When You Own Your Own Business…

It becomes your whole life….

I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything writing-related right here, on my own personal blog. Pretty much since I started Silver’s Knitted Treats! Wow! Almost 9 months. If you haven’t already checked out my site (at least once) and liked my FB page or followed us on twitter, then shame on you!!!!!

Just kidding, sort of. Seriously, though, if you share the word that Silver’s Knitted Treats is a real website where I sell projects that have been hand-knitted or crocheted, I’d be most appreciative. Even if you do not have the money to buy anything at this time, I would appreciate the word of mouth. We sell everything from hats, scarves, and blankets to tutus, washcloths, and plushies. So there’s something there for everyone. Including for all of my gaming friends! I promise!

You know, I’ve been consumed with thoughts of how I can expand this business into a self-sustaining one. Still in the hole, so to speak, but I have high hopes for this Holiday season. In anticipation of that, I have started making more and more samples of what I can do as a Knitter. The same goes for my two business partners Maddy and Mercury! They are awesome individuals who have started taking this journey with me! I can be a busybody when it comes to orders/projects, but I do want to make sure that potential Customers can see examples of what we can make. I partnered myself with two ladies that have ALOT of talent when it comes to their art. I would hate to have them do all this work, and not have other people appreciate their talents as much as I do.


So, herein was the issue. I had to create a pretty kick-ass website to do so. I’m not really a website builder by nature (and I REALLY suck at computer languages), but I have noticed that it’s getting easier! I found a software that makes it easier for stupid-heads like me to have their own website and to keep updating it on a weekly basis with hardly any effort. So, thanks Webs.com! You have saved me a lot of grief this past few months!!!

Next came promoting ourselves on Social Media platforms. Quite frankly, because I don’t have the money to make proper commercials and ads. Hopefully this will all come in later, unless I gain a mysterious benefactor that would be willing to help me in that department… Not saying anyone has to, as I would prefer to do all this on my own terms, but then again…

Since I have been told by both of my partners lately that I take on too much when it comes to my new baby, I am here to implore anyone with any knitting/crochet skill, as well as anyone that’s good with packing, or has any ideas for me in general, that they come forward now. I would welcome the help, and Emptyeye would LOVE for me to go to bed at a “decent hour.” Whatever that is…


So, besides the business, your darling Silver has also been going back to school. The degree I’m currently working toward is Journalism and Mass Communication. I am, however, thinking of changing my major to eCommerce/Social Media. This class that I’m taking now is ENG122, which is a class on College Research Essay Writing! I only have the final paper left of this class. This final paper is due Monday, and I’m a bit nervous about it. 30% of my grade and all… I think that would be enough to make ANYONE nervous! The good thing about this research paper, is that I had the opportunity to explore the concept of strong female characters in major films since I was younger. It was so much fun to research, as part of that time, I spent re-watching the movies that did the best at the box office… 😉 But I really did spend a whole week just researching what others had to say about those same movies, and I was amazed at how much subtext you can pick up from one movie. Especially Disney movies! They’re chock full of them! 🙂 I’ll have to post the essay when I’m done with it. I’m sure you all will get a kick out of it!


Alright. Back to the work grind for me. I have a paper to put the finishing touches on, as well as a few items to knit. Be on the lookout for a new site update and post here on the 1st of October. It’ll be VERY epic!!!


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