#4, And Hoping For More!!!

As many of you probably have figured out already, I’m planning on participating in the Desert Vista Dyeworks’ Fourth Annual Sock Club. Basically, the premise of the Club, is to start and finish a pair of socks in a month using Desert Vista Dyeworks’ (DVD) wonderful yarn colorways. I’ve been thinking of doing this since November of 2016, and set about getting enough yarns for a whole year during the course of  2017.  For ease of access on Ravelry, I’m going to simply call them all by the month’s name and DVD socks.


So, you guessed it!!! The name of this month’s socks I called “January’s DVD Socks.”

The colorway this month was Called “Seven Year Itch.”  This colorway was created by Susan to celebrate The Knitgirllls’ 7th Podiversary this past year. I KNEW it was the perfect colorway for January, as it was also Emptyeye and My 7th year wedding anniversary. So, as you do…

I started this pair right after midnight on the 1st and completed the pair on January 23rd. I used Wendy D. Johnson’s “Toe-up Socks With A Difference. This wasn’t the first time I used this heel, but it is one of the heels I like the best…  Here, let me get you a close-up of the heel…


When I write this post, there are just over 12 hours until I can cast on February, and I LITERALLY cannot wait! 😉

Anyway, I’m off to keep finishing things.  Until the next time, Happy Crafting!