World Cup 2010 Finito

OMG. The 2010 World Cup is officially over. Now what’ll I do with my extra time until soccer season starts? . . .
I’m sure I’ll find something!

1st Place= Spain
2nd Place= Netherlands
3rd Place= Germany

There you go. That’s how the final standings went. Let’s wish the men better luck the next time around!

Ok, I did some research. The next World Cup will be in Brazil in 2014. But since you and I will be starved for Professional Football (AKA in the US as Soccer) before then, there’s the Women’s World Cup in 2011 in Germany. I’ll be watching the women with interest, you can be sure!

“Finals” and 3rd Place Games

Hey all. Wow! It’s time again to put in favorites for the Finals of the World Cup game. That and the game that determines who comes in third place in this great tournament. I’ll be updating this, as the games are played out tomorrow and Wednesday.

The 3rd Place Game: 2:30 on Saturday the 10th
Uruguay VS Germany

The “Finals” Game: 2:30 on Sunday the 11th
Netherlands VS Spain

There you go! With the results of that, will be how the World Cup 2010 will end.

Quarter Finals

Okay, just because USA is down for the count does not mean I stop following the World Cup. I’m pretty much watching for the love of the game. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The un-official story, is that I want to see Ghana go down! Don’t care all that much WHEN, so much as how. Going down HARD is the objective! Anyway, here’s how the brackets are set up for the Quarter Finals. I’ll be updating this as the Round of 16 progresses over today and tomorrow.

Quarter Finals Games: (side note; the w’s= winner of each bracket)

Friday 7/2:
10 AM– Netherlands VS Brazil
2:30 PM– Uruguay VS Ghana

Saturday 7/3:
10 AM– Argentina VS Germany
2:30 PM– Paraguay VS Spain

Busy Busy Bee

Hi. It’s been a busy Soccer season so far. I’m running for the Age Director position in Naugatuck at the 5/6 age level. I’ve also been coaching a team up that way as well. We’re the white team. I know, I know. White and little kids aren’t a good mix, but it was the only jersey color left that wouldn’t make my kids overheated on the warm days of this season.
My players wanted to be called The White Winners. No matter what I did, could put them off it! So that’s the name going down in the books, I suppose! They’re so cute, and I have to admit that I’m falling in love with every one of them. It DOES help that I finally remember all of their names to their faces. That’s always a plus. I have to admit, it usually takes me several games to get them all straight. . .
They’ve already improved SOOO much as a group since the first practice. Can’t wait to see how they handle the rest of the season!
Here are some photos that were taken during the first couple of games. I picked the ones where the kids weren’t facing the camera as much to protect them.

Let’s see, other than that, not too much has been happening.
One of my friends has some news, but I won’t tell you which one, or what the news is. She’s excited, but the situation is complicated, at the very least. We’re all excited for her, so that’s cool.
Had a Girls Night Out on Saturday night and celebrated this news. We had TONS of fun that night. I’ll show you the photos and tell you more details in a later post. I changed my friend’s names to protect their identities. Sorry to say, but the identities of those near me is none of the public’s concern. Sorry if it seems I’m mad. I’m not. Just overly-cautious, is all.

Yes. I’m okay.

I just looked at the date of my last post, and realized I haven’t said a word in over a month. This bitch has just been up to her eyeballs in stuff. I didn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted anything. I’ve had ideas, sure. But mostly, I’ve been writing more of my story again. Which is a big plus. Also, I’ve been working with a bunch of kids over at one of the schools with the school’s Guided Reading Program. Gearing up for Soccer season. First practice is tomorrow. First game is Saturday. Have a campus tour of Central today. I hope I’m prepared as well as I CAN be. My brother’s in town for the week. Been trying to get up to my parent’s place to see him as much as I can.
If anybody hasn’t heard, 24’s in it’s last season. That’s an upset… Still no job. That’s an upset too. For both Empty and I…
Don’t get me started on that.
Anyway, gotta go get myself ready for today.

Wish me luck!!!