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Hi everyone!  If you’ve been to recently, you’ll have noticed that a section on our front page titled “Videos We Recommend” is now missing from it.  My business partners and I have come to realize that it is taking up space that we could put to better use, especially during the End-Of-Year rush.  Instead of it taking up space there, I have decided to start a new Series here.  Just in case you were missing  it!  🙂



Just a bit of context.  This first video was created by a wonderful individual who summed up many knitter’s attitudes toward our craft.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

P.S. Check out the podcasts that are featured.  These ladies and gents are really entertaining and wonderful people.


Here is a list of the Podcasters Mentioned:

Mel – Formally of Single-Handed Knits.  She is With Mel now.

Aimee & Darren – KnittingInCircles

Heather – Fiberista Files

Fiona – A Down Under Yarn


These are a few videos of the fastest knitters & crocheters I’ve ever seen:



It’s Not Just A Distraction…

Hi all!  I was told recently that I haven’t been talking much about anything other than knitting recently.  So I wrote a lot about soccer during the Women’s World Cup in order to prove her wrong.  But I suppose she brings up a valid point.  This blog was originally supposed to be about the written words that are (sometimes) floating around in my head.  To be fair, though…  I haven’t really written a story in quite a bit.  I’ve been caught up in the stories others have written.  They have caught my attention just as much as my knitting projects have.

The past couple of weeks (4 to be exact), I have been doing a lot of reading fluff or Sci-fi books.  Just today, I finished the second Betrayedbook in the Transformed series by Stacy Claflin.  She is a new-to-me author that I recently discovered.  I actually found out about this series from an anthology of 13 Paranormal books P13 (Titled “The Paranormal 13”) that I downloaded for free.  I’m still not too sure I want to continue with the series, as I have enough on my Kindle to read.  I also realize that there’s not much that held my interest until the last couple of chapters.  However, that may have been my own fault, as I didn’t sit down to read more than one chapter at a time.  Usually that doesn’t bother me, but the storyline was actually pretty good.  It’s about a new Vampire girl who finds that her royal parents have been keeping her in the dark about more than just her Vampire heritage.  The first followed her transformation from a human to a Vampire, and the silly love triangle she finds herself in…  The second continues the second theme, as she finds out that her Royal parents have been lying to her, and she ends up rebelling in a very interesting way.  I think I may want to continue with the story, to see if that rebellion is leading where I think it is.  Who knows, right?  I may end up enjoying it more than I think I will…

Also in this category, I have been reading many more titles.  But the ones I mentioned above are the ones that have stood out.  I have SOO many loaded on my Kindle right now, that I don’t even know if I remember when I downloaded them.  I’m something of a Bibliophile (a collector of books and the written word), if you will!  I wanted ya’ll to know that…

I’ve also been reading many books that cannot be described as fluff or Sci-fi…  They are books that have been instrumental in the day-to-day of my craft and Silver’s Knitted Treats.   Business Planning CO BO Plan as You Go  If you can’t read the titles, they are “Business Plans for Dummies” by Paul Tiffany, Steven D. Peterson,  “Cast On, Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods: Find the best start and finish for every knitting project”  by Leslie Ann Bestor and “The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan” by Tim Berry.  I have only just begun to read these three, but I do believe that I will learn more about my art, and I cannot wait!  🙂


I’ve also been listening to a quite a few books through Audible.  If you haven’t heard, Audible is Amazon’s audiobook website.  I’m freaking obsessed with listening to great stories on my kindle while I’ve been working on the many projects I’ve been working on for Stash Dash.  I’ll actually be discussing this topic in a future post, so please stay tuned!  🙂 I want to do a better revue for these wonderful books, where they won’t get stuck in a large body of text and bore you…  😉


Also to keep with the theme of doing something else while I’m working on projects, I have also been watching a lot of TV Series repeats and movies that I have in my Amazon Library.  Mostly because it’s easier to use one machine for everything.  The other, is because I’ve been on a buying spree of these wonderful gems over the past few years and thought it time I re-visited them while I knit my ass off…  Let’s see, besides catching up with the KnitGirllls, knittingincircles, and in a sKnit podcasts, I have also been watching

1) Seasons 1-7 of Gilmore Girls.  Oy with the Poodles already!  Babette Ate Oatmeal!

2) Season 1 of Supernatural.  I will watch more, but that’s how far I’ve gotten.

3) Magic Mike again, in anticipation of the new movie release.

4) Abduction with Taylor Lautner.  Need I say more?

5) One For the Money.  I love the books.  Only the second time I’ve seen the movie!

6) Kate and Leopold.  For the 6th time, at least.   Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said that without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable. 

7) Wolverine.  I have a thing for Hugh Jackman, as you can see…  🙂

8) Rock of Ages (for the 3rd time)

9) and Stargate (for at least the 10th time.  6th time this year, actually…)


Till next time, dear reader!  -Silver-

300 Bite The Dust

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that while I haven’t been blogging about the projects I’ve been working on, or even stuff going on in my neck of the woods, that I haven’t been thinking of ya’ll and what I should talk about next.

I’ve been on the hunt for my 300th project on Ravelry.  If you don’t know, it’s basically a place where I log all of my projects and yarn-ey goodness.  You can also describe Ravelry, as a place to buy/sell yarn, and a place for knitters & crocheters like myself and my business partners to get together and share all of our wonderful projects.  As I needed to show you proof that I’m finally there, I have included a screenshot of what is called my Project Page there on Ravelry.  I’m sorry for the quality of the picture.  It is the best I can do, without having to export the entirety of my Project Page, which I thought would be boring to ya’ll.

300th Project

If you are either a knitter/crocheter, and would like to connect with me, I am Silverluna2112.  I love getting new friend requests and I like to think I’m a good at getting back to you quickly.  Seeing as I’m on Ravelry most days for hours, just looking at the pretty patterns and yarn people have been using for them, there’s a pretty fair bet that I’ll be there.  Come on by, send me a message.  I promise, I don’t bite…..  Hard….   (JK) 🙂

You won’t be able to see it from my project page, but I’m working on a hat made out of one of the yarns I bought from Friday Studios.  It’s called Vampire Bill.  Vampire Bill For BlogYou may or not be able to see some of the witty titles I try to use in my project names, depending on the yarn colorway or even the pattern name I was using to create each project.  This 300th project is called “My Vampriss Hat.”  Cool, huh?

I was just searching through some of my projects, and I thought I would list a few of my favorite project names.  See if you can guess what kind of pattern each one is based on those names!  If you give up and need the answers, I will be posting the answers in a future post.  Post your guesses in the comments below, if you want to play along.  There might be something in it for the person who guess all 10 correctly…    I’ll post my answers on the 31st of March, so you have plenty of time to post a response.  Good Luck to those who will be giving it a try!  – Silver-



My 10 Favorite Project Titles of all Time:

  1. The Power of Three Times Three – Bacon Style
  2. It’s ALL about that Treble!
  3. I’ve killed it. Oh! Everything I touch gets ruined”
  4. I want Candy
  5. Meow
  6. I always wanted to make a mudpie!
  7. Chicka Cherry Cola Hat
  8. Smooth Criminal (and now, you can’t stop singing it in your head, huh?)
  9. Be The Cure
  10. Fangs For The Introduction!

Just A Few Yarn-ey Thoughts…

Hi everyone!  I’ve been having a lot of stuff floating through my head as of late as to the nature of my business and my craft.  It seems to me, that knitted items (and even other crafted items) aren’t as appreciated as they should be.  Especially hand-knit items.  When someone gives you a knitted present for the Holidays, don’t groan (or flinch).  Think of me.  Or think of the individual that made the item for you.  Knitting isn’t as easy as you think it is, even for those that have been knitting most to all of their lives.  It’s something that you need to practice, even up until the day you die.

I’m going to say something not many knitters will be willing to admit.  Yarn is expensive.  Depending on the yarn company and who you buy from a single skein of yarn can range from $3 (for a few yards of yarn, which will not make much, to be honest) up until $45 a skein (sock weight).  This difference comes into play quite a bit.  The yarn you purchase from Wal-mart (starting at the $3 a skein/ball of yarn up to $12, for over a thousand yards) or any big boxed store (Michaels, A.C. Moore, JoAnne’s, etc)  is a large company’s yarn (mostly Red Heart and Lion’s Brand, which is really not a big selection of all of the yarn companies out there) so they can afford to dye, spin, and wind the yarn for you at a bulk discount.  They have machines that do all the work, so not many hands get involved in the process.  To me, this process seems…sterile.

Indie dyers (or local yarn spinners, dyers, etc) do not have that luxury (or money) of buying in their supplies in bulk, and do everything by hand.  This takes their loving care, time and effort to create their wonderful yarns.  When you knit with their yarns, you can tell that they care about the product they are selling.  For example, here are several examples of wonderful Indy Dyers that I have recently purchased from.

From Friday Studios, I just purchased two skeins of yarn at $33 each.  This wonderful little company has so many different types of yarn and in many different colors that it’s hard not to fall in love with them.  I bought the  Vampire Bill For BlogVampire Bill Self-Striping colorway, as well as the 80s Pic For Blog80s Self-Striping colorway.  Here are some of the stats on the yarn.  “100g / 3.5 oz425 m / 465 y , 75% Super-Wash Wool, 25% Polyamide, 4ply Fingering.”  To get a glimpse of the size of each, each ball of these yarns will get you 1 pair of socks, depending on how big you need to make them.  I saw an add for the Vampire Bill colorway on Ravelry (a site where I have all of my projects listed), and immediately went to grab it.  On the way to check out, I saw the 80’s colorway.  If you know me in person, you’ll know that I LOVE purples (besides the fact that I was born in the 80s and this color just SCREAMS 80s)!  Both had to be mine, cause duh!  They’re both awesome.  I know people who have knit with the second skein and couldn’t stop raving about how soft the yarn is, as well as how cool this dyer is.  I’ll do a review when it comes in.  Believe you, me…


I have also bought from SheepyTimeKnits.  I have bought both the  Twilight Pic for BlogTwilight and  Ruby Slippers Pic for blogRuby Slippers colorways of their “All Your Base” line of yarns.  Each skein was $24.  The yarn is a 3 ply superwash merino yarn.  490 yards/100g.  To all you “muggles” out there, this means that these are also meant to be socks as well.  They are super soft and can be washed and worn around the house.  You can even make shawls out of them (although you may need several skeins).  See, aren’t those two SOOOOO pretty?  I saw them, and said “You WILL be mine!”

So, besides the amount of money you would be spending on yarn, you would also be spending a lot of time working on the item you knit.  It takes almost TOO much time to do some of these knitted items that you see on Pinterest, etc.  If I got paid by the hour that I work on my knitting projects, I’d be a RICH woman!  If you give that the minimum wage here in CT is $9.19 times the amount of hours I’ve been putting in this past week, it stands to reason that if I were to sell that item (or five projects, as this week’s case may be) and be paid for my time then people would freak!  Let me lay out my week in terms of what I was able to finish and how long it took me to do that.  This way you can get a glimpse into my world.  Then tell me $20 for a hand-knit hat with several colors (especially since I needed to buy multiple skeins of yarn) is too much…


Okay.  Since Monday the 19th, I have worked on a total of six projects.  I have worked on a white Basketweave Baby Blanket for a client, a blue lap blanket with 5 different color skeins of yarn for another client, a Holiday Stocking in the Ruby Slippers colorway, two hats for the donations (that I’m running behind on, BTW) for AGDQ2015, a simple cowl for myself, and the start of a Hogwarts Express shawl, also for myself.  For the sake of this post, I’m not going to be counting the latter, as I’ve had to start and Frog (rip the work out and start over) several times and just decided to put it off for a bit.  But that is a total of an hour I spent on it.  The times you’ll be seeing do not include the time I had to take out to sleep, work (even part-time), and do homework for a class.

Monday the 19th: (a schoolwork day, to boot)

I started my knitting day at roughly 2:10, and ended at 3:46.  I was working on the white Basketweave Blanket pretty heavily.  In that timeframe, I did 4 rows in total.  Each row of that pattern has approximately 246 stitches across.  So if you add all that together, in an hour and a half, I did 984 stitches.  This approximately 11 stitches every minute.  This sounds fast to you, as you don’t know, but I knit pretty slow.  Especially when it comes to a highly patterned row, where I have to count each and every stitch.  The pattern calls for 6 stitches and 4 stitches.  Depending on the row, it could be 6 purl stitches and 4 knit stitches, or 6 knit stitches and 4 purl stitches.  So you REALLY have to pay attention to the pattern.

The good news, is that I actually got a chance to finish the project that very night (as it was due the following day to a client).  I took a quick break to eat and start looking through my homework assignment.  Then I got sidetracked into knitting some more.  From 4:39 to 6:30, I finished up the pattern (3 rows), then did the last 3 rows in knit stitch only to create a boarder on the top.  I also do a double-count row to make sure that I get the same number of stitches that I started off with.  With a blanket, having the same number over the course of the project is pretty key.  It means you didn’t mess up anywhere.  So, yay for that!  🙂  I also include my bind-off row as a complete row.  So, this makes a total of 8 rows I did in that time frame of roughly 2 hours.  That’s 1,968 total stitches.  That’s about 16 stitches every minute.  (So, here’s the starting proof that I knit faster than I purl…)

That makes a total of 1.5+2.09 = 3.59 hours.  At $9.19 an hour, I could have made myself $32.99.  Now, consider that that particular blanket had a grand total of 226 rows.  Total of 55,596 stitches.  13.5 average/minute.  Total time: 69 hours  X $9.19/hr = $634.11.  So, to be fair to the time that it took me to make the blanket, it would cost you $634.11.  With the yarn I chose for the project, (Lion’s Brand, Pound of Love) retailing at $11.69 a skein (and I only used about 1/2, your grand total for the project would have been $639.96.

So, now that I’ve done the math on all of that, you might be thinking “but don’t you sell baby blankets at $40 at pop on your Website?”  Why yes, yes I do.  I for-go a lot of the price of time for the potential yarn/shipping costs.  I could charge a whole lot more, but I don’t.  Just keep that in mind.  Like many knitters, I honestly enjoy the process and the look on my Recipient’s face more than everything.  It makes all the work that I do worthwhile.

DSC07158 DSC07164 Here are some pictures of the blanket!  Hope you like it!  🙂


Tuesday the 20th: (which is a work day for me.  I work at 4, most week days that I don’t have class…)

At 3:30 until 5:21 AM I worked on 2 rows of the Blue blanket.  Had to rip back 1st row, as I’m a dunce and didn’t realize what row in the pattern I was on.  Before work I did a quick row (1:27 to 1:54) in Shaded Blue.  While in the parking lot at work, I actually cast on the cowl.  I don’t have a record of when I worked on it, though.  This is why I’m not adding it into the total time I spent knitting.  I’m sorry if that confuses anyone.

When I got home from work, I did a quick measure of my work before starting back up to work.  It’s always good to know how long you lap blankets are.  Sometimes I make a blanket only 45 inches long.  Before heading into the last 1 1/2 stripes I had left to do in my pattern.  It was up to 43.5 at this point, which was fine.  As LaLa of The KnitGirllls would say, “It’ll work out.  It’ll be fine.”  🙂

After doing a quick check,  I did two rows of the more complicated rows which help make up the majority of the Roman Stitch that this pattern is made of.  This took me from 10:13 to 11:03.   Then I did 3 rows (1 all knit, 1 all purl, 1 all knit) more rows, which took me until midnight.

Total Time Spent Knitting: 3 hours and 13 minutes

Amount I Would Have Earned: $28.48

Total Number of Stitches: 240 stitches/row X 5 rows = 1,200 stitches total.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged:  Just over 6 stitches per minute.


Wednesday, January 21st: (Another Work Day for me)
Between 12:03 and 12:23AM I did a row.  Then I got distracted by prep for homework due Thursday nights.  Then I picked up the blanket again between 3 and 3:38AM I did the 2 Rows of the Roman Stitch part of the pattern.  I like to take breaks between the Roman Stitch and the rest of the pattern to break it up, and so you can see how freaking long it takes me to do 1 by 1 ribbing (kitting 1 stitch, then purling the next, and repeating until I get to the end of the row).  But it also helps that at the end of this particular point, I was changing colors from Royal blue to Shaded Blue.  From 4:30 to 5:40AM I spent doing 4 rows.  I got sick of working on the blanket, just because that’s who I am.  I can’t be monogamous with any piece of knitting for too long.  This is why I always have between 4-5 projects actively on the needles at one given time…

At work I did a few rows of the cowl, but can’t remember the exact number.  Sorry.

Between 5:45 and 6 PM, I cast on a Stocking in the Ruby Slippers colorway that I mentioned above, as well as the first purl row, just to keep the cast-on stitches together while I put it down.  I think I got home from work that night and just boogied on my homework assignments until I got bored with that too.  All of my classes are online, so I use the computer a lot, and sometimes my head hurts from being on the computer so long…

Total Time Spent Knitting: 2 hours and 23 minutes

Amount I Would Have Earned: $21.90

Total Number of Stitches: 240 stitches/row X 7 rows (on the blanket) + 96 stitches/row X 2 rows (on the stocking) = 1,872 stitches total.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged:  13 stitches


Thursday, January 22nd: (Day off from work, but Homework Day)
From 3:15 to 6:40 AM I did 2 rows of the Roman Stitch.  Then I went to bed, because it was SUPER Super late.  Then I woke up just before noon, and worked from 12 noon to 12 AM almost straight through, with some homework spread throughout.  I actually worked from Row 7 to the end of the Shaded Blue stripe and up to the 4th Row of the Navy.  This was a total of 15 rows.

Total Time Spent Knitting: 15 hours and 25 minutes

Amount I Would Have Earned: $140.15

Total Number of Stitches: 240 stitches/row X 17 rows = 4,080 stitches total.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged:  Just over 4 stitches per minute


Friday, January 23rd: (Another work day)
From 1:43 to 3:06 AM, I worked on 4 rows.  I think I stopped because I got distracted by something shiny…. Or maybe a FB game…. Who knows.   Most probably, I was working on the Cowl again.  But again, like I mentioned before, since I’m not too sure, I’m not going to count it in my counts.  Sorry if it confuses you again…

Between 4:14 an 4:54 I did the Roman stitch rows, as well as 4 more rows.  Then I went to bed, as I had to work in the morning, so I couldn’t spend TOO much more time awake.  After work I hung out and knit while EE finished his stream.  From 10:40 until 11:37 I did 3 rows on the blanket, then passed out.  I have to work early Saturday mornings, and I don’t want to be dead on  my feed for a 9 1/2 hour shift…  (Just a word of advice I’m passing on to you, if you must know)

Total Time Spent Knitting: 3 hours

Amount I Would Have Earned: $27.57

Total Number of Stitches: 240 stitches/row X  11 rows = 2,640 stitches total.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged: About 15 stitches.


Saturday, January 24th: (As I mentioned, a pretty long work day for me)
As I was getting ready for work, probably about 30 minutes, tops, I worked on 1 row on the stocking.  It was an increase row to flush out the rest of the foot of the stocking.  That usually takes me twice the amount of time…  Then I went to work.  In the parking lot, I did a few rows of the Cowl.  Not sure of the exact number, as we had some snow on the roads, and I wanted to get there an hour earlier, just in case the roads were bad (guess what?  They weren’t!)  Supervisor let us in earlier, so I only had time to knit 30 minutes.  Since I had a lunch, I knit the entire hour.  Did a good amount of work, but I can’t remember the exact number of rows, as I was just winging it until I started to run out of yarn on the ball.
I got home an hung out with EE a bit before starting the remainder of the blanket, which was 7 rows if you include the cast off row as an actual row.  For the sake of this post, I will.  This was between 9:09 and 11:40PM.  Since I had to work again in the morning, I took some photos (those of which I will be sharing with you, of course!)

Total Time Spent Knitting: 4 hours and 52 minutes

Amount I Would Have Earned: $41.51

Total Number of Stitches: 240 stitches/row X 7 rows + 1 (144 stitches) row on the stocking=  1,824 stitches total.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged: 10 stitches


Here is the Blue Blanket I finished.  It is 240 stitches across, with 62 rows total.  The top picture was of EE modeling the blanket’s length.  Finished Width: 78 inches (6 1/2 feet).  Finished Height: 57 inches (4 3/4 feet).

DSC07175 DSC07179DSC07181

Predicted Total Stitches: 14,880

Predicted Time Taken: 1,190.4 total hours, based on my average counts over the past week and how much I worked on the blanket while I was at AGDQ.

Predicted Total Before Materials, based on work: $10,939.78.  5 Skeins of Yarn (used 1/2 of each) are $10 each.  I would charge $25 total for materials, even though they were $50 all told.

Charged: $130 only, because the materials screamed to me.  But that is actually my standard rate for a lap blanket with several colors.  Pretty cool, huh?


Sunday, January 25th: (Another work day)
Before I headed to work, I did 2 rows on my stocking between 7:45 and 8:20AM.  While I was in the parking lot at work, I also did a few rows on the cowl.  Again, not sure of the exact number, as I was mostly concerned with shoving my breakfast down my gullet before my Supervisor showed up to unlock the building.  (Yeah, we have to wait, unless we want the alarms to go off, and the cops to show up…)

DSC07184 DSC07185Most of the work on the cowl that I did on Sunday was once I got home, however.  From 6 to 7 PM, I did 6 complete rows and the cast off row.  This was a total of 7 rows.

From 7:30 to midnight, I was hard at work on the AGDQ2015 hat #2 that I was running late with.  All in all, I did 15 rows.  A far bit of that work was the Letters in the pattern.

Total Time Spent Knitting: 6 Hours and 5 minutes

Amount I Would Have Earned: $64.33

Total Number of Stitches: 144 stitches/row X 2 Rows (Stocking) + 96 stitches/row X 15 Rows (AGDQ Hat) + 102 stitches/row X 7 rows = 2,442 total stitches.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged: About 7 stitches.


Monday, January 26th: (Dual day off.  Snow storm start & Homework day)
Since I had gone to bed earlier than I normally do, my body woke me right after 10, so I started my knitting day at 10:40.  I did a marathon knitting session on the stocking (10 Rows) which went until 2:19.  I pretty much peeked my head out of my knitting for food and to bug EE, who was also working from home.

DSC07191 DSC07192 Then I switched gears over to the AGDQ hat.  I did 15 rows from 2:30 to 6:10 PM, which lead me to the end of the pattern section.  At that point, I started getting ready to do the remaining homework for the week done, and the last rows that would cast off the hat.  I normally don’t count those rows, as it does tend to vary depending on the size of the hat, needles, and yarn I’m using.  But I do know I cast it off at 8PM after working on it for an hour.  At that point, I went to do my homework full-time at that point.

Total Time Spent Knitting: 8 hours and 32 minutes

Amount I Would Have Earned: $76.43

Total Number of Stitches: 144 stitches/row X 10 Rows (Stocking) + 96 stitches/row X 15 Rows (AGDQ Hat) = 2,880 total stitches.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged: About 6.


Tuesday, January 27th: (Day off)
I don’t know if you had heard, but here in CT, we got some snow.  Instead of us being on the roads, the Governor put a driving ban on all of the state at 9PM Monday night until early Wednesday so that the snow drivers could do their thing.  The day ended up being pretty relaxed and sleepy.  I’m going to say that I was knitting from 12 noon to 12AM, even though I think half of that time I spent half falling asleep over the needles.  I did 17 rows on the toe (144 stitches each row) and 20 rows of the toe decreases.  It was a bunch of counting and re-counting.  It looks pretty, though… (total= 2440) 2448+2440=4888

Total Time Spent Knitting: 12 hours

Amount I Would Have Earned: $110.28

Total Number of Stitches: 4,888

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged: About 7


Wednesday, January 28th: (Back to work for me)
From 12 to 2AM, I did 4 rows of the stocking to finish the decrease rows.  I think I got sucked into a FB game at this point.  Then I took myself back out of it around 4:30 to try to cast on the Hogwarts Express Shawl.  Ripped back several times, and got frustrated and threw the ball of yarn and needles to the side at 5 AM.  Between 5 an 5:20AM, I cast on AGDQ Hat #3.  I did the Cast on, double count, double yarned rows (where I double up on yarn, in an attempt to hide on the waste yarn and weave in my ends).   I went to work, got home and watched EE stream.  Tried the cast on again and failed.  Got frustrated and then went back to playing more FB games.

Total Time Spent Knitting: 3 hours

Amount I Would Have Earned: $27.57

Total Number of Stitches: 392 + 96 sts/row (AGDQ hat) X 3 rows = 680 total stitches.

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged: 4


Thursday, January 29th: (Homework day)
Since I was up late, I thought that I would do 10 rows on the Stocking.  Each row is now down to 96 stitches until I get to the top.  I worked from 2 to 4 AM, then went to bed since I was dragging ass at that point.  I got up that morning and started this post while I was working on some homework.

Total Time Spent Knitting: 2 hours

Amount I Would Have Earned: $18.38

Total Number of Stitches: 960

Stitches Per Minute I Averaged: 8


So you can see, I keep track of a lot of different things when I knit, just so I can see how far I’ve gotten.  I joke sometimes with my friends and co-workers that I’m not a speedrunner, but I’m a Speed Knitter.  I’m not there officially yet, but I hope to be there some day…

Anyway, my whole point with this post, was to show you that if someone makes you a knitted item for the Holidays, take some time to appreciate the fact that they love you enough that they made you something with their own two hands.  What with the cost of yarn, needles, other supplies, and the time spent knitting that item for you.

…It’s not easy being addicted to knitting…  😉

Cheers, and thanks for reading all of the way through to the end of this rambling post.  If you comment below or on our FB page with your opinion (no matter what it is, I won’t be mad if you don’t agree with me), you will get $5 off your next order on any order I make for you.


Alright.  It’s almost 5AM here.  I have to get to bed.  Thanks for listening!  -Silver-

When You Own Your Own Business…

It becomes your whole life….

I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything writing-related right here, on my own personal blog. Pretty much since I started Silver’s Knitted Treats! Wow! Almost 9 months. If you haven’t already checked out my site (at least once) and liked my FB page or followed us on twitter, then shame on you!!!!!

Just kidding, sort of. Seriously, though, if you share the word that Silver’s Knitted Treats is a real website where I sell projects that have been hand-knitted or crocheted, I’d be most appreciative. Even if you do not have the money to buy anything at this time, I would appreciate the word of mouth. We sell everything from hats, scarves, and blankets to tutus, washcloths, and plushies. So there’s something there for everyone. Including for all of my gaming friends! I promise!

You know, I’ve been consumed with thoughts of how I can expand this business into a self-sustaining one. Still in the hole, so to speak, but I have high hopes for this Holiday season. In anticipation of that, I have started making more and more samples of what I can do as a Knitter. The same goes for my two business partners Maddy and Mercury! They are awesome individuals who have started taking this journey with me! I can be a busybody when it comes to orders/projects, but I do want to make sure that potential Customers can see examples of what we can make. I partnered myself with two ladies that have ALOT of talent when it comes to their art. I would hate to have them do all this work, and not have other people appreciate their talents as much as I do.


So, herein was the issue. I had to create a pretty kick-ass website to do so. I’m not really a website builder by nature (and I REALLY suck at computer languages), but I have noticed that it’s getting easier! I found a software that makes it easier for stupid-heads like me to have their own website and to keep updating it on a weekly basis with hardly any effort. So, thanks! You have saved me a lot of grief this past few months!!!

Next came promoting ourselves on Social Media platforms. Quite frankly, because I don’t have the money to make proper commercials and ads. Hopefully this will all come in later, unless I gain a mysterious benefactor that would be willing to help me in that department… Not saying anyone has to, as I would prefer to do all this on my own terms, but then again…

Since I have been told by both of my partners lately that I take on too much when it comes to my new baby, I am here to implore anyone with any knitting/crochet skill, as well as anyone that’s good with packing, or has any ideas for me in general, that they come forward now. I would welcome the help, and Emptyeye would LOVE for me to go to bed at a “decent hour.” Whatever that is…


So, besides the business, your darling Silver has also been going back to school. The degree I’m currently working toward is Journalism and Mass Communication. I am, however, thinking of changing my major to eCommerce/Social Media. This class that I’m taking now is ENG122, which is a class on College Research Essay Writing! I only have the final paper left of this class. This final paper is due Monday, and I’m a bit nervous about it. 30% of my grade and all… I think that would be enough to make ANYONE nervous! The good thing about this research paper, is that I had the opportunity to explore the concept of strong female characters in major films since I was younger. It was so much fun to research, as part of that time, I spent re-watching the movies that did the best at the box office… 😉 But I really did spend a whole week just researching what others had to say about those same movies, and I was amazed at how much subtext you can pick up from one movie. Especially Disney movies! They’re chock full of them! 🙂 I’ll have to post the essay when I’m done with it. I’m sure you all will get a kick out of it!


Alright. Back to the work grind for me. I have a paper to put the finishing touches on, as well as a few items to knit. Be on the lookout for a new site update and post here on the 1st of October. It’ll be VERY epic!!!


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