

Another thing that I need to mention, besides the drama that is Anita’s entire world to this point, is that Malcolm hasn’t been blood-oathing the vampires that come to his church.  When Jean-Claude hears this, he becomes scared of what that will mean in the long term.  Especially after Primo (powerful vampire that J.C. has let into his territory) tries to take over things until J.C. and  Anita can blood-oath him.  It also happens to be something Anita needs to deal with in her job with the police, as she is called into investigate a Vampire Serial Killer.  It is through her Executioner role, that she ends up going into Malcolm’s church and killing a Federal Marshall turned Vampire killer.  During this battle, she meets Wicked and Truth (two brothers of a fighter vampire’s line -that these two had killed), who she blood-oaths to Jean-Claude.  She learns that the two were compelled to help her by both her Ardeur draw, and her Necromancer’s call.  This is VERY interesting to me…


5 Stars again, Ms. Hamilton!  Brava!!!


Book 13: “Micah”

This book is actually a novella.  It seems like it was meant to be a short story about Micah, and how he became a Wereleopard.  In previous books, we had only heard that his story was “violent.”  At this point, Anita (and Ms. Hamilton) left it there.  As Anita puts it “I figured you’d tell me when you were ready.  I was treating you like any victim of a crime.  Carefully.”  Or something to that effect.  The exact quote can be wrong, but you get the gist…

This story revolves around a few new and difficult firsts for both Micah and Anita.  It is the first time that the two of them have been completely alone since he came into Anita’s life.  Micah and Anita leave St. Louis to help an Animator friend (Larry, who’s wife goes into early labor) do a job for the FBI.  The fact that they haven’t been completely alone together since they started dating makes Anita squeamish once he mentions it to her.  She had no idea when they first left town  together.

It is also the first time that they’ve had a private moment to discuss the issues that have been (apparently, Anita had NO idea about said issues) brewing up between them.  We learn that Micah is still pretty traumatized by his attack and the change he went through at the start of his Wereleopard journey.  In fact, even at the end, he still cringes when he deals with the FBI agent that had found him in the woods after the attack…

It is the first time that we are hearing about Micah’s insecurities.  We finally realize that his pleasant and smiling face has always un-nerved Anita, and now we learn that this face was one meant to hide his pain.  Once they discuss his “story” if you will, Anita and Micah also start discussing his issue with true intimacy.  Especially based on his past sexual encounters with ex-girlfriends, who were none-to-gentle with his psyche.  We learn that since he has always been well endowed (both width and girth), he has always scared the women he would be with.  Anita tries to convince him that she is NOT like them, the only way she knows how.  By letting him be as rough as he would like…  Don’t get me wrong, it was a good scene, just not something I would like for myself…

This book also marks the first time that Micah has been at one of Anita’s Zombie raising.  He ends up helping her at the gravesite by bleeding and helping her a protection circle that keeps the zombie in.  Which is VERY helpful.  That is, until she gets shot.  Zombie kills the person it believes kills him, and Anita ends up in the hospital.  Nathaniel and Micah hang out and tease the nurses while they are waiting for Anita to wake up.

Going to give this a 5 star rating on Goodreads.  On to the Next!  🙂



Book 14: “Danse Macabre”

I read “Dance Macabre” off and on between 11/2 (at 6:30PM) and 11/25 (at 5:10PM).  I think I should explain the off and on part of that previous statement.  Much has happened in my professional life, as well as the life of my business.  Those will always come first, alas.  The other reason that I used that particular phrase, is that there is only a certain amount of Anita’s bitching about her life that I can take.  Yes, her life makes mine look that much easier and safe.  But still, you can’t take too much drama in your books when your real life is being bombarded by drama and stress.  Well, and to be fair, I was also getting our house ready for guests over the past couple of weeks.  This will give ANYONE less time for doing what they want to do…

Update 1/6: Well, now that the crazy of December is over, I can say that I didn’t do my analysis of this book any justice.  Or do this book ANY justice!  It was a VERY entertaining read when I put some time in to read it.  Anita’s character is a bit whiny, but I was able to deal.  But to be fair, she’s still learning about how her new powers work.  I feel like once she’s had some time to deal with it properly, then she’ll be less whiny.  I am still looking forward to the next, no matter my bitching about it…



Book 15: “The Harlequin”

“Started” this one on 11/25 @5:15.  Read a page, to call this one started.  Haven’t really touched it since then.  I usually work like a dog in the month of December, so I may have to read that one page over later on…  lol.


Update 2/1: I have to say, I didn’t remember what I had read, so I just started this book again.  I read this book “officially” from 1/20-1/27.  In this book, we find out that Anita and those that she love are in trouble again.  I believe the number of times that she almost dies was up to 3 by the end of the book…  The Harlequin are vampires that are supposed to be like Fight Club.  Rule 1, is that you do not talk about Fight Club.  That’s how The Harlequin are.  Spoiler alert, The Harlequin really WAS in town, but those coming to harm Anita’s loved ones were not Harlequin in good standing, so to speak…  I’m trying not to give away specifics, because I really DO want you to get a chance to read the book without being spoiled.  Something interesting I need to mention, is that Malcolm finally gives in about tying his people to himself once the big battle is going on.  Hmm.  Another interesting concept, is that Malcolm (as Anita Puts it: “The Undead Billy Graham”) wanted to go to confession, and Anita helps him find someone willing to hear him.  Hmm…


Book 16: “Blood Noir”



Started On 1/26.  Have read only 5% of the book, but it seems good so far!  Can’t wait to dive back into it!  🙂

Update 2/19: Finished this book on 2/6.  If you haven’t seen my Goodreads review, here it is “Gotta love all the metaphysics that have happened already. Even though she “just went home to meet Jason’s family.” Can’t wait to get to the rest. See how she deals with the aftermath…” This was written at about 44% of the book read.  After that point, the book got really addicting for me….  So much, that I didn’t even bother to write a secondary review.  It truly captured my attention from the very first.  Cannot wait until I can dive into the next…   But alas, busy work week = little -> 0 time to read what I want to read.  Hopefully soon!  🙂


Book 17: “Skin Trade”

Didn’t start reading this one until 2/14.  Wish I had had time before, but alas, busy work week = little -> 0 time to read what I want to read.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to read more !  🙂  Right now, it’s really intriguing  how messed up Anita’s life can get in the first 20 or so pages.  Can’t wait to see how she handles herself this time!  🙂

Update 4/13: I can’t believe this took me almost TWO MONTHS to finish???  Wow!  Even I’m in awe of how long it took me to buckle down and just read through the ending.  But, let’s be fair, I had another book series that I could listen to while I was knitting (Audible), so this one kinda took a back-seat (Gearing up for StashDash, and all).  I wanted to be fair to you, my readers.  If I had tried to read this series while working on some of the large amount of projects I’m currently in the middle of, I don’t think I would have been able to glean as much information for a review as I could possibly get.  To further note, I WAS able to read a chapter her and there while I was getting ready for work, just to keep my interest in the book.  🙂  From Goodreads: “OMG! Even I’m astounded at how long it took me to read this one! Or how close I’ve been to the end for awhile. But as always, I loved the story whenever I’ve had time to devote to reading it! :)”

I have to say I love the mix that this series presents within itself.  Anita’s abilities make her a mixed bag, so to speak.  You have her day job as a Zombie Raiser, her moonlighting as a Vampire Hunter, her collecting Vampire & Shifter lovers in her personal life, and even her work with RPIT/Local Police forces.  With Skin Trade, we get more of her Police side.  IE: She gets to solve a  crime and fight with the police over her choice in bedmates & Lifestyle, as well as fight with the police against the evils of her Universe.  With the last few books, I was starting to think that all Anita was going to experience was her fights within herself.  While entertaining, these fights sometimes get boring.  There are so many facets of Laurell K. Hamilton’s wonderful character that we need to see them all, lest we get bored.

In Skin Trade, we get to hang out with Edward, Bernardo, and Olaf again.  Learn more about each one.  Although, Edward is a lot more ‘fluffy’ as he spills some of his fears and  we learn that he REALLY is falling for his Fiancé and her kids, which we would never expect from a guy with the nickname “Death.”  Olaf the Serial Killer that even Death respects is now become even creepier by falling in love with Anita (even offers himself up to the Ardeur when she needs to feed).  Bernardo shows us how much he doesn’t belong with the other two, in the final fight sequence.  But I DID happen to learn how the three have bonded enough to be “backup” for each other in times of fighting.  They work well together, and have seen the evil & nice sides of each other without running the freaking other way.

Once again while fighting & learning about Vittorio (an Evil Serial Killer Vamipire who decides to give her a Vampire Hunter’s HEAD IN A FREAKING BOX: I mean, who freaking does that!), Anita finds herself biting off more than she can chew while in the City of Sin.  Her mind gets rolled no less than 3 times.  Once from  a collection of Bibiana (The Queen of The Tigers, Chang, of Las Vegas) & Victor (Bibiana & Max’s {The Master Vampire of Las Vegas} eldest son) power, another from Marmee Noir, and the last from Vittorio.  When Victor manages to roll Anita, he becomes a liaison of sorts between his family and the Police.  He helps move the plot along when he can (Ie: helping to take down weretigers who were BAAAAAAD Kitties, or helping her forget her anger after the other rolling scenes have happened).  When Marmee Noir tries to roll Anita, she attempts to feed through even more Tigers in order to become more powerful and to save herself.  As much as a pain in the ass she has been, I don’t think I want to see her leave the storyline, as of yet.  Although, her body was bombed by Vittorio, who takes over the Rolling Sleep thereafter.  Through the rolling of Vittorio (who we later find out is the ‘Father of the Tigers’), she collects two more weretigers to her menagerie while in the midst of a blackout whereby she and a bunch of men engage in an orgy.  Cynric (a blue tiger, and only 16 – OY!  What such powers make her do.  I had to say, I kind a cringed when Anita realizes who he is as well) and Domino (black and white).  I have a feeling we’ll see these two down the road a piece…

I will leave you with this one thought…  When will the Police she works with stop being so judgmental.  If they realized how much she thinks her Supernatural side SUCKS, would they be so quick to judge her?  I’m thinking they wouldn’t…  It’s a life lesson we can take away from this series, if nothing else….


Book 18: “Flirt”

Started reading this one RIGHT after I finished Skin Trade.  Mostly because I was intrigued with the title.  Will we finally see Anita learning to flirt, instead of being the blunt freight-train she has been.  Especially in her large amount of relationships?  We’ll have to see!  I’m only about 10% in at this point, and can’t wait to get back to it!  🙂

Update 4/16:  Finished the book!  I flew right through it.  It was pretty short, so I finished it over the course of a few nights.  I was just ADDICTED to it!  It shows another facet of Anita’s powers, which is what I’ve been crazing.  It’s good to see that Anita can still almost die without her powerbase (her men) and still manage to kick ass and come out the victor in a fight against a madman who wants his wife raised as a zombie (so he can flirt with her) and a Lion Rex intent on doing her harm!

If I had to choose my favorite part of this book, it would be that it began as a funny conversation Ms. Hamilton had with a few of her friends over a dinner where one of her friends (who sounds remarkably like the character of Nathaniel, if I’m being honest) started flirting with a waiter.  Then it all went from there!  🙂  Too good!


My Favorite quotes from the book:

1) “Harm None is the rule, Ellen!  Bad Witch, no cookie!”

2)”He would never be able to fit into our lives.  He would always have to be King, and I had enough kings in my life.  I needed men who were okay with being the power behind the throne, not the ass in it.”  (I think she’s referencing her strained relationship with Richard here, what do you think?)


Book 19: “Bullet”

Started this book immediately after finishing “Flirt.”  The title alone grabbed my attention.  Haven’t read more than a few pages, but I’m already hooked!  So, I’m off to read more of it!  🙂

Update 4/27: Finished this book at 2:30 this morning.  Almost posted here while everything was still fresh in my mind, but I thought that would be a TAD obsessive.  I really couldn’t put this book down last night.  I think I started my reading night last night at about 10:30, and was at 60%…

We learn about a large Metaphysical Shit Storm headed Anita’s way.  It requires that Jean-Claude become the Vampire Council in the US, and that they start collecting Tigers of A Different Color, if it were.  As Anita is considered to be the Queen of the Gold Tigers, she needed to roll the rest of the colors, and she does so through subversion, sex, and metaphysical ties.  Some against their wills.  She manages to get under the Harlequin’s crosshairs again…  But mostly to help them take control over those European Council Members being taken over by that body-less bitch “Marmee Noir.”  I honestly thought we were done with her, when her body was blown up, but I think she’s a worse pain in EVERYONE’s ass!  At one point, Anita and her people were almost taken over by those that had been possessed by her spirit.  Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard fight their influence, and channel the potential of death into a freaking orgy of mass proportions.

Then there’s the face off with Cookie Monster (Haven), where he just about kills Nathaniel.  She blows his freaking brains out, and I’m like “FINALLY!  He was a royal pain in the ass!”  She heals Nathaniel and the rest of the people that were hurt during the last metaphysical emergency I just mentioned…


Book 20: “Hit List”

Started this book as soon as I woke up this morning.  Thought I read that the body Anita was looking at was Edward, and my first thought was “No, no, no!  Anita needs a friend that is not a lover…”  ‘Cause quick glances are awesome!   LOL!  🙂  Then I actually sat down and re-read, and was like “Well then!  I shouldn’t try to skim pages while I’m only half awake…”  Since it starts off with Anita and Edward investigating a body, I thought I needed more coffee before delving back into the (that and the CRAZINESS that had happened only moments ago…).

There was so much going on, story & timeline-wise in “Bullet”, that I think even Ms. Hamilton needed a break…  I think she uses the Metaphysical Emergencies as the heavy in her series, and the Police/Zombie storylines to be the less-heavy.  Let’s see if this prediction proves to be right!  Until Next Time!  🙂

Update 6/5: I finished this book on 5/19. It seems that I’m getting good with my predictions… I like that there was a clear break from the heavy metaphysics of the last book.  With this one, Ms. Hamilton brings us a bit of “levity” with a gruesome monster hunt.  There are times where Edward and Anita make fun of themselves, as well as the situation to make it a welcome break.


Book 20.5: “Beauty”

I read Beauty all in one night (5/19).  But let’s be honest, it’s pretty much a short story.  A very HOT short story, but a short story nonetheless.  I’ve always craved a scene between Asher, Jean-Claude and Anita that uses all that she has learned over her years with Nathaniel and his needs.

Book 21: “Kiss The Dead”

I read this one between 5/20 and 6/5 at about 12:30 this morning.  It was a pretty good Monster Hunt.  Anita learns that she is starting to want to step back from the Police Cases, especially when the big bad vampires that come to town start to use “harmless” looking baby vamps to stir up the media.  At the very end, Anita faces a bomb threat where her metaphysical links with so many of those being held hostage really bring the issue to a head before it gets too much out of control.  I appreciate that there was a bit of drama at the end, as well as a chance for Anita to show off some of her newly figured-out abilities.

Book 21.5: “Dancing”

So far, so good.  I literally just started it 5 minutes after getting home from work today.  I’ll have to get back to you on this.  So far, there’s a picnic with Anita and her cop friends planned.  Couldn’t tell you much more about what’s going to happen, because I haven’t gotten too far…  But it seems like it will be a good one!  🙂

Update 6/6: Very quick read.  I loved every second of it!  🙂

Book 22: “Affliction”

I started to read this book, but then I realized that Dancing comes first, according to Ms. Hamilton.  So far, it seems like it will be…interesting.  Micah’s family matters start us off.  Don’t know how it will end, but the start is a pretty good hook!


Book 23: “Jason”

Book 24:  “Dead Ice”


I hope you enjoy my analysis of each book as I have had in writing them!  -Silver-

Darkly-Lit Immortals.

I have another series I want to listen to.  The “Immortals After Dark” series by Kresley Cole.  I’ve read a lot of her stuff before, and always loved the stories.  I’ve been wanting to read the rest of this series, after I found a few of them in the Wal-mart in my town.  I have to warn you, it’s Paranormal Romance.  If you’re not into that kind of stuff, then you may not want to read through the series as much as I did.  However, try not to reserve judgment until you have read through the titles below.  As with series’ past, I will put in links so you can click to the next one, as I’m sure I’ll be updating this as I finish one book or the other…  So grab your coffee & crafts, and AWAY WE GO!!!!!  🙂


“Immortals After Dark” Series:

  1. The Warlord Wants Forever
  2. A Hunger Like No Other
  3. No Rest For The Wicked
  4. Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night
  5. Dark Needs at Night’s Edge
  6. Dark Desires After Dusk
  7. Kiss of a Demon King
  8. Untouchable
  9. Pleasure of a Dark Prince
  10. Demon From the Dark
  11. Dreams of a Dark Warrior
  12. Lothaire
  13. Shadow’s Claim
  14. MacRieve
  15. Dark Skye
  16. Sweet Ruin
  17. Shadow’s Seduction (not on Audible, so I may wait a bit for this one)
  18. Wicked Abyss (won’t be released until 2017, but I’m counting it as part of the series)


Book 1: “The Warlord Wants Forever”


I read this book between 3/10->3/11.  My review from Goodreads: “This book lays down the groundwork for the rest of the Series. I had, when reading later books, wondered about this mysterious Myst and Nikolai’s stories. Glad I finally know!!! 🙂 Dual-team readers made this even better!!! 🙂 ”  It was a very good storyline, and made me want to start the next book right away.


Book 2:  “A Hunger Like No Other”


I read this from 3/11->3/14.  I’ve previously read this book, so I knew what happens.  However, listening to  Robert Petkoff read the book made it even better.  Let’s just say that I knew what I was getting into, but the reader delighted in specific parts of the book.  His delight in what he was reading made me blush…  And I don’t blush easily…


Book 3: “No Rest For The Wicked”


I started this book 3/14 and finished it shortly after 6PM on 3/15.  I have read Katarine and Sebastian’s story before, but I’m enjoying listening to Robert Petkoff’s interpretation of this book.  Again, blush-worthy moments during several moments.  I couldn’t help but laugh at times at how ‘husky’ voice and ‘guttural’ growls take on new meanings as the reader acts stuff out…  Very good read.


Book 4: “Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night”


I read this book between 3/15->3/16.  This is the story of Bowen (a Lykae) and Mariketa (a young witch) who are a mated couple who must overcome quite a bit to get together, including a fight with many types of creatures in the Lore.  It’s a fun story to read, and made even better by  Robert Petkoff’s interpretation of it.  Well Done!  I think I’m obsessed with Robert’s individual take on the books, because I decided to listen to the next RIGHT away, instead of waiting a bit.


Book 5: “Dark Needs at Night’s Edge”


Update 3/17:  3/16->3/17.  So far, Naomi Laress (a ghost) and Conrad Wroth (a Vampire) have considered a future together.  Love it so far.  I’ll get back to you once I have finished it.

Update 4/4: From Goodreads: “Aww! Even a ghost and a crazy vampire can find love! With a little help from Nucking Futz Nix, Mari, and Bowen! 🙂 Reader did some heavy accent work, which made the story better! Well done!”


Book 6: “Dark Desires After Dusk”


18->22nd: This is the story of Holly and Cade.  It’s a wonderful story helped along by a wonderful Reader who audibly enjoyed the story.  Very well done!  It’s an awesome story and an even better performance.  Well done!  🙂


Book 7: “Kiss of a Demon King”


21->24: This is the story of an “Evil” Sorceress Sabine and her Demon King Rydstrom.  It’s a wonderful story helped along by a wonderful Reader who audibly enjoyed the story.  Very well done!  It’s an awesome story and an even better performance.  Well done!  🙂  Only a few moments that made me blush, so all-in-all, it was a win!  🙂


Book 8: “Untouchable”


25->28: Murdoch and Danii learn of a way to be together, even though she cannot be touched by any other than an ice being.  Since he’s a vamp and can take on a bit of her power with her memories, they finally learn how they can be together.  In this story, there was also a mix of a few other previous time-lines, which was good to see that the author admits that all her wonderful books are inter-connected.  The reader seems to love the stories as well.  Well Done!


Book 9: “Pleasure of a Dark Prince”


3/28->4/2: This is the story of Lucia (Archer Valkarie) and Garreth (Lycae).  From the second book, I had an inkling that Garreth had mated with Lucia, but we don’t see their story until now.  There’s SOO much in this book that they go through that brings itself into the next book.  Let’s just put it this way, once you’ve escaped from La Dorada, all else is gravy, right?  As always, the Reader seems to be enjoying himself with the story, and attempting to distinguishing the voices as he goes.  Lots of mis-attempts, but that’s what makes his reading style worth it in the end!  Very entertaining!  🙂


Book 10: “Demon From the Dark”


4/2-> 4/5:  Loving this story.  There’s a few “AWWW!” moments when listening to this story.  There’s something cringe-worthy about the way that Malkom (demon/vampire mix) and Carrow (partying witch) go about the early part of their relationship.  Betrayal is the name of the things throughout the story.  The betrayal that happens throughout makes the story ending between them that much sweeter.  That’s my prediction….    I still have 4 1/2 hours left to listen, and I can’t wait to get back to it!  🙂   Can’t wait to see what happens.  Loving the Reader’s interpretation of the story, as usual…

Update 4/25: I absolutely loved this book.  My prediction came true.  I’m not always one to say “I told you so,” but I TOTALLY told you so!  😉  Enjoyed the reader’s vocal “Oh!  It all worked out!” moment the most.  You know the one.  The one where you don’t think everything will get tied up at the end, and it is.  It makes you VERY glad!  Even someone who was able to predict that it will happen had that same moment that the reader did!  LOVED this book and couldn’t wait to get started on the next!  🙂


Book 11: “Dreams of a Dark Warrior”


4/5->4/8: This is the story of Regin the Radiant, warlord Aidan the Fierce, & Declan Chase (a brutal Celtic soldier).  I say that this is the love story of the three, mostly because it is.  Aidan was killed by vampires before marrying Regin when she was young.  He was then cursed to re-incarnate.  Every reincarnation, he would find Regin and perish once he regains his memories of their first relationship.  This time around, Aidan comes to Regin as Declan Chase.  Declan is essentially a mixture of all of Aidan’s past-lives rolled into one.  He helps her break that curse and they fall in love, even though this re-incarnation starts off with him kidnapping her and imprisoning her on the same island where we first meet La Dorada.  This wonderful story mixed with the reader’s accents and other vocals make this an AWESOME read!  🙂


Book 12: “Lothaire”


4/8->4/11: OMG the character of Lothaire is pretty bad ass.  We learn that he’s the Enemy of Old, and that there are multiple sides to this guy.  However, he’s mostly a bad ass!!!  You see, being mated with mortal Ellie Peirce has it’s upsides and downsides for LEO (Lothaire, the Enemy of Old: LEO is her nickname for him, which is pretty cute…).  I’m not about to give away the plot on this one, as it’s one you need to read and see for yourself.  La Dorada, the BITCH of a Witch is back once again!  🙂

From Goodreads: “:)  I’ve come to the realization that Robert LOVES his work!  Russian accents seem to be his forte….You’ll have to experience the genius of it for yourself!  :)”


Book 13: “Shadow’s Claim”


4/11->4/14: This is the story of Trehan Daciano (A cousin of Lothaire, known as the Prince of Shadows) & Bettina (a half Sorceress & half Demon Princess).  Trehan comes to her Kingdom hunting down her best friend.  He realizes that she is his Mate pretty quickly and gives up his quest to kill the other male, enters a Tournament for her hand, and ends up winning in the long run.  I had a few moments where the reader’s voicing of the story made me blush…  I think this is the part in the series, where I stopped listening to this whenever the hubster was home…  lol…  That aside, I REALLY liked the story, and practically ate up the story!  🙂


Book 14: “MacRieve”


4/14->4/18: Uilleam (pronounced William in the reader’s voice) MacRieve & Chloe Todd (a “human” daughter of Webb, the dude that captured everyone on the island from a few books past) have some mis-adventures in this story.  Uilleaum was once raped by a succubus at an early age, lost his mother and unborn younger sister, and his father committing suicide days later.  So being pared with Chloe (who is actually a Succubus just before being frozen into immortality) is like a slap in the face to the readers (as we get a glimpse into the scene from long ago from his point of view)…  Very cringe worthy for awhile.  We know they will get together and all will be right with their world, but yeah…  Webb makes an appearance in this book, but the bastard turned himself into a mongrel of all types of immortals and expects Chloe not to take her Mate’s side after hearing about what Webb did to him in the island….  My only notes I wrote down while listening to this book are  as follows: “Scottish accents are good.  Russian more-so.  Valley Gal = funny @ least.  Valley-girl Louisiana witches.  Hmm.  Interesting thought…  Some interesting and funny parts.  Hmm…”  Dunno what I was trying to say with the hmm’s…  But whatever!  I REALLY liked the little cliffhanger ending that Ms. Cole wrote into the end.  It gets you thinking that the MacRieve clan will be coming back in a later book, in the form of Uilleaum’s twin… Can’t wait until that one comes out.  hope it’s soon…


Book 15: “Dark Skye”


4/18->4/19: As a boy, Thronos (prince of Skye Hall, who’s brother was the King who had injured Bettina) met and fell in love with Lanthe (a Sorceri, and Sabine’s sister).  Her sister killed his father (who had killed their parents), and she made him fall from the tallest tower in their home.  She thinks that he had betrayed her and her family to his father.  A comedy of errors that lead to them being separated for centuries.  Nix fixes them up, but they do not realize that their love is still strong until halfway through.  We are sitting on the edge of our seats when another the Bitch Queen Sorceress comes to Skye Hall to take Lanthe back and to take retribution to the kingdom for Bettina’s injuries.  She be-spells him to forget their relationship and her.  It’s finally turn for Lanthe to chase after him.  Which I happen to like!  🙂  I honestly love that all these stories are inter-connected, and couldn’t wait to read the next one!  🙂  Heck, I practically ate this story up with a spoon.  It was THAT good!  🙂  Voices are pretty good too, but it was mostly the story that got me (and kept me) hooked!  🙂  Well done Ms. Cole!  🙂


Book 16: “Sweet Ruin”


4/19-Today: This story is of Josephine (a Ghoul/Vampire mix) and Rune The Baneblood (A demon/Dark Fae Archer mix).  I…Uh…blushed a bit with some of the parts.  Another I didn’t want to listen to when the hubster was around, but I was still VERY much hooked on the story.

We start the story with Jo fighting to stay in Thaddeus’s (her baby brother) life.  You remember, we met Thaddeus in an earlier book (even if I didn’t mention him in this post at that time.)  She’s a pretty BAD ASS character.  Very strong female lead who refuses to take any crap from her male.  We learn that the two have a lot of the same fears of belonging/commitment, despite their differences.  She is pretty snarky and it shows in how she reacts with his issues.  OMG.  I totally love that “Ruin” is her nickname for Rune!  I love that he hates that she uses the nickname as a dig into him once he starts an argument with her.  Well played!  🙂  The two are an even match in temperament, and we see this pretty early on, even if neither of them do.  There’s something about “bad boy meets bad girl” that makes this an awesome read!

I like this tagline on Goodreads: “A boundless passion that will lead to sweet ruin… ”  It’s actually a double meaning, and I LOVE it! 🙂  The damn red feather.  Wow!  I didn’t know that just a small part of the cover art could play so much in the story.  Well done!  🙂  You’ll have to read the book on your own to know WHY my mind is blown so much!  🙂  And the epic battle of sibling vs sibling?  WICKED!   🙂  The sweet little kid we met at the beginning of the series seems to have grown some cahones!  It makes me wonder who he is going to be mated with…

The sub-plot with Nix as an evil Valkyrie who wants the Ascension to come faster seems to be bull-shite that the mysterious Møriør have been telling Rune to get him to do their evil.  He seems to be a pawn in the Møriør’s battle with the good characters we have met so far in this series…  But, it being the reason that Rune comes to Jo’s attention is pretty cool!

I almost want the next one to be rushed to see what happens with the Ascension.  But, I think can wait.  The wait is going to be worth it.  I can tell…


Book 17: “Shadow’s Seduction”

Book 18: “Wicked Abyss”


Until 17 & 18 come out, I’ll have to call this analysis ado!  Till the next one folks!


Knitting in the Audio Blooms

Now that you are aware of my recent obsession with Audible (and by association, audiobooks), I thought it time to mention some of the lovely stories I have been enjoying while knitting my a$$ off.

1) “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe” by Douglas Adams.  Hitchiker   I heard about this book from Laura and LaLa.  If any one asks, the answer is 42.   😉 It’s read by Stephen Fry, which made me even happier to read it.  He’s one of the best English comedians.  He even had a show with Hugh Laurie (House) at one time.  I’ve loved him ever since I found that out and started watching some of his other works.

2) The “Cafferty and Quinn” Series by Heather Graham.  These books tell the tale of a couple who deal with crazy Supernatural objects that have weird powers.  It’s funny how fast I listened to them.  The characters are dynamic and the inanimate objects Graham chooses are pretty awesome.  Sometimes the power of the object is only in the antagonist’s mind, but that makes the stories that much better!  So far, there are three books in this series.  I can’t wait for more!

          A) “Let the Dead Sleep”   sleep

          B) “Waking the Dead”   waking

         C) “The Dead Play On”   play

3) “Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You About Economics” by John Tamny.    econ   This one is actually a Business studies-related get, actually.  This book is pretty awesome.  The author introduces Pop Culture and relates it to the world of Economics.  It sounds dry, but it isn’t.

4) “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler.  yes   You know, the funny lady from SNL…  🙂  She’s even funny when writing about herself and her experiences.

5) Are two books written by Ellen DeGeneres.  She’s just funny as all get-out.  I absolutely love her show, so getting her books on audio was a must!

         A) “Seriously…I’m Kidding”   kidding

         B) “The Funny Thing Is…”   funny

6) “The Blossom Street” Series by Debbie Macomber.  I’m currently in the process of reading through this series.  If you see random updates, it will be this section that you will need to come to first.  Just so you know…  I’ll probably just update the series as I go.  The whole series revolves around the women (and some men) living on Blossom Street in Seattle, WA.  The author has her own yarn shop and does a lot of pattern creating to go around these books!  I don’t know she can run that, write often on a blog, and write books with such vivid characters that one can’t help loving and wanting to get to know better.  If you want to know the author better, here is her website.  The following are the books in that series, and a brief synopsis of each:

A) “The Shop on Blossom Street”  1is about Lydia, who is the shop owner.  We learn about her knitting shop, and her relationships with three other women who come into the shop for knitting lessons.  Friendships start to form and each of Macomber’s characters are introduced and show off their full potentials for love.

B) In “A Good Yarn,”  2we learn more about Lydia and her relationship with her sister and her sister’s family.  Lydia faces some heartache in love and life.  Her second knitting class also become her friends and confidantes.

This is definitely a good YARN of a tale…    😉     (Sorry, I had to do it…)

C) “Susannah’s Garden”   3  tells the tale of Susannah, who learns many secrets of her past while dealing with her mother’s illness.  There is a lot of drama when her daughter comes to visit, but that’s what makes this story so special.  We see the story of a woman who is recently part of the ‘sandwich’ generation.  She must care for a daughter who is just into her college years, as well as her Mother who started showing signs of Alzheimer’s upon the death of her husband.  We see the decisions she must make, even when they are not the most popular of decision for any of the parties involved.  I have to admit, I cried a few times.  Trust me, that’s a testament to how wonderfully this book is written!

D) “Back on Blossom Street”  4   tells the tale of Susannah’s employee Colette who recently finds herself pregnant by her ex-boss.  We see the trials and tribulations she must deal with.  We are also brought on the whirlwind journey that is created by the wedding by one of our first group of characters (Alix).  A shawl knitting class creates another group of friends for Lydia, shop owner.

Edited 7/22:

E) “Twenty Wishes”  5   premiers a group of widows who got together for a party.  This party resulted in wine drinking, bubble popping, and the women making a list of 20 things that they want to get out of their lives.  There are stories of each of these widows finding a little something in their daily lives that they find exciting or that will bring them back to life.  This includes a young girl needing a new mother, and new loves of a mother-daughter team of widows.

F) “Summer on Blossom Street” 6   is the story of 3 individuals who “Knit to Quit” in another of Lydia’s classes.  We see the first couple of male knitters, which shows the world that men DO knit as well.  There is Candyman Hutch, Phoebe, and Alix is back for her 3rd class.  Not to give much else away, here we see another adoption, new love interest, and another new baby…

Edited 8/10:

G) “Hannah’s List” 7   is the story of a widower (Michael who receives a letter from his wife Hannah, one year posthumous.  She insists that he start dating again, and even gave him a list of 3 names to try out (Winter Adams – her cousin, Leanne Lancaster – Her Oncology nurse, and Macy Roth – A model and free spirit Hannah had met and liked).  Although he believed it too soon to date after her death, he does his best to honor Hannah’s last request.  This book centers on the relationships he forms with all three on the way to a more romantic one with Macy.  As long as you’re not a robot, you will find yourself going “Aww!”  MANY times through the course of this book.  If you get in to the characters and story as much as I do, I suggest a handful of tissues to be placed near you.  A good read!  I highly recommend it!

H) “A Turn in the Road” 8   is the story of 3 women who head out on a road trip together.  Bethanne, Ruth, and Annie Hamlin leave Seattle driving cross-country to Ruth’s 50 year Reunion in Florida.  They do get in a bit of trouble with their car, in Vegas, and a few other places.  They meet Max, Rooster, and a few other Bikers along the way.  Max and Bethanne end up falling in love, to her ex-husband, and ex-mother-in-law’s belief to the contrary.  Ruth re-unites with a high school sweetheart, which is pretty cool!  I’m all about being in love with your High School sweetheart, even years later.  I mean, come on.  EE is my high school sweetheart!

I) “Starting Now” 9   is the story of Libby Morgan’s journey from lawyer without a home life, to a woman who can balance both a home life and her career.  She meets a wonderful Doctor who works his way into her heart, and shows her that her career cannot be the end-all that it was at the beginning of her story.  We groan when she gets kicked down at the beginning of the story and had to re-adjust her life.  We smile when she starts to fall in love.  We cheer when she finally gets the job she wants, and cry when that job almost causes her the love of her life.  It’s a rollercoaster of a novel, that I enjoyed riding!  I think you will too!  🙂

Edited: 8/17

J) “Blossom Street Brides”  10   is the story of Lauren and John “Rooster” Wayne, and their loving journey.  In this book, we are re-acquainted with many of the characters we have met over the course of this series.  We learn more about Bethanne and Max’s relationship, as they deal with more of her ex’s shenanigans.  We learn about the depth of Lydia and Brad’s love for their son and daughter as they deal with their adopted daughter’s nightmares.  There is also a mysterious person leaving baskets of yarn, needles, and a message for people to “knit me.”  The kicker?  That the yarn had come from Lydia’s shop, and Lydia has no idea who was doing it!  🙂  I do, but you’ll have to read the book to find out who done it…

Others: “Christmas Letters” 2.5   is technically part of this series, yet most lists do not have it on it.  I’ll include it here, where it belongs!  🙂  I’ll tell you more once I finish reading through it!  🙂

Edited: 8/27

This book included many of the characters from Blossom Street, but I believe it was meant to standalone.  But I’m not sure I’m really the best judge of what is and what isn’t constituted as part of a series.  We’ll just go with it…  Either way, this book tells us the story of a young lady who finds love with a man she starts off despising.  The best relationships seem to start that way, huh?


Hope I gave you some ideas!  Till I come back, Happy Knitting, and Happy Reading!  -Silver-

No Shit, Sherlock!

As my title suggests, that’s my favorite line of this new audiobook series I’ve been reading… so far.    I’m sure there will be other lines that apply to my sense of humor over the course of it.  But then, I get ahead of myself.  A bit more explanation is in order, I think…

I’ve been listening to Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thriller Series on audiobook while knitting all of the things!!!  There are 19 total.  I’ll be posting a bit about each as I finish it.  It may be a bit, as I’m waiting on credits for audible/paydays to get more.  I believe I have enough to get this series begun, at the very least…

As before, with the Anita Blake Series, if you click the links below, you will be brought right to that book’s analysis.  So, grab your project, sit back, and relax…  In the words of Vince Fontaine in Grease “Away we go!!!”  🙂


The FBI Series:

  1. The Cove
  2. The Maze
  3. The Target
  4. The Edge
  5. Riptide
  6. Hemlock Bay
  7. Eleventh Hour
  8. Blind Side
  9. Blow Out
  10. Point Blank
  11. Double Take
  12. Tail Spin
  13. Knock Out
  14. Whiplash
  15. Split Second
  16. Backfire
  17. Bombshell
  18. Power Play
  19. Nemesis
  20. Insidious (New, August 2016)


Book 1: “The Cove”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

As with every book in a series, it begins with a great mystery.  We hear about a woman named Sally (her last name is not that important, the further into the book we go, as she hates it as much as one could possibly hate their last name.  It’s Brainard, if you must know…), who is on the run from something.  It is not easily apparent as to what she’s running from.  We learn this shortly after reading the first few sentences.  Sally has to adjust a wig, which would tell readers that she is on the run…  It pulls you in, right from the beginning.  We learn that Sally believes she is running from the law after murdering her Stepfather, and then the men trying to bring her back to a Sanitarium.

She arrives in a small little town (The Cove) where her Aunt Amabel lives with her older friends.  It’s a mystery as to HOW the “World’s Greatest Ice Cream Shop” can singlehandedly bring The Cove back from the brink of decay and extinction.  All without the help of young people to do the work.  This fact doesn’t really bother Sally at first.  Her main concern is weither or not she’s been followed.  She believes that the only one who would be following her, is the doctor and his minions are the only ones who could be following her.  When in fact, FBI Special Agent James Quinlan has been following her.  He wants to know the truth of what happened to her Stepfather.

I won’t give away the mystery.  You’ll have to read it for yourself…  I’ll just leave this little tidbit.  Sally and James end up solving both issues together, along with the help from Special Agent Dillon Savich (a computer wizard) .  Their relationship started off with a rocky start (she ends up getting injured on her motorcycle trying to get away from him), but it grows from there.  So much, that we see them further down the road.


Book 2: “The Maze”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

If you were wondering, THIS is where I got the title of this entry from…  One of the cops said it at the very end of this book.  He, apparently, had been waiting the entire course of the book to say it.  To be honest, I had a feeling it was coming.  It would have been the first joke out of my mouth, given the main character’s name…  The author showed her restraint in making that joke at the very end of the book!  🙂  LOL.

This is another mystery.  It revolves around the growing relationship between Special Agents Dillon Savich & Lacey Sherlock.  Savich’s department at the FBI revolves around catching Serial Killers by using his computer programming skills.  The Maze (or String) Killer is the Guy that Sherlock has been chasing since she was 19, and is the reason she wanted to join the FBI.  Together, she and Dillon catch him twice.  He escapes from the mental institution where the judge had him committed due to how the trial ended up working out.  We learn at the same time that Sherlock does, HOW she knows about the kind of man that this Serial Killer actually is as we read on.

It was a REALLY good read.  Trust me, it’s worth a listen.  The reader does a great job as well.  There is a lot of subtle jokes/nuances to the story that may be overlooked if not read properly.  She does a great job, and I was engulfed in the story as I was listening.


Book 3: “The Target”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

Just started this today (9/22), and can’t wait to see what happens next!  It starts off with some great action!  🙂


Book 4: “The Edge”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 5: “Riptide”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 6: “Hemlock Bay”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 7: “Eleventh Hour”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 8: “Blind Side”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 9: “Blow Out”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 10: “Point Blank”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 11: “Double Take”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 12: “Tail Spin”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 13: “Knock Out”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 14: “Whiplash”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 15: “Split Second”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 16: “Backfire”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 17: “Bombshell”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 18: “Power Play”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 19: “Nemesis”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 20: “Insidious”


Photo Courtesy of Goodreads. As the book isn’t out yet, I expect the cover art will change.

When I saw that this one wasn’t due out until this July, I was excited to go and pre-order it.  I’ll do my review of it once I have finished it.  Until then, you’ll have to wait on baited breath with me!  Until then, CHEERS!  😉

Update 8/12: I got contacted by the Publishers to review this one, even before it was out…  You’ll have to wait a bit for this review, as I’m JUST about done with it!  But, it will be worth the wait, I promise you!  🙂



Hope you enjoyed my review of this series as I loved listening to them!  Till next time!  – Silver –

It’s Not Just A Distraction…

Hi all!  I was told recently that I haven’t been talking much about anything other than knitting recently.  So I wrote a lot about soccer during the Women’s World Cup in order to prove her wrong.  But I suppose she brings up a valid point.  This blog was originally supposed to be about the written words that are (sometimes) floating around in my head.  To be fair, though…  I haven’t really written a story in quite a bit.  I’ve been caught up in the stories others have written.  They have caught my attention just as much as my knitting projects have.

The past couple of weeks (4 to be exact), I have been doing a lot of reading fluff or Sci-fi books.  Just today, I finished the second Betrayedbook in the Transformed series by Stacy Claflin.  She is a new-to-me author that I recently discovered.  I actually found out about this series from an anthology of 13 Paranormal books P13 (Titled “The Paranormal 13”) that I downloaded for free.  I’m still not too sure I want to continue with the series, as I have enough on my Kindle to read.  I also realize that there’s not much that held my interest until the last couple of chapters.  However, that may have been my own fault, as I didn’t sit down to read more than one chapter at a time.  Usually that doesn’t bother me, but the storyline was actually pretty good.  It’s about a new Vampire girl who finds that her royal parents have been keeping her in the dark about more than just her Vampire heritage.  The first followed her transformation from a human to a Vampire, and the silly love triangle she finds herself in…  The second continues the second theme, as she finds out that her Royal parents have been lying to her, and she ends up rebelling in a very interesting way.  I think I may want to continue with the story, to see if that rebellion is leading where I think it is.  Who knows, right?  I may end up enjoying it more than I think I will…

Also in this category, I have been reading many more titles.  But the ones I mentioned above are the ones that have stood out.  I have SOO many loaded on my Kindle right now, that I don’t even know if I remember when I downloaded them.  I’m something of a Bibliophile (a collector of books and the written word), if you will!  I wanted ya’ll to know that…

I’ve also been reading many books that cannot be described as fluff or Sci-fi…  They are books that have been instrumental in the day-to-day of my craft and Silver’s Knitted Treats.   Business Planning CO BO Plan as You Go  If you can’t read the titles, they are “Business Plans for Dummies” by Paul Tiffany, Steven D. Peterson,  “Cast On, Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods: Find the best start and finish for every knitting project”  by Leslie Ann Bestor and “The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan” by Tim Berry.  I have only just begun to read these three, but I do believe that I will learn more about my art, and I cannot wait!  🙂


I’ve also been listening to a quite a few books through Audible.  If you haven’t heard, Audible is Amazon’s audiobook website.  I’m freaking obsessed with listening to great stories on my kindle while I’ve been working on the many projects I’ve been working on for Stash Dash.  I’ll actually be discussing this topic in a future post, so please stay tuned!  🙂 I want to do a better revue for these wonderful books, where they won’t get stuck in a large body of text and bore you…  😉


Also to keep with the theme of doing something else while I’m working on projects, I have also been watching a lot of TV Series repeats and movies that I have in my Amazon Library.  Mostly because it’s easier to use one machine for everything.  The other, is because I’ve been on a buying spree of these wonderful gems over the past few years and thought it time I re-visited them while I knit my ass off…  Let’s see, besides catching up with the KnitGirllls, knittingincircles, and in a sKnit podcasts, I have also been watching

1) Seasons 1-7 of Gilmore Girls.  Oy with the Poodles already!  Babette Ate Oatmeal!

2) Season 1 of Supernatural.  I will watch more, but that’s how far I’ve gotten.

3) Magic Mike again, in anticipation of the new movie release.

4) Abduction with Taylor Lautner.  Need I say more?

5) One For the Money.  I love the books.  Only the second time I’ve seen the movie!

6) Kate and Leopold.  For the 6th time, at least.   Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said that without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable. 

7) Wolverine.  I have a thing for Hugh Jackman, as you can see…  🙂

8) Rock of Ages (for the 3rd time)

9) and Stargate (for at least the 10th time.  6th time this year, actually…)


Till next time, dear reader!  -Silver-

Wow!!! Whatta Rush!

Last night was pretty epic.  For those that knew, Emptyeye, Amy (his cousin), and I had a night out in Boston.  We went out to Boston Beer Works, Canal Street to eat beforehand.  I had two tall glasses of their “Watermelon Ale,” Emptyeye had two tall glasses of their “Boston Red Ale,” and Amy had two of their “Blue-beery Ale.”  They were all SOOO good. 

The Watermelon ale actually had slices of watermelon that you can dunk in the ale if you want [which I did.  It made it yummier! ;)].  Watermelon Ale I have to leave you with stock photos from Beer Work’s website, as I was a dummy and left my phone in the car.  Emptyeye took a photo of it with his phone, at my insistence, but you can’t see the watermelon in it, so I said “screw it.”  Stock photos it is!!!!  🙂


Amy’s had blueberries that keep fizzing to the top.  I kept commenting that it looked like a lava lamp.  See for yourself: Amy's Beer 


Emptyeye’s was good too.  But I can’t say much more than that.  I only tried several sips of his (as he was hording it).  But I’ll recommend it, based on the small sip-age I did get to enjoy!  We didn’t get pictures of it, as we clearly forgot.  Oops.  We bad!

We had a bucket of FIERY FRIES to start off, which were SOOOOO good.  And gone super fast!  They were gone before the first round of beer was completely finished!  I do recommend them.  Trust me.  Don’t let the word “Fiery” get you.  They’ve just got enough kick to be a good starter with a seasonal beer like the Watermelon Ale.  But then, I may be biased…  Winky Face LOL.


For my main course, I had the CHARLESTOWN BURGER with a side of fries.  They weren’t as good as the Fiery Fries, but they helped to complement the flavor of the burger.  There’s just something about burgers, fries, and a good beer that just hit the spot, huh?

Anyway, Emptyeye had the CHICKEN CHEESE QUESADILLA  meal.  Amy had the GARDEN BURGER.  They must have loved their meals as much as I did.  There was almost complete silence as we ate.  Besides my commenting on Amy’s beer looking like a lava lamp, for the third time, that is…



Now that we’re done discussing dinner, on to the reason for this blog post.  The Rush Concert at the TD Garden last night.  The main event, if you will!!!  Let me just preferace it all by saying:

OMG!  I still can’t believe I got tickets to an AMAZING CONCERT!  Especially for such an amazing band.  Rush is pretty much my FAVORITE band of all time.  They happen to have 3 AMAZING KICK ASS musicians who love to show off their talents.  If you don’t believe me, here’s Neil “The Professor” Peart on the drums last night! 

I just sat there like thisEYES during his solos.  In fact, I did that while both Getty Lee (Bass/Keyboard) and Alex Lifeson (Guitars) did their own shredding too.


This awesome 3-Man band has been around for more than 40 years, and have 27 albums (if you include their live albums, which you should as they are equally as awesome) spanning over that time.

Rush - 1974rush-cover-600x600   “Rush” from 1974   – >  clockwork-angels-cover-600x600“Clockwork Angels” from 2012

Here is their website.  If you go here, you will be able to see every one of their wonderful and amazing albums!!!!



Here is the show as we experienced it last night!  They did an awesome job.  I am still trying to recover my voice from all the screaming I did last night.

Set 1:  The World Is…The World Is

The Anarchist

The Wreckers

Headlong Flight

Far Cry

The Main Monkey Business

How It Is


Roll the Bones (This isn’t recorded from last night, but it is the best one out there at the moment.  Mostly because you can see everything)

Between the Wheels



Set 2: No Country for Old Hens

Tom Sawyer

The Camera Eye

The Spirit of Radio

Jacob’s Ladder

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Part 1: Prelude

Cygnus X-1

Closer to the Heart

Xanadu  (Sorry about this guy’s shaky hand, but you can get a glimpse of the Double-Bass/Double-Guitar action)

2112 Part I: Overture

2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx

2112 Part IV: Presentation

2112 Part VII: Grand Finale


Encore: Mel’s Rock Pile starring Eugene Levy

Lakeside Park


What You’re Doing

Working Man


Exit Stage Left…  (Where we were required to leave, duh!


Thanks to Setlist.FM for the help with the set list.   I was trying to remember the exact order of the songs from last night, when I remembered that there were people recording EVERYTHING!  The videos that were in the middle of the set list portions were actually recorded by those at the concert.  So a large thank you HAS to go out to them for taking the time (and the wasted phone battery) to record those as they happened.  I didn’t want to include all of the night’s festivities (as there were quite a bit) because I don’t want to ruin it for those later on in the tour.  Have fun, those that are lucky enough to have tickets to Rush’s 40th Anniversary Tour!  If you have seen them before, be aware that they’re up to their usual tricks and bring back some awesome bits from past concerts.  I just showed you a clip with some of them.  Can my fellow Rush fans figure them out?  Tell me what tour they’re all from, if you can…


Wish I was able to get more than one ticket to see their show this time around!  🙂  Getting back to reality today has been hard.  I’m still jazzed from last night!

#R40BOS Forever!!!    

Ode to A Great Friendship

This is the first of many blogs for my Introduction To Film Class.  I’m taking.  For this week’s discussion into great films, I would like to discuss the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  More specifically, I would like to discuss “The Two Towers.”  This movie was released on December 18th, 2002.   It is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic novel of the same name.  Fran Walsh has been the top credit of the screenplay (according to IMDB).  Peter Jackson also has a credit for writing the screenplay, but he has been wildly celebrated a success with his work as the director in the franchise.

The Key Players are As Follows:

Sean Astin Samwise ‘Sam’ Gamgee
Orlando Bloom Legolas Greenleaf
Bernard Hill Theoden
Christopher Lee Saruman the White
Ian McKellen Gandalf
Viggo Mortensen Aragorn
John Rhys-Davies Gimli / Voice of Treebeard
Andy Serkis Gollum
Liv Tyler Arwen
Karl Urban Eomer
Hugo Weaving Elrond
David Wenham Faramir
Elijah Wood Frodo Baggins


The Two Towers follows two hobbits as they have left the company of men, dwarves,  and elves as they are on their way to Mount Doom to destroy the main villain’s source of power, The One Ring.  We see lots of battles for Middle Earth.  Then there are many slower scenes where we get to know the two hobbits better.  One of the most favorite scene between the two is this scene between Sam and Frodo about not giving up in the face of great adversity.  Which is a great theme, if you ask me!





This movie does not always present itself chronologically.  There are times where we see flashback s to Gollum’s transformation into what he is.  We get to see shadows of how Frodo may become under the ring’s influence,  through the eyes of Gollum’s memories of what he did once he possessed it. 

Then there are times where we shift from those battle scenes to the more serious scenes between Frodo and Sam.  This aesthetic choice does leave an audience wondering what part of the classic story will be told next.  We are let to wonder whatever happened with the other part of the storyline.  The general setting Jackson chose made an interesting contrast between what is going on in his scenes,  and the world that Tolkien has created for us to read about (and further for Jackson to help portray on the screen).

If the film had not followed this non-linear style, it would have been completely against what the audience would have expected from this classic Tolkien story.  Those that had been strict fans would have rebelled, and then Jackson and Tolkien’s wonderful storylines, plots, and twists and turns would have gotten lost.  This movie franchise would also not have done as well as it did.



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Eclipse the Book VS Eclipse the Movie

Alright, here comes the last part of the Twilight series books VS movie series.

In The Book: In The Movie:
We only see what Edward sees of the battle through people’s thoughts. We see more of the battle in the meadow.
The conversation between Edward and Jacob goes through the night. We only see a fraction of the conversation that Edward and Jacob have when they think Bella’s asleep.
Bella pretends to sleep when she’s warm against Jacob’s skin. She actually hears most of the conversation between Edward and Jacob. Bella sleeps when she’s warm against Jacob’s skin.
Jacob is 7 feet tall. Due to the fact that Taylor Lautner has reprised his role, Jacob Black is only 5′ 11½” tall, thus not quite as towering or intimidating.
Jacob gives Bella a bracelet for graduation with a wolf charm that he made, and Edward gives her a diamond-heart charm after some pleading. Jacob gives Bella a bracelet with a wolf charm that he made for her graduation. Not to be outdone, Edward later gives her a diamond heart charm without asking.
Five of the Volturi guard make an appearance. Three of them are revealed to be Jane, Demetri, and Felix, while the other two are uncertain. Four Volturi guards are present: Jane, Felix, Demetri and Alec.
Jacob tells Charlie that he kissed Bella in the living room. Jacob tells Charlie that he kissed Bella.
After Jacob confronts Edward in front of the high school before classes start, Principal Greene tells Jacob to leave, and he does so – alone. After this same confrontation, Bella gets on Jacob’s motorcycle and leaves with him – much to the delight of Jacob, and the chagrin of Edward.
Edward has Alice keep Bella at the Cullens house when he leaves. Then, during school Bella leaves with Jacob on his motorcycle. The sleepover never takes place and Bella leaves with Jacob after Jacob confronts Edward in front of the high school before classes start.
Jasper teaches the Cullens and the Quileute Werewolves to fight the Newborn army at 3 a.m. Jasper teaches the Cullens and the Quileute Werewolves to fight the Newborn army in the daylight.
Bella never spoke to Leah at all. Bella apologized to Leah about Harry’s death.
The rock Bella cuts herself with falls from the mountain above her after Riley throws Seth against it. Bella picks a rock up off the ground.
Jasper is bitten by a newborn during battle and Alice calls him an overprotective fool. None of this happens.
Edward and Bella were in the kitchen of Charlie’s house when he mentioned the airline tickets and Charlie objected to Edward going. They were outside of the police station and Charlie didn’t object to Edward going, but he didn’t like it.
Jasper mentions that he met Alice in the diner, and they go to the Cullens. They never mentioned exactly how they met. Jasper tells Bella his life story when they realize that someone is creating an army to destroy them.
No one knows who Riley is. Charlie is looking into the case of Riley’s disappearance.
Edward gives Alice a yellow Porsche for keeping Bella hostage. There is no mention of the Porsche and Alice never keeps Bella hostage. But the Porsche is seen a brief moment in Charlie’s front yard.
Edward lends Bella his phone to call when she wants him to pick her up. Bella owns a touch-screen cell phone.
Edward buys a motorcycle so he can ride with Bella, and then gives it to Jasper. There is no mention of Bella’s motorcycle since New Moon.
None of the newborns make an appearance until the battle. The newborns appear more often as they increase and move in on the Cullens.
Bella has a brace on her hand after punching Jacob, and wears the brace while Edward fights Victoria. Carlisle puts a bandage on Bella’s wrist while Emmett makes a joke about it. Also, Bella isn’t wearing the brace while Edward is fighting Victoria.
The pack has grown to ten wolves. You see only eight wolves at the practice to learn to fight newborns. But remember that Collin and Brady are staying in La Push during the fight.
Rosalie Hale reveals to Bella how she became a vampire in Edward’s bedroom. Rosalie tells Bella how she became a vampire on the balcony outside the kitchen. Also, she leaves out the part about her friend Vera who had a baby named Henry and a loving husband, which she envied.
Bella wears the bracelet Jacob gave on her left hand because her hand was broken at the time. A bracelet can be seen on Bella’s right hand when Edward presented her the engagement ring.
Edward has pretty much no trouble killing Victoria. Edward almost has his head torn off just before Bella cuts herself as a distraction.
Edward, seeing through Seth’s thoughts, sees Jacob getting hurt and then rush to the clearing. And after finding out Jacob got hurt Bella faints. Edward and Bella are already at the clearing and see Jacob get hurt. Bella doesn’t faint.
Edward and Bella are inside the tent when they mention their engagement and then Jacob, in his wolf form, hears, howls in pain, and takes off. Edward goes and brings him back so he can talk with Bella. And she is upset with herself. Edward and Bella are outside the tent when they talk about getting married Jacob hears, in his human form, and Bella stops him before he leaves. She acts angry at Edward for doing that.
Jacob compares himself to the sun saying he can fight the clouds but not an eclipse.
After Jacob says Bella would be better off dead than being turned into a vampire, she gets on her motorcycle and leaves. It takes a while for her to forgive him. After Jacob makes the statement, he sees how it upset Bella and apologizes quickly.
Alice shows Bella her wedding dress. The dress is never shown to Bella or anyone else.
Jared is said to have imprinted with Kim.
Eric is the valedictorian of the class. Jessica is the valedictorian.
Edward and Seth pile up all the pieces of Victoria and Riley (after tearing them to shreds) and then burn them. Then Edward approaches Bella with caution thinking she is afraid of him. Edward just throws a lighter to Victoria’s remains, approaches Bella and then they leave to the clearing.
Peter and Charlotte are introduced when Jasper tells his story. Peter and Charlotte are never mentioned.
Bella doesn’t get anything from Renée in Jacksonville. Renée gives Bella a blanket made of T-shirts.
Carlisle asks the Denali Coven to help fight.
Jasper tells his history with the rest of the family around. He brings it up to Bella Bella is the only other person there. She practically has to drag it out of him. He keeps walking away.
Jasper and Maria do not have any type of romantic relationship, he only worships the ground she walks on. Jasper says that he thought they were in a romantic relationship but says that he later found out that Maria was only using him to get what she wanted.
Edward taunts Victoria to stay and fight by saying that James used her for her ability. Edward taunts her by telling her how easily she could kill Bella.
When they are in the tent, Jacob accidentally rolls on top of Bella, and Edward yanks him off into the Tent pole. They skip to the morning and the fight starts.
Jasper does not attend school because he has graduated already. He is seen in the lunch room with Alice, Bella, and their non-vampire friends.
Billy and Jacob are present at the Forks High graduation ceremony. It’s only Charlie who’s there.
Victoria tried to run away but was caught and killed by Edward. She didn’t run and continued to fight with Edward until he defeated her.
Edward beheaded and dismembered Victoria. Edward only beheaded her.
Both Victoria and Riley’s remains were burned together. Riley’s remains were never recovered and only Victoria’s body was shown being burning.
Jacob received a wedding invitation for Bella and Edward’s wedding and ran away. This never happened.
The word “ass” was never used. It was.
The wolf pack had to convince Jacob to turn back into a wolf when he was hurt by the newborn. Jacob turned into a human again right away.
Bella told Alice that it was Victoria behind the newborn army before graduation. Bella told Edward that it was Victoria after she awoke from a nightmare.
Bella first met Leah in New Moon. She first met her in Eclipse.
Bella helps Angela with addressing her high school graduation announcements.
Alice has to beg Bella to let her plan Bella’s wedding. Alice never has to beg. In fact, that whole “Can I plan your wedding?” scene is left out.
Jasper doesn’t approve of Bree and growls at her when she screams. Jasper seems to be trying to protect Bree as he stands next to her at the mention of her presence.
Billy and old Quil say more about the Quileute legends with the spirit warriors and how they got the power to shape-shift into the wolf. Only Billy talks and he only speaks about the wolfs.
Alice keeps her mind busy on other more complicated subjects to keep Edward from finding out her plans.
Jacob comes to get Riley’s scent and stays to ask Bella questions.
It is mentioned that Quil imprinted on Emily’s two year old niece Claire. Which is important because it is used as foreshadowing for Breaking Dawn.
Jacob mentions how he will not be able to age until he gains enough control to stop phasing.
After Bella sees Jacob and leaves, she spends the whole night crying. She tells Edward he will never see her cry for Jacob again.
Edward gives Bella college applications for her to fill out.
Bella gets accepted into the University of Alaska, and Charlie asks Edward what his plans are. Edward tells him he’s been accepted into Harvard, Darmouth and the University of Alaska.
The first time you see Edward is when he comes to Bella’s house to give her college applications. It is in the meadow, and Bella is studying for her English Exam.
Bella tells Edward that the reason the werewolves are there is because the Cullens appear.
Carlisle and Edward both go to check on Jacob after the encounter with the Volturi. Only Carlisle goes.
Bella mentioned there were hot dogs, chips, and root beer at the bonfire. When Jacob and Bella arrived at the bonfire, Seth told them there were burgers to eat.
Riley has blond hair. His hair is brown.
When Jacob kisses Bella, Edward threatens him in a low, calm voice. Edward threatens him by yelling and shouting at him in an uncontrolled voice.
Edward does a mock-fight with Jasper. Edward fights with Carlisle instead.
Edward tells Bella that the Volturi are finally coming. It is Alice.
When Alice is training she said in the book “Gotcha”and kisses Jasper on the neck. Alice did not say anything and she kissed Jasper on the lips.
Rosalie was attacked by 7 men. She was attacked by 4 men.
Bella expresses her extreme sorrow and guilt for having to reject Jacob. She later cries about her decision, with Edward comforting her. She simply tells Jacob her choice.

As before, I borrowed a few differences from this website. Since Eclipse is the last movie out there at the moment, it seems prudent to end this for now… But you know I’ll be back to do the same for Breaking Dawn (parts 1 and 2; as I’m sure you’ve already heard Stephenie Meyer is breaking up the last book into two parts for movies) when they finally come out onto the silver screen. So, for now, I leave you with the differences between “Eclipse” the Book and “Eclipse” the Movie. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it!

New Moon the Book VS New Moon the Movie

Sorry. I STILL couldn’t believe that my review of the Twilight series got SOOO long, that I needed to put in another entry. This section happens to be about the differences between the movie and book “New Moon.”

The Book The Movie
Bella doesn’t meet the pack properly until she goes to Emily’s house. Bella goes to the pack and demands to know what they have done to Jacob, then they take her to Emily’s house.
Aro does not ask Felix to take care of Bella. Aro does ask, and Edward has to protect her.
Jacob and Bella have had no contact since he was sent to deliver the message at prom. Jacob missed her birthday (“I missed yours too”). The next time she sees Jacob is when she brings the bikes. Jacob gives Bella conversation hearts for Valentines Day, not a birthday present. Jacob comes to Forks High to wish Bella happy birthday and give her a present, a dream catcher.
Bella approaches a group of men whom she thinks are the same from the incident in Port Angeles in Twilight. She tries to approach the men but Edward’s voice keeps her from doing so. Bella approaches one of the men and hops on the back of his Harley even though Edward’s ghostly image warns her otherwise. Bella goes for a ride until realizing how dangerous the situation is and yelling at the man to stop.
Jacob turns into a werewolf and “fights” Paul when Paul talks about Bella. Bella approaches Sam Uley’s wolf pack and punches Paul, therefore making Paul mad, he turns into a werewolf and Jacob sees, jumps off his porch, over a creek, over Bella, turns into a wolf in midair, and then play-fights Paul.
After Bella’s dream she wakes up, gets dressed, skips breakfast and goes to school. She wakes up and Charlie comes in and gives her birthday presents. He also teases her about “looking older” and he says that he sees a gray hair.
At the beginning, only Alice comes to greet Bella and Edward because Jasper is not at school but in college with Rosalie and Emmett. Both Jasper and Alice come to greet Bella and Edward at school on her birthday also giving her an unwanted present.

Edward explains to Bella in her living room about his suicidal plan he had (provoking the Volturi) if he had been too late in saving her from James. Edward explains this in school during their English class.
Charlie gives Bella a film-roll camera after school. Charlie gives Bella a digital camera before she goes to school.
Edward and Bella are watching “Romeo and Juliet” for her class assignment, after school, and before going to the party arranged by Alice at the Cullens’ home. They watch “Romeo and Juliet” in class at school.
Edward leaves his cell phone in a trash can in Rio de Janeiro and someone answers it when Alice calls. He crushes his cell phone and leaves it on his hotel room floor outside Brazil and no one calls again.
Bella wears a light blue shirt to her birthday party. Bella wears a green dress and a black top to her birthday party.
At the party, the cake is Pink. At the party, the cake is green, white, and decorated with flowers.
Bella gets the papercut from opening Edward and Alice’s gift. Bella gets the papercut from opening the gift from Carlisle and Esme.
Edward shoves Bella into the pile of gifts, cake, and crystal plates. Bella learned of the Cullen’s powers in the first book. Edward shoves Bella into the wall and the glass candle holders cut her. Bella reluctantly decides to go to the party at the Cullen’s house because Jasper made her, though they never told of his powers.
Emmett holds Jasper back from attacking Bella along with Rosalie’s help. Carlisle helps Emmett hold Jasper back while Rosalie just stands around.
Carlisle asks Bella if she’d like to be examined in the hospital or right in his home. She wants to avoid the hospital so she won’t have to deal with Charlie. Carlisle rushes to examine and treat Bella immediately.
Edward and Alice stay with Bella instead of going outside at first, to assist Carlisle in treating Bella’s injury. Bella tells Edward to leave, but he insists he’ll be fine. Alice leaves when Carlisle starts stitching up Bella’s wound. Alice apologetically rushes to go outside away from Bella’s tempting blood. Carlisle tells Edward to talk to Jasper, and Edward does so without saying a word.
Bella has one Black and one Red motorcycle. She got them from the youngest son of the Markses, after being put in the front lawn of their house. Bella has one Black and one Silver motorcycle. She says that she saved it from the junkyard, which she does but skips the whole origin of the motorcycles.
Bella went to the Cullen’s house. She kept hearing the words “as if I never existed” She wanted to hear his voice again.
Jacob takes Mike home after Mike gets sick at the movies. Jacob snaps at Mike at the movies and leaves.
Jacob makes his promise to Bella not to hurt her, outside her home after the movies and after taking Mike home. She notices his high temperature. He says he feels funny and rushes home. This is all done at the stairs of the movie theatre while Mike is throwing up in the bathroom around the corner.
Bella thinks the whole Volterra event was a dream and argues with Edward that she doesn’t want to wake up. Bella believes that she is awake.
Bella and Edward were in Bella’s bedroom when Edward told Bella to marry him first if she wants him to change her himself. Bella and Edward were in the forest after the Jacob confrontation when Edward asked her.
Carlisle treats Bella in the kitchen. Carlisle treats Bella in his office.
Carlisle drops the pieces of glass from Bella’s arm onto the table at first. Carlisle drops the pieces of glass from Bella’s arm directly into a bowl containing antimicrobial fluid.
While Carlisle is revealing Edward’s transformation process back in 1918, he said he took the nearly dying Edward to his home to transform him. People at the clinic had no suspicions as Edward could have passed for dead. Carlisle transformed Edward right in his clinic bed while the room was empty.

Inside Bella’s truck (after Edward had driven Bella home from the papercut incident), Edward says if she were with her normal human friends, the incident wouldn’t have happened, or if it did, it wouldn’t have turned out so bad. This is when Edward takes it as a fact that they just can’t be together. Bella points out the fact that as long as she’s a human, she’ll face many incidents much like the one that just happened, and something is bound to separate them such as an accident, illness, and aging. She says the only solution to prevent these things in the future is to transform her. Edward says “That’s not a solution, it’s a tragedy.”
Edward and Bella share her birthday-kiss-request in her bed. This is done outside her truck in front of her home.
Edward stays overnight alongside Bella in her bed the night of her birthday. Edward is notably acting distant, and walks home.
When Edward sees Bella in Volterra, he believes he is dead and she is an angel. He also quotes a line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. When Edward sees Bella in Volterra, he says “heaven” before she pushes him out of the light, whereby he realizes she is alive.
Harry Clearwater dies of a fatal heart attack. It is later suggested that the sudden change of his children into werewolves caused Harry’s heart attack and subsequent death. Harry Clearwater dies because of a heart attack caused by Victoria.
Bella spends the entire Italy trip thinking Edward still doesn’t want her and that he tried to die out of guilt. Bella and Edward have the reunion conversation almost instantly when Bella pushes him out of the light in Volterra. Edward tells her ‘the truth’ and there is no confusion.
‘The Vote’ takes place at the Cullen’s dining room table, which is presumably only used for important family discussions. Protecting the family from the wrath of the Volturi is the reason Bella gives for wanting to be transformed. Edward sits on Bella’s left, and gives a speech outlining an alternate plan for dealing with the Volturi in which she need not be transformed. During the vote Edward storms out and breaks something, Bella asks each person for their answer directly. ‘The Vote’ is less formal, the Cullens stand around in the living room. The Volturi are not mentioned, and Bella simply points out that they all know what she wants, & she knows she’s asking for a lot. Edward lurks behind, on the stairs, Bella tells him to “shut up” when he begins to protest, and he does not give an ‘against’ speech. Bella asks Alice first to get the ball rolling, and then each person volunteers their own answer without being called upon.
Bella tells the wolves about the powers some of them have. Bella doesn’t tell them but at the end of the movie, Jacob tells Edward to get out of his head!
The Cullens are unaware that Victoria is seeking revenge by coming after either Edward or Bella. If this were the case Edward would never have left her in that danger. Edward tells Alice not to interfere by looking into Bella’s future. The Cullens and Edward are aware of Victoria but leave anyway. Edward is relying on Alice’s sight to foresee Victoria’s attack.
Edward proposes in her bedroom after they vote about her becoming a vampire. Bella reacts at first as if he is joking, and then there is an entire conversation about it. This is when she tells Edward she wants him to change her, and not Alice or Carlisle. All this happens before they talk with Jacob about the treaty. He proposes in the forest on the way back to Bella’s house after the confrontation where Jacob stops them to talk about the treaty. The key part where Bella tells Edward that she wants him to change her occurs in the car before Jacob stops them.
Alice asks Bella “How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?”while they were still on the plane. Right after they landed. They are already in the car and Bella asks where she got the car and Alice replies “I figured you wouldn’t be that opposed to grand theft auto.”
When Bella goes to school in the beginning after she had her dream, Alice is there with her and Edward talking before school. This is when Alice gives Bella her birthday present, but Bella rejects it. Bella is alone with Edward before school starts and after Jacob gives her the dream-catcher. Alice gives her a gift in a busy school hallway, tells her “happy birthday!” and is shushed by an embarrassed Bella. Bella is irritated at first telling Alice “I thought I said no presents.” Alice explains that she has already “seen” Bella open it, and wear it later on that evening to the gathering at the Cullen’s home in her honor – using this statement to invite her.
After Bella’s birthday Edward waits 3 nights before he leaves. He leaves the next day in the movie.
Bella thought Emmett and Rosalie were in Africa before her birthday.
Edward give Bella a CD he made with Bella’s Lullaby and Esme’s favorite on it.
Before he leaves, Edward puts all Bella’s presents and pictures of him under one of her floorboards. She thinks he took them. He is shown looking at the photos, that is all.
Bella and Jacob talk about him becoming a werewolf before Paul changes into a wolf and tries to attack Bella. Then at Emily’s house they talk in the corner. After Jacob gets back from his fight with Paul they take a walk on the beach and that’s when they talk about him being a werewolf. And they never talk at Emily’s house.
At the beach after Jacob pulls Bella out of the water Sam is there with him and Bella can hear them talking about her. And she spills up tons of water. Harry Clearwater is in the hospital at Forks He wasn’t dead yet. Sam is not there right after Jacob pulls her out. And she barely spills any water out. Harry Clearwater was already dead.
When Sam rescues Bella from the woods, when he find her he asks her “Have you been hurt?” Which is significant because that’s his way of asking if the vampires had hurt her. Sam says nothing to Bella in this scene.
The first time Jacob noticed Bella’s “vampire bite” was at the movies. He asked her where she got it and she replied “Do you honestly expect me to remember where all my scars came from?” After finding out that Jacob was a werewolf and they were hanging out in Jacobs garage one night during spring break, he was asking questions about the Vampires and asking why Edward had killed James. Then Bella told him the story. He wanted to know why she wasn’t a vampire, and She told him Edward had saved her twice. He almost lost control while sitting in the Rabbit with her. The first time he sees Bella’s bite scar is in her bedroom when he’s trying to get her to remember the story he told her about the Quileute legends. It seems to be vaguely inferred that he automatically figures out it’s a vampire bite. If this is the case, he also assumes it wasn’t one of the Cullens since he doesn’t react as if he thinks the treaty may have been violated.
Jacob just knows that Bella doesn’t like to listen to music, even though Bella never told him. This is significant because it shows how close they are and what good friends they are. Bella turns off the music the first time they are working on the bikes together and tells him she doesn’t like music anymore.
Bella grabs at her stomach throughout the whole book trying to “hold herself together.” She only does it a few times.
When Alice comes to Bella’s house her eyes are black because she is thirsty. Her eyes are golden and she is not thirsty.
When Edward calls for Charlie, Jacob states it was “Dr. Carlisle Cullen.” Jacob is unaware it is Edward. He tells him he is at a funeral as it is a couple of days after Harry’s death. Edward does not use Carlisle’s name and Jacob is aware it is Edward. Jacob tells him he has a funeral to plan.
Alice stays the night, talks to Bella about her past, and talks with Charlie about how depressed Bella was when they left. This doesn’t happen at all.
Edward’s eyes are black in Volterra because his depression over the separation from Bella has kept him from feeding. Edward’s eyes are golden in Volterra.
Bella is thinking ‘I love you. Edward, I love you’ when Laurent goes to kill her. Bella says “Edward, I love you” out loud.
Bella screams out Edward’s name over and over and “Edward, no!” as she’s running to stop him from exposing his vampire nature to the crowd. She reaches him just before he steps out into the sunlight, and succeeds in keeping him from doing so – thus preventing him from breaking the exposure rule. The little girl sees him, but he remains in the shadows. Bella does not call out to him, and does not say anything until she has already reached him. Edward has already stepped out into the sunlight which is clearly shown glistening off his skin. The little girl is already watching him before he steps into the sunlight, and surely sees his skin’s inhuman reaction to the sunlight. Presumably she is unable to properly relay that information to her parents, and due to this fact the rule is still considered unbroken.
Edward and Bella have said “I love you” to each other many times before the birthday kiss request scene. The “I love you” they exchange after Bella’s birthday kiss request in front of her house is the first and only time this occurs in the first two movies. Bella says “I love you Edward” just before Laurent is about to kill her, but Edward is not there to return the sentiment.
When Bella jumps off the cliff she screams. That is how Jacob knows she was cliff diving. Jacob was in his wolf form when she jumps, and so his senses were keen enough to hear her, and know where to find her. He also explained that after they lost Victorias scent, he thought she might come to the beach as Bella had been spending so much time there. Also, there is a huge storm brewing when she jumps…one more reason it was dangerous. She also had another conversation with Edward while drowning in the water. Bella doesn’t scream when she jumps. Around this same time, Jacob is shown on a cliff nearby after chasing Victoria into the ocean. Presumably he was still there fuming over Victoria’s escape, and thus able to see Bella jump, rather than hear her scream. No storm. She saw him in the water and that was all.
When Bella and Alice get to Voltera they’re confronted by a guard and Alice bribes the guard with a large amount of money. The guard takes it and lets them go on.
When Bella and Alice are in Voltera, Bella gets out of the yellow vehicle and Alice tells her to run and she does but she was in such a hurry she just left the door open. She slams the door and runs.

As before, there was absolutely NO way that I could have remembered all of these differences on my own. I had to include a whole bunch from this website. If you know of any more that I missed, please let me know!

The Twilight Series; An Honest Review

Alright fans of mine (and, perhaps, of the Twilight series), I have to be completely honest with you. I ABSOLUTELY love the Twilight series. I was reading on TV Tropes that most people who don’t like the series ask those that do WHY they like the series. And that most fans that get asked that question don’t have a straight answer for non-fans. I have to be honest, I’ve been thinking about this question a lot recently. Especially with Eclipse having been released into theaters recently. Why do I love reading the series? I hope I can answer this to the non-fan’s liking…

As much as I liked reading the books, I have to admit that I only read it that once before Twilight came out in theaters a few years ago. So before I went to see Eclipse, I made sure to read the series again. I have to admit, I got the same thrill I did the first time I read them through. I’m not a teen-y bopper, by any means. Nor am I one that reads or watches movies because they’re the popular thing to do. But I have to admit that I was first attracted to Eclipse because of the concept of vampires.

I’ve been obsessed with the romance of the vampire world. Both in what I read, watch, and what I’ve been writing lately. I’ll be the first to admit that I wouldn’t want to live forever as I am now. Yes, I wouldn’t get any older than I am now, but I’ve always been unhappy about my body type. Empty knows about this first hand…

But there’s something seductive about the concept of wanting to live forever in the prime of your youth. There’s no sickness, no death. No Alzheimer’s, no forgetting people’s names and faces. As a vampire, the only thing you would have to really worry about, is where you would get your next meal without attracting people’s attention. You would have it made as a vampire, really. You could compel unsuspecting men (or women, if you like women) into your bed when you got lonely. Money would never be an option for you, for this same reason, either. You could fly around like a bat to avoid all the people you don’t want to talk to. You could wear awesome capes that swirled about your feet. {Well, this is all providing that you take the old stereotype about vampires to heart like Hollywood apparently has.} I’d be in heaven if I was a vampire, minus the whole having the same body I have now. I think I’ll ask Edward to change me after I loose a few pounds…

In her series, Stephenie Meyer does a good job of bringing many different themes into her books, and I want to discuss them all here. If at any time you can’t bear to read my entire analysis of these themes (because there’s quite a bit!), I’m sorry. I’ve included a section on differences between the movies and the books. The first of which, has already been put up.

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Twilight Book the Book VS Twilight the Movie

Sorry… My review of the Twilight series got SOOO long, that I believed it was time to put in another entry. This section happens to be about the differences between the movie and book “Twilight.”

In The Book In the Movie
Bella cooks the meals. They go out to the local diner for most meals.
There is no mention of the Cullens wearing the family crest. All the of the Cullen family members wear the family crest somewhere on their bodies.
Phil has no lines, nor is he mentioned driving Bella to the airport. Phil is seen in Arizona before Bella leaves. He says “I love ya both, but we got a plane to catch.”
Nothing remotely close to the following scene happens. When Edward takes Bella to his house, all of the Cullens are cooking Italian food for her (because they believe her to be Italian). When Edward says Bella has already eaten, Rosalie breaks a bowl with her bare hands.
Edward never calls Bella “Spider Monkey.” After Edward jumps out of the window, he calls Bella “Spider Monkey.”
It seems that Rosalie has no nickname for Emmett. Rosalie calls Emmett her “Monkey Man”.
Bella wears no bracelet. Bella wears a St. Jude Protection bracelet.
Victoria doesn’t talk until she reappears in “Eclipse.” She talks in the baseball field scene.

There is no mention of a cactus. Bella brings a potted cactus with her to Forks as a reminder of her old home in Arizona.
While Bella is in Port Angeles, she remembers that she left her pepper spray at home. Bella uses the pepper spray, that Charlie gave her, on James, which makes him very angry.
Edward plays Bella a song he’s been working on for her. Then a tour of the house.
Bella dares Edward to eat human food in the cafeteria. This is not mentioned.
Tyler tells everyone that he is taking Bella to prom, without her permission. Tyler comes to Bella’s house to take her to prom and Edward tells him over the phone that he is taking her. This isn’t mentioned, and at prom,Tyler’s dancing with someone else.
Bella sheds some angry tears when Edward took her to the prom. There was no scene in the car.
During the hospital scene towards the end, Edward says that he will stay with Bella “as long as it is best for her”. He simply says “Where else am I going to go.”
Bella finds out about the Cullens’ past. Bella never finds out about any of the Cullens’ past, except a little bit of Edward’s.
There is a hunting trip, therefore Edward leaves Bella a note telling her to “Be Safe” while he is away. There is no hunting trip, therefore Edward doesn’t leave Bella a note.
Bella leaves her jacket in Jessica’s car, forcing her to wear Edward’s. Bella does not leave her jacket in Jessica’s car.
There are scenes with Jasper and Bella, where he tells her that she is worth fighting for. Alice tells her that “we who have been with Edward for so long can see the changes in him,” and that “none of them want to look at him for the next hundred years knowing he lost her.” They didn’t include the scenes with Jasper and Bella.
There is a drive and a hike to get to the meadow for the first time. They reach the meadow during school hours, just after Bella tells Edward she knows what he is.
There is mention of the Denali family. There is no mention of the Denali family.
Bella and Edward have assigned “days” where they ask questions about the other. Bella does all the asking of questions at different points.
Edward told Bella that he and Emmett were going hunting during the time she would be in La Push. He doesn’t mention his trip with Emmett and just makes it seem like the beach is too crowded which was his way of getting out of her invitation to the beach.
Bella writes a note to Edward saying that James has her mom and she has to try to save her. She writes no note at all and just goes to the studio.
When Bella researches about the vampires, she mentioned the Danag, a Filipino vampire, and other vampires from countries all over the world. She see’s there are stories of vampires in Egypt & Peru and connects the dots from there.
Bella show’s that she faints at the sight & smell of blood in Ch. 5 entitled “Blood Type.” All of Ch. 5 is excluded.
Mike can’t stand Edward because he is jealous of his relationship with Bella and vice versa. Mike doesn’t really show much dislike for Edward except when he confronts Bella about it on her way into the diner to meet her dad for dinner.
There were more kissing scenes and love scenes. There were just two kisses.
When Bella left with Alice and Jasper they were the last ones to go. They were the first.
Edward kisses Bella inside the house before he leaves with Carlisle and Emmett to get James to follow them. Edward doesn’t kiss Bella he just says “you are my life now,” before Jasper takes off.
Jessica Stanley isn’t very fond of Bella but acts as her friend anyway. Later, she hangs around with Lauren Mallory more, and both hate Bella. Jessica doesn’t seem to mind Bella. Lauren Mallory wasn’t even cast.
Victoria, James, and Laurent appear later on. You see Victoria, James, and Laurent earlier, killing two people, one of which is Waylon Forge, the other is a security guard at Grisham Mill.
The Cullen siblings only take Edward’s car to school, in order of being less noticeable. Rosalie and Emmett both drive their cars to school.
While they are playing baseball, Edward tells Bella to take down her hair. Alice says, “That won’t work. I could smell her across the field.” Rosalie says, “Like that will help. I could smell her from across the field.”
There was no mention of what the Cullens wore to the baseball field. Esme acts as the umpire but does not physically play; she stays with Bella on the sidelines. The baseball scene has the Cullens wearing jerseys and hats. Also, Bella acts as umpire and Esme is the catcher and the teams are formed differently than in the book.
Bella’s first day at Forks High School is on January 18. Her first day is in March.
Forks High School is a cluster of separated buildings. The High School is just one typical enclosed building.
With regard to the heroin line: Bella offers the analogy Edward mentions alcohol at first, but decides the reference is not a powerful enough illustration. The addiction reference is shortened. Alcohol is not mentioned, and when he compares her scent to a drug, Edward simply delivers the line.
Edward tells Bella that he was planning to take her to visit his family on a Sunday when Bella was eating breakfast. Edward jumps onto Bella’s truck and then tells her that he is taking her to meet his family the next day.
The prom is held in the school gym. Prom is held at an inn instead of the high school gym.
Bella reveals that she knows Edward is a vampire in the car on the way back to Forks from Port Angeles. This revelation is moved to the meadow.
Bella uses a CD Player. She uses an iPod.
When they are in Edward’s room Bella says: “You’re not as scary as you think you are.” Edward then pounces on Bella and they land on the couch. Bella says: “I’m not scared of you.” Edward then says: “You really shouldn’t have said that,” slings Bella onto his back, & jumps out the window with her onto a tree.
Bella finds out about her truck while she is riding in Charlie’s police cruiser from the airport. Bella doesn’t know about the truck until after Billy and Jacob deliver it.
Their first kiss is next to Bella’s truck after they leave the meadow. Edward and Bella’s first kiss is in Bella’s room.
Jacob tells Bella all the legends of his tribe and she learns from him that Edward is a vampire. Jacob tells her only part of the story, and she finds the rest out from a book that she buys in Port Angeles and the internet.
It is only after another student opens the door that Edward realizes that Bella is standing behind him in the office on her first day at school. Edward seems to smell her as soon as she enters the room (although this could be that he heard the door open but because he couldn’t hear any thoughts he realized it was her).
Bella ditches Jasper by running through the airport bathroom and hopping into a taxi after getting on a bus. Bella escapes from Alice and Jasper to meet up with James, she ditches them in the hotel lobby.
When Edward saves Bella from being crushed by the van, it is before school. It happens after school.
Bella said that she was going to Seattle to avoid going to a school dance. She said that she was going to Jacksonville.
Edward didn’t know that James and Victoria were together, a crucial point in the next two books. James and Victoria walk away with James’ arm draped over her shoulder.
Edward has a silver Volvo S60R and Bella’s truck is from the ’50s. He has a silver Volvo C30. and her truck is a ’63.
Alice is supposed to be short. She is almost as tall as Bella, and no more than six inches shorter than Jasper.
Emmett has curly hair. His hair is straight and short.

Alice has black hair. She has dark brown hair.
Charlie has curly hair. He does not.
On the way to the prom, Bella finds out that Edward is actually taking her to prom. There is no mention of this because she seems to have known where she was going.
James called Bella to tell her to go to her house in Phoenix, and told her to call the number next to the phone. She was told to go straight to the ballet studio.
Bella finds the ornamental cross in the Cullens’ house ironic and mentions this to Edward. She just passes by it, without a comment.
Bella tells Jessica that Edward “drives like a maniac”. She doesn’t seem to mind.
Jasper poses as a senior, not a junior. Jasper is seen on the class field trip along with Edward and Alice.
Edward stays with Bella after saving her from Tyler’s van, and also rides in the ambulance. Dialogue occurs between Edward and Bella in which he expresses his concern for her, plants the false “safe” version of the story in which he was there the whole time, and agrees to tell her the truth later in exchange for her cooperation. Later in the hospital, when Tyler asks how she was able to get out of the way so fast, Bella goes along with the false story Edward gave her, which earns his trust. Edward walks away after saving Bella from Tyler’s van and there is no dialogue between them at the time. Bella realizes Edward is obviously hiding something, and while she mentions his involvement, she chooses on her own not to bring up his inexplicable strength in being able to stop the van with his bare hands. This keeping of his secret without being asked to is how she earns his trust.
Charlie is waiting in the waiting room for Bella. Charlie is in the E.R. with Bella and tells Tyler: “You can kiss your license goodbye!”
It is stated that Esme was turned before Rosalie, meaning that Esme would be with the Cullens. When Jacob tells Bella of the legends between his tribe and the Cullens, there is a flashback scene of Edward, Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmett feeding on an animal. Esme is absent in the scene.
After the incident with the van, Edward undented the car, he had smashed into. He wasn’t near any other car to dent it.
When Edward tells Bella to distract him from turning his car around, she starts talking about Tyler and how he told everyone he was taking her to prom. She just tells Edward to put on his seatbelt.
When Bella tells Charlie she’s going out with Edward, he confuses him for Emmett. He calmly asks, “Isn’t he a little old for you?” He also never mistakenly calls Edward “Edwin.”
When Bella goes to the Cullens’ house, Alice and Jasper enter via the staircase. They enter through the window (presumably after hunting).
The website where Bella researches about vampires is called “Vampires A – Z.” This is an actual website. Bella uses Google to find – a fictional website up until the release of Twilight.
Emmett and Jasper killed James in another room. Emmett, Jasper and Alice kill James in the same room with Bella, Carlisle, and Edward.
Bella wakes up to Edward in the hospital. She wakes up to Renée. Edward is pretending to be asleep.
Edward and Bella sit in the very back in Biology, in the middle row. She also sits on his left side. They are on the left side of the room, toward the middle. Bella is sitting on his right side.
Edward and Bella say, ” I love you ” several times. Edward and Bella never say, ” I love you “.
Edward said,” I feel like I’ve left my whole heart with you.” He doesn’t use that line.
James bites Bella on her hand. James bites Bella on her wrist.
Eric and Mike are in Bella’s English class. They are in her Biology class.
There is a rocking chair that Edward sits in while watching Bella sleep. He stood by her dresser and window.
Bella is heard and seen by Edward murmuring his name while she sleeps. Bella never talks in her sleep.
Edward mentions that Jasper has the ability to manipulate people’s emotions. Edward never mentions what Jasper’s abilites are when Bella asks if other people in his family can read minds he just mentions Alice’s abilities.
Bella doesn’t cut her leg on glass in the Ballet Studio; she cuts her head open. She does cut her leg and slightly bangs her head with a little bit of blood there.
The guys that were following her taunted her but she never kicks one of the guys. Edward never exits his car. He just pulls up swiftly and flings open the passenger door and growling fiercely, “Get in.” She kicks one of them. Edward also gets out of the car and growls at the men who were following her before regaining control and speeding off with Bella.
Bella only talks to her mom through her slow internet or the house phone. Bella has a cell phone.
All the male vampires in the Cullen family are well over 6 feet tall, with Emmett clearly being the tallest and Jasper being taller than Carlisle and Edward. The Cullen males are not as tall as they are described in the books, and all appear to be around the same height.
Bella describes Esme’s features as being less angular and more rounded than the others, and compares her to female film stars of the silent movie era. Esme’s appearance does not resemble this description at all.

I hope I managed to get them all. If I didn’t please feel free to let me know. I appreciate my reader imput. The other books VS movies to follow.
Oh yeah, I had help with this, seeing as my memory’s not that good. Since I’m not one to plageurize, this is the site I went to to get a bunch of the differences I sited above.

Bear With Me Folks!

Hey fans! I’ve been working on a new series for my blog that’s based on reviews of books and stuff. I’ll release the first one just as soon as I finish it. The others will follow suit as soon as I finish reading the books I have in mind for this summer series.

I read the Twilight Series over. I’ll be doing some analyzing of those. That, and the Harry Potter Books (seeing as the first part of the last movie’ll be out in a few short months {get excited!}). If there’s any other good books that you want me to try to review, please let me know. I have several ideas, but I’d like to hear what YOU want to read about!

In the meantime, please feel free to re-read my previous blog entries while you bear with me. Thanks for stopping by!