Stash Dash 2020 is RIGHT around the corner…

Hello everyone! As the title suggests, we’re VERY close to the start of Stash Dash 2020. The dates for Stash Dash this year are May 22nd to August 22nd. 

This is the time of the year where I go over my crafty goals for this wonderful Stash-busting Along that I participate in with a BUNCH of knitters/crocheters/spinners/weavers from all around the world. I have a few goals, so I’m going to list them all here. There are some projects that I have all ready to go, and there are some that are possible to do. Then there are some projects that are just hopes/dreams. Those I’ll try to finish after the others I KNOW I can complete by the end of the Along.


  1. Socks
    1. Ready To Go (knit to a certain point and stopped, to comply with S.D. rules)
      1. Birthday Month Socks (462 yards possible)
      2. Blue Tait – SIlver Style  (437 yards possible)
      3. Blue Bro (459 yards possible)
      4. Mama’s Muse (423 yards possible)
      5. Doctor Daddy-o (714 yards possible)
      6. Banana SIs (463 yards possible)
    2. Planned (still to cast-on, or goals to try to finish)
      1. R Bro (437 yards possible)
      2. Flower Power Spiral – Silver Style (437 yards possible)
      3. June DVD Socks (Not cast-on yet or NCO) (462 yards possible)
      4. July DVD Socks (NCO) (462 yards possible)
      5. August DVD Socks (NCO) (462 yards possible)
      6. T’s Socks (NCO)
  2. Shawls
    1. Ready To Go
      1. Forever Minty (860 yards possible)  
      2. My Flat White Is Magical (988 yards possible)
      3. It’s Getting Dangerous (423 yards possible)
    2. Planned
      1. Fiery Viajante (2,072 yards possible)
  3. Blankets
    1. Ready To Go
      1. I Can Hear The Bells (6,469 yards possible)
    2. Planned
      1. All Squared Up (3,196 yards possible)
  4. Sweaters
    1. Ready To Go
      1. N/A
    2. Planned
      1. Hufflepride (2,500 yards possible)
      2. The Blustery Day (1,715 yards possible)
      3. Whispering Amira (1,568 yards possible)
  5. Other
    1. Ready To Go
      1. Fingering Blanket Squares
        1. April Squares (8 squares = 736 yards)
        2. May Squares (10 squares = 920 yards)
    2. Planned
      1. Fingering Blanket Squares
        1. June Squares (8 squares = 736 yards)
        2. July Squares (8 squares = 736 yards)
        3. August Squares (10 squares = 920 yards)
      2. Other
        1. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (362 yards possible)


This breaks down to 29, 419 yards, or roughly 26,901 meters planned. This is, of course, provided I finish it all…..


I’ll try to update this one post as we go along throughout the summer once per week (although, you know me… it might be once per month) with what I have completed as well as the actual yardage I get for each FO (Finished Object). I’ll also be updating a meterage tracker, so you can see how close to my goals I actually am. You can find that below, for now….


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!!!