You Slay Me, Ms. Blake! ;)

Hello Fans!  Apparently, I have the book review bug.  I’ve been trying to balance my knitting with my reading over the course of the past couple of days.  I didn’t really have the brain power to do much other than sleep a lot and do a few rows on a pair of socks before giving up on it.  That and I also got sick of the clutter that has been growing on my Kindle since I got it.  There’s only so much deleting files off there that you can do before you get bored of it…  🙂  Being sick in bed made me VERY antsy!  Once I had gone through the books that I wanted to remove off my Kindle, I was left with several series that I’ve been meaning to read and had downloaded to the device.  I realized that I wanted to read back through the “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter” series by Laurell K. Hamilton more than the other series’ that I had there.

Some of these books, I’ve read before.  Some are still a mystery to me, and I’ve always meant to read the entire series in book order.  I figure if I document this journey here, then I’ll ACTUALLY do it this time around.  What do you think?

I’ll be hitting on some key points of each story, but not the whole thing.  It wouldn’t be fair to the author, and to you.  I hate having stories ruined for me, don’t you?  Anyway, to understand my obsession with the Anita Blake character, you have to simply read them for yourselves…


Here is the whole list of books in the series:

  1. Guilty Pleasures
  2. The Laughing Corpse
  3. Circus of the Damned
  4. The Lunatic Café
  5. Bloody Bones
  6. The Killing Dance
  7. Burnt Offerings
  8. Blue Moon
  9. Obsidian Butterfly
  10. Narcissus In Chains
  11. Cerulean Sins
  12. Incubus Dreams
  13. Micah
  14. Danse Macabre
  15. The Harlequin
  16. Blood Noir
  17. Skin Trade
  18. Flirt
  19. Bullet
  20. Hit List
  21. Beauty
  22. Kiss The Dead
  23. Dancing
  24. Affliction
  25. Jason
  26. Dead Ice
  27. Crimson Death (Due Out in 2016)


If you click the links above, you’ll be able to jump to each book as I write about them.  I tend to go on and on when I review books, so if you want to, you’ll be able to jump to each book’s review as I update this post over time.  As there are currently 26 books in the series, it’s going to take me at least a few weeks to read through and review them all…  So strap in, grab some coffee (and your project, if you knit/crochet), sit back, and enjoy my reviews (if you want…)!

And, Away We Go! 


Book 1: “Guilty Pleasures”

This book, I managed to read on 8/8.  I believe I had started it earlier in the week, but I can’t remember when I started it, for sure…

This is the book that started the whole bit of madness for me.  It’s here, that we meet several of our main characters.  The first, is the Heroine of our story, Ms. Anita Blake.  She’s a fierce woman who happens to be an Animator/Necromancer, a Vampire Executioner (think Vampire Hunter, but one who cannot kill a vampire without a legal Warrant – they’re legal citizens, don’t you know…),  a part of RPIT (police “Spook Squad,” pronounced Rip It), and (toward the very end), the unwilling recipient of 2 of 4 marks toward becoming Jean-Claude’s Human Servant.

Jean-Claude starts off as the 3rd most powerful vampire in the city of St. Louis.  With a bit of help from Anita, he becomes Master of the City.  He gives her the two marks without explaining to her what he was doing, and what they meant.  This in turn, gives Anita the power to resist Vampire Compulsion, and to become resilient to dying.  In turn, Jean-Claude becomes head honcho when the former Master of the City (Nikolaos.  Read, Died) left the storyline by Anita’s own hand.

We also meet a host of minor characters.  Willie the Vampire, Edward “Death,” (a fellow Vampire Hunter) and Veronica “Ronnie” Simms stand out the most, as they are regulars in this story of ours.  If I remember some of the latter stories correctly… Either way, they are three of the individuals that Anita considers to be friends.  Or “friends that may eventually kill one another” in Edward’s case.  I guess if you have her back, you’re in tight with Anita, huh?

On top of the vampire battles, we do see Anita’s investigations with RPIT.  She’s considered to be one of the guys, so we see her making cracks at the other officers and trying to prove how much of a tough chick she can be.  Like I said before, I love her fighting and independent spirit.  She admits when she’s scared, but still runs into battle with the source of her fear.  Which is pretty bad-a$$ in my book!  🙂


I have to note that there are those out there that look for more reviews before starting a book, so if you feel compelled to read more, I did find this site pretty good for helping me remember spelling of names and the like.  I also used it for the correct reading order of these books too.  Be aware…  Maryse goes into a bit more detail when it comes to storyline than I do.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, please give it a skip.  Thank you…


Book 2: “The Laughing Corpse”

I started this book very late 8/8 and finished it shortly after 11PM, in between many fever-induced naps.

My fever was starting to break at some points, so the many graphic scenes while Anita and RPIT were investigating the murders didn’t bother me as much as if I was completely well.  An example?  There was one part where Anita and another cop were playing “gross-out” for a dinner at an expensive restaurant.  Anita ended up winning by throwing body parts at him and telling a series of tasteless jokes while doing so.

So besides the large number of murders being investigated, we start to learn more about the extent to Anita’s Animator powers.  She has to deal with zombies destroying her home, large mutated zombie parts, and a zombie who got away from the person who raised him from his grave.  At the very end, the bad guys get eaten by zombies Anita had raised form an entire graveyard.

Anita, and us by association, learns exactly how powerful her connection with Jean-Claude (both in power, and in sexual tension) is.  We finally start to get a sense of what Anita, as the most powerful Necromancer, being Jean-Claude’s Human Servant will be mean for both of them.  Both start to experience power spikes toward the end…

Though we can see how tough she is, we also get scenes where Anita shows off her venerability and innocence.  When she starts having nightmares of the crime scenes, she grabs Sigmund ( Her stuffed penguin) and cuddles with him.  In fact, when the zombie attacks her at home, she freaks out only after she sees that her penguin collection has blood on it.  When Jean-Claude comes over, while playing Anita’s bodyguard, he smirks at her collection.  Here, we can see him trying to get to know her better as a person, and not just a power base.  I have to give him brownie points for that!  🙂


I have to note that there are those out there that look for more reviews before starting a book, so if you feel compelled to read more, I did find this site pretty good for helping me remember spelling of names and the like.  I also used it for the correct reading order of these books too.  Be aware…  Maryse goes into a bit more detail when it comes to storyline than I do.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, please give it a skip.  Thank you…


Book 3: “Circus of the Damned”

I started this book really early 8/10.

This book starts off right away with Anita knee-deep in monsters’ politics.  She is immediately slammed with a RPIT investigation that leads to her fighting for her life.  All this, within the first 20% of the book.  I’ll just leave you with that little bit, and this hint of how the book is going for me so far.


Updated 8/12: Finished this book at about 6:45PM last night.  Word of warning, this analysis will kind of read like a summary, but I think I hit a lot of the main points without giving away too many of the book’s secrets.  You’ll have to read the book to find out, don’t you?

Now that I’ve finished this book, all I can really say is HOLY COW!  Ms. Hamilton didn’t disappoint with this book, as usual.  Anita is her usual charming self.  All the while, she finds herself in more and more trouble as the book goes on.  After the battle with the large snake that I just mentioned, Anita must contend with a failed animation ritual, a chase by armed gunmen, a car chase that ends with her car being totaled, a fight with Alejandro (a Master Vampire older than Jean-Claude) and his followers, and then being forced 2 marks upon her by Alejandro.  Winning all that is not the end for Anita.  After arriving home, she is kidnapped and is brought to an abandoned cave.  She gets chased by a Lamia (an ancient snake shapeshifter), the Lamia’s minions, and Alejandro through a water-filled cave.  She gets bit by one of the Lamia’s minions and escapes the cave only to be picked up by Mr. Death himself, Edward.  When she gets home again, Richard arrives to go on their date.  Before they can, the snake bite gets to Anita, and she blacks out .

Jean-Claude does the third mark on her as she sleeps, which makes her pissed off enough to go to another older vampire by the name of Mr. Oliver, to give Jean-Claude up.  Once she realizes what a petty bitch she was being, she warns Jean-Claude that Mr. Oliver was coming due to her betrayal.  The battle between Master Vampires and their armies comes to a close once Alejandro makes Anita his full Human Servant.  When both Alejandro and Mr. Oliver are distracted with their “win” over Jean-Claude, Anita stakes and rips out their hearts.  She passes out after she finishes with Alejandro.  She almost dies when Alejandro does.  With this, we learn about the connections a Human Servant and their master.

At the end, we learn that by becoming another’s Human Servant, she no longer has the marks with Jean-Claude.  Anita seems to be almost… sad when she learns she is free of him.  Dare I say that this means she is falling for him?  I’ll have to read the series more to find out .  . .

Also in this book, we are introduced to Richard Zeeman, Stephan, and the concept of werewolves.  We also get to see the beginnings of a love triangle forming between Jean-Claude, Richard, and Anita.  Hey, if I had both those yummy guys fighting over me, I wouldn’t be fighting it as hard as Anita seems to be… LOL!  😉


Book 4: “The Lunatic Café”

Started this book at 9:30, shortly after writing down my impressions on “Circus of the Damned.”  I like having a way of cleansing my palate between books in the series…  I finished just before 8PM.  Under 24 hours?  Not bad.  I guess I read faster than I think I do.  Cool!

With “Lunatic Café,” we seem to have more of a balance between Anita’s love life, and her numerous jobs she must fulfill.  We do see a large number of the deaths happening “off screen” if you will.  But that is not necessarily a “BAD” thing, in the grand scheme of things.  We get too much gore in one book, we’re uncomfortable.  Too much battle, we tend to see it as par for the course.  When you have a mix of both the soft and hard side of Anita, we have a well-rounded story.  So a hardy congratulations MUST go out to Ms. Hamilton for that!  Well done!  🙂

Besides the battles at the beginning (between Anita and a whole bar of werewolves) and the battle toward the end (with the people responsible for doing the killings), we don’t see much of the violence being done by others.  A lot of this book seems to be centered around Richard’s proposal, Anita’s response to his beast, and Jean-Claude’s reaction to possibly losing her.  We see that both men don’t want to loose the higher ground with each other, nor they want to loose Anita.

They bait each other, while Anita sits there and squirms.  It almost puts on an air of comedy, as it is almost a complete distraction to all of the evil  that is surrounding Anita and her job.  She wakes up at the last minute and realizes what is happening.  Both with the case, and the larger picture.

But still, the concept of two hot men fighting over me may make me uneasy and somewhat distracted as well.  No matter what “flavor of monster” they were,  I think I would still enjoy the show…  I mean come on…  A girl has needs.  This IS supposed to be a Paranormal Romance, isn’t it?


I also keep learning more and more about the author as I dive more into this series, just by reading her afterwards.  It’s interesting to me to learn about how each author I read gets their inspiration and how they keep on going when they get to the more… unsavory… or difficult parts in their book.  I know from experience, that putting a beloved character of one’s own creation in mortal danger is not an easy task.  If you’re lucky, I’ll be sharing with you that little bit at a later date…

I’m going to leave you today with a quote Ms. Hamilton has in her afterward to this book.  It’ll help me explain where she got her inspiration for the character of Anita.  Read it and try to argue that it doesn’t sound like someone (or some character) you’ve come to know…

When I was a little girl, younger than my daughter is now, I learned that you don’t stand up to the bad guys because you think you’ll win.  You stand up because it’s the right thing to do.  You stand up for those weaker than you, which at the time in my life meant younger than me.  You put yourself between them and harm, not because you’re sure you won’t get hurt, but because you’ve decided that to sit and watch them come to harm is wrong, and you cannot merely sit and watch evil.  There comes a time when you have to step up and be willing to take some damage, because it’s the right thing to do.

Now do you see why I like this series?  I like rooting for Anita because she dares to stand up for what she believes in, no matter what others think of her.  I recognize a little bit of myself in her, and I can relate to her…


Book 5: “Bloody Bones”

This one, I’ll start reading a bit later.  I need to take a break to knit for a awhile….  My notes will come later…

Updated: 8/17

I had a busy weekend (you know, I work weekends…), so I just finished this book at 9:30 or so today.  I have to say that it was worth delaying the ending until I could devote my entire attentions to it.  If I’m doing too much, then I don’t digest things as well as I should…  That wouldn’t be fair to the author, or to myself…  In this book, We get many firsts, & a few new characters that stick, and many more that flicker out of the storyline fast.  It was definitely worth the wait.  I would recommend that you try to read as much of this book in one sitting as you possibly can.  It’s THAT good!  🙂

The first character’s role that I want to talk about is Anita’s sweetie, Richard.  We see him long enough in the book to remember that they are together and that she had the foresight to make sure Richard is made aware of her trip out of town.  However, that PDA (Public Display of Affection) scene at the school where he works was pretty hot, and deserves a mention!  😉

We meet Vampire Master of the City (in Branson, MO) Seraphina,  Vampire Pedophile Xavier, Lawyer Raymond Stirling, “Bloody Bones” bar owner & Part Fey Magnus Bouvier, and Fey Boogieman Rawhead and Bloody Bones (Bloody Bones, for short).  Together, these  5 characters keep Anita VERY busy!  They comprise of the most evil characters that she has  ever come up against.  Each character has their own “brand” of evil that makes Anita (and the reader as well) very squeamish.  This is the first time that we see the concept of the fey, and a vampire using a sword to kill people, and even the concept of the bad vampires drinking fey blood to gain more power.    Another first, is a vampire pedophile, who takes young victims to turn and “play with.”

Three recurring characters come back for a bunch of fun!  Larry, Jason, and Jean-Claude all bring a bit of backstory to this novel, and to the larger big picture that is this series.    As Anita’s un-official shadow, Larry learns more about how to do the Animation and Vampire Hunter gig.  He tries to  put in to words, WHY Anita does some of the things that she does.  We also see him start to become more confident with the blood and gore, even though there were things that he still does not understand.  He and Anita still fight over the fact that she tries to protect him.  Anita may only be 4 years older than him, but she feels the need to protect him from the worst of it.

With Jason, we learn the concept of a Pomme de Sang.  He is Jean-Claude’s constant blood donator.  Anita witnesses Jason’s addiction to being used as a blood bag by Jean-Claude.  He clearly gets a hard-on from the being bitten.  This throws Anita off, as Jason is again only 4 years younger thank herself.  She feels the need to protect the young werewolf from the world around them, even though she senses that he has seen  as much bad as she has.

In “Bloody Bones,” Jean-Claude and Anita’s relationship gets further along.  When she gets stumped with the vampire investigation, she calls him in to introduce her to the Master of the City in the area.  While together, they face incredible danger that causes Jean-Claude to die.  Then Anita willingly opens up a vein to save his life, which causes her to face the fact that she is falling in love with Jean-Claude.  Then they share a steamy tub scene, halted only by Anita’s want her sexual escapades to mean something.  She has ultimately want to be married/engaged before she takes that step.  For her, sex means that she’s devoted to her partner.  At this point in the series, she is dating both Jean-Claude and Richard, so she doesn’t want to cheat on either one with the other.  An interesting idea, to be sure…


Since Anita is called away from home  on Animation business, let’s talk a bit about what she is asked to do.  She is asked to raise zombies that may be over 2,000 years old that are in a cemetery that hasn’t seen a grave marker in generations.  Over the course of the book (due to what we and Anita learn as the truth of the matter), we learn that Anita no longer wants to do this, even though she clearly has the juice to do so.  Anita ends up raising 20 zombies that end up being 3,000 years dead and uses them to protect herself from a few of the bad guys (resulting in a few people’s deaths).  This fact, would put her under the microscope of the law and possibly get her the electric chair.  She refuses to cover her tracks and destroy the one witness who would tell, even though he is one of the bad guys in this book.  Which wins her some more brownie points in my eyes!


Book 6: “The Killing Dance”

Well, the title makes me not want to wait to jump into this one!  🙂 Hmm…

Updated: 8/26

Wow!  It’s been a few days since I’ve updated.  Sorry about that.  At least this time I’m able to comment on two books now.  I’ve been trying to think of how I want to introduce this one, as there’s been quite a bit going on with the series since the last book.  There are several “firsts” that happen with this book that are important to the storyline as a whole.  Let’s start off with the easy parts…  The bad guys!  They’re easy to define/introduce, compared to the rest of the stuff I want to discuss.  You have Sabin (Vampire), Cassandra (Wolf), and Dominic (Human Servant).  They can be termed the “Evil Triumvirate” of this story, if you will…

This is also the first novel, that we see Anita taking a back-seat to police investigations while she deals with what can be termed as “personal business” even though it involves all of our main characters (and then some!).  We see the first vampire murder crime scene, even though we’ve only been told by Anita that she tends to investigate them with RPIT.

Anita also gets introduced to her first Contract.  Edward calls her and tells her that someone has opened up a contract hit on her, and that he was at the top of the list.  He waits to refuse the hit, and ends up solving who wanted her killed that badly.  He ends up bringing in “backup” (Harley) when he and Anita go after the person that wanted her dead.  Harley is killed by Anita, and ends up owing Edward a favor, which is pretty much in a position you do NOT want to be in!…

Now that we have gotten to the easy part of this telling, let’s get to the juicy parts of this book!  🙂  I’m sure that’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!!  Let me just start off by saying, that the name of the title has to do with the Throwdown that happens between Richard and Marcus.  Finally!  I know, right?  We’ve been waiting breathlessly for this for 5 books!

We’ve heard about what an evil guy Marcus is, but until this moment, Richard has never had enough to go back into battle with Marcus for control of the pack.  Richard has enough power and is DEFINATLY Alpha enough for the position, but could never take over control of the Pack.  Short of killing Marcus, Richard has done all he can to win over Pack members.  (I’m going to use the capital “P” in Pack from now on to let you know that I’m referring to the  “Thronos Rokke clan of werewolves” for short.)  So, here we have a new first.  Richard’s first kill, which completely tears him up!  He hates having to stoop to killing, but after Marcus threatens Anita (hint, the contract I mentioned earlier) he can no longer let Marcus’ tyranny continue.

Once he makes the decision to face Marcus and make him back down from the hit, Jean-Claude has the idea to create a Triumvirate of power in order to make sure Richard has the power levels he needs to defeat Marcus in battle.  Anita is her usual hesitant self to take on any more vampire marks, but together she and Richard put their feet down when it comes to their roles within the Triumvirate.  They tell Jean-Claude that they will be having an equal partnership within it, and he will not be dictating what role they have within it.  Jean-Claude agrees, and they end up raising a lot of power.  In the end of their ménage à trois (of sorts), Anita uses her Necromancer power to raise a lot of zombies and 3 vampires (Willie, Damian, and Liv).  If she doesn’t there would have been other ways that the three would have to feed that weren’t so pretty.  This causes Anita to be concerned for the Vampire’s safety as she puts them back in their coffins for the day.  At least now we know that she can raise vampires and put them back, if the need should arrive again…

After The Killing Dance, the Pack ends up eating Marcus.  Anita is so disgusted by Richard’s participation in this, that she runs into Jean-Claude’s waiting arms.  Once she has bathed and stopped her crying and being scared of Richard, she and Jean-Claude finally have sex.  I have to say, this scene is worth the wait!  😉

Richard gets pissed and ends up running away from the both of them.  However, there tends to be another plan in the works.  The “Evil Triumvirate” has their own plans in mind for the Triumvirate.  One final betrayal…  Jean-Claude and Richard are kidnapped and are put up on stakes.  Anita is kidnapped and brought to Gabriel and Raina, who she ends up killing.  The scene is pretty graphic, but you can’t help cheer her on when she does!  🙂  Then she becomes her usual Heroine self and rescues the boys, after they raise power once more.  This further shows you why I LOVE Anita as much as I do!  🙂


Book 7: “Burnt Offerings”

Update 10/14:  Since I’m back to reading the book that got me started on this series, I thought it was time to take a break and update you on the others.  For some reason, I hadn’t felt like updating you on my progress until now.  I’m so sorry about that!  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and knitting since the last time we chatted about this series.  I originally started this book on 8/221 and finished it at 8/25 at 5:50 PM (so a damn long time ago.  Again, I’m sorry).  And yeah.  I wrote note as I went, including the date/time I finished each book, so don’t worry about that.

I think the only thing holding me back, was the fact that I started creating a list of new people we meet, and the people have been included to Anita’s “Protection List.”  Since there are a few, it was becoming QUITE the task…  lol.  In fact, there’s a quote I’d like to share with you.  In fact, Anita clearly states that a bunch of people that are on her list in a speech when she’s fighting Padma at the end of the book.  She clearly states that there are a long list of people that she would kill to protect.  All of the Pack, Wereleopard Pack that she inherited once she killed Gabriel (I’ll be calling them Pard with a capital P now), the Rat Pack, and all of Jean-Claude’s Vampires get put onto this list.  As there are a lot, then it becomes impossible to list them all!

For this book, I found that I need a bit of something to help me understand what Anita and Jean-Claude were saying to one another.  The two end up spending an increased amount of time together, as Richard has seemed to remove himself from their lives  Ms. Hamilton does her best to translate the phrases in her books, but there were some that you would have to guess at, unless you speak French.  Here’s the New Reference for French Phrasings I found that seemed to help me out…

There are a few new characters that show up in this book.  Some are good, and some are bad.  Let’s talk about the ones that will be our allies first… Nathaniel & Asher.  Each of these new characters surprised even the author about how long they would last in the grand scheme of the series.  For Nathaniel’s part, Ms. Hamilton just thought he would be a small part of this series.  I’ll show you how this changes down the road.  The same can be said for Asher.

In her own words, Nathaniel : “He went into the hospital because he let a customer tie him up and the customer gutted him (By the way, I didn’t make that up.  Actual crime.  Yeah, way creepy.  I find that true crime is far more disturbing to me than anything I can make up).”  We see that she thought that Anita would always see him as cannon fodder, based on their first meeting.  As we go on in the series, you’ll see why I already know that changes…

Regarding Asher: “But from the first moment we saw him, Anita and I thought Asher was beautiful.  We were afraid of him at first, because he was a bad guy, but he was always beautiful.”  His character comes to town to play the part of the vampire Council, but he decides to stay due to personal baggage with Jean-Claude.  We’ll learn more about that as we go, as well.

Our would-be enemies from this book include a few members of the Vampire Council come to town to assess Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard’s seat of power and to assess if they are a threat to the Council.  It is also a visit based on a trial of sorts for the death of the Earthmover (from a previous book).  The important ones include Yvette (representing Belle Morte), The Traveler (we never learn his real name), and Padma (the Master of the Beasts).

Yvette has the power to rot all over her victims, and ends up traumatizing Jason, which makes Anita pissed off.  She brings Warrick, who has the ability to kill using pyrotechnics.  Warrick is the reason that Anita gets pulled into a fire starter case at the beginning of the novel.  Warrick ends up killing Yvette (and himself, as he is her servant) with his powers.

Anita challenges The Traveler to become a better leader for his people, when she discovers his power is the reason some of the vampires in town have gone off the deep end and started killing random people.  He is intrigued with her moxy, and they become friends after that.

The last person Anita has to worry about, is Padma.  He tries to take over all of the Wereleopards, Werewolves, and even some of the Wererats and turn them against Anita.  It is with this battle with Padma, that we learn that Anita carries the Munin (or ghost) of Raina as part of her Necromantic Powers.  Raina’s munin helps Anita fight off Padma.  Anita offers Padma his life for the life of his son Fernando.  Padma and the Traveler leave and all is safe in Anita’s world.  Minus her Personal life disaster (with Richard being MIA, for the most part), which really does not change throughout the series..

A couple of other things I need to mention about this book, is that Malcolm (another Master Vampire, and the head of the Life Church) may or may not have a Human Servant.  We’re not too sure at this point, as this question never gets answered.  The other thing I forgot to mention, is that Anita had a hit put on her and many of the leaders of the Were-Community.  The reason she was able to figure it out in time, was the yellow roses that Jan-Claude had “sent” her.  He usually sends a dozen red roses.  This bit of information keeps getting re-iterated throughout the book, to show that Jean-Claude has been around a lot more than Richard.  This tells me that Richard still has some hang-ups about killing Marcus and becoming the Pack leader.  Hell, Anita even calls him a Boy Scout due to this hang-up…


*Note: I have started to use Goodreads (as Silverluna), and will be giving this book a 5 star, as it shows more of Anita’s character, and all that she has to overcome!


Book 8: “Blue Moon”

From 8/26: Ooh!  I’m presuming that “Blue Moon” refers to the second full moon in any given month.  Since I just started this book early this morning, I’ll assume that this book will revolve mostly around Richard and his drama!  We’ll see if I’m right…  🙂

Updated 10/14: I had started this book on 8/25 and finished it on 9/2.  There are a few things about this book I would like to discuss.  Most of this book is learning about what Anita can do, as well as a little about the character of Anita as well.  Who she’s becoming, more like.  Anita is learning that she can heal her people through the Munin, and is learning how to control it.  We meet a Wiccan named Marianne, who is determined to teach Anita how to control each of her powers.  We learn more about Marianne as we go along.  We meet her while Anita and Richard are visiting another Wolf Clan’s territory, and she helps Anita through her discoveries with the Munin in that Clan’s Circle of Power.

The book centers around Richard [who we learn at the beginning has gone to Myerton, Tennessee (fictionalized town)].  We learn that Richard has been accused of Rape, and Anita goes to help clear his name.  While there, Anita gets in the middle of Werewolf drama, as well as drama with the local Master of the City.  The local Master believes that she is there to help take over his territory (since she brought both Asher and Damien, both powerful vampires, with her as backup), and the Myerton Ulfric (Verne) backs her up.  She kills both that Master, and his human servant while protecting Verne’s Pack.

Once this bit of drama is over, Anita gets schooled on how to make her Pard into a more cohesive unit by Marianne.  Anita learns to be less squeamish around her Pard’s nudity, and that the simple act of touch can make them closer.  The closeness helps them to become more powerful together.

When she is able to do this, she is told by Damien that he has become compelled to do her bidding.  We learn that Damien is her Vampire Servant.  With this knowledge, she makes him tell her the truth about how much Jean-Claude and Richard have learned about their power boosts since they have become a Triumvirate.  She learns that both knew how much the Vampire Marks would bind them together.  This makes her a bit pissed, especially when Damien tells her that both had also discussed the possibility of Richard sleeping with her as well as Jean-Claude.

Before she can get even more pissed at her two men, she is thrown into another battle.  This battle comes about when Niley (the guy that has been in charge of the investigation into Richard’s rape charges) and his men kidnap Richard’s mother and brother.   Anita hunts all of the men down (with the help of her allies) and kills them all.  We learn that Richard’s brother knew all along that he was a Werewolf, and that his Mother suspected.  Richard ends up getting mad at Anita, for her ability to kill to protect what was his to protect.


Book 9: “Obsidian Butterfly”

I read “Obsidian Butterfly” from 9/2 to 9/12 @11PM.

This book revolves around the relationship between Edward/Ted and Anita that she thought she had been cultivated with him over the years.  Edward asks her to come to his hometown in New Mexico to help him on a case.  We meet Bernardo, Olaf, Donna, Becca & Peter.  Bernardo & Olaf are Edward’s buddies that he uses as backup.  Bernardo keeps hitting on her, and he seems pretty harmless.  When they are investigating together, she is forced to prove that she knows him well.  This causes her to become intimately aware of his “assets.”  Anita learns that Olaf has become an expert in many forms of torture and butchery, and that she is in a lot of trouble.  Mostly because she is considered to be his “type” of victim.  The only thing stopping him, is the case and his loyalty to Edward.  Once the case over, he has been freed to do what he pleases…

Donna is Edward’s Fiancé, and comes with two children.  Becca is the youngest, and the most trusting.  Peter is the hardest to please.  He takes an easy liking to Anita, due to the fact that she kills so quickly.  She tries to save him from having to kill again (after he had to kill someone to protect his family).  However,  after he gets raped, Anita cannot stop him.  Nor does she want to.  Hell, I cheered when he killed the bitch that had raped him.

The case that Anita gets called in on, is one that is pretty gross.  A monster is skinning people.  As Anita goes into battle with the monster, she gets injured.  It Is during this injury, that she met Lenora Evans (a local Wiccan practitioner).  It is from Leonora, that she learns that by leaving Richard and Jean-Claude, she has also been leaving herself vulnerable to attack.

Once the monster has been neutralized, it is time to deal with Obsidian Butterfly (Itzpapalotl), a vampire who thinks herself to be a goddess.  Obsidian Butterfly had rolled Anita’s mind the first time that she met her, in an attempt to learn how a true Triumvirate (mainly Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude’s) worked.  She ends up giving Anita the last bit of information she needs to go after the Red Woman’s Husband (a very old vampire who thinks that he is a god as well).

Anita does this shortly after dealing with the kidnapping of Peter and Becca by Riker.  She ends up killing all the men in the complex where they are being held, with the help of Edward, Olaf and Bernardo.  At the end, Anita goes home without interfering with Edward’s love life, as she has TOO much on her own love plate to talk…


Book 10: “Narcissus In Chains”

“Narcissus in Chains” was read between 9/12 (11:30PM) and 9/20 (11:10AM).  It revolves around a lot of Were (and personal) Drama.

We are thrown into the fray of this drama, when we learn that Anita has been attempting to mend some fences.  She starts with Ronnie and the rest of her Pard.  When they are in the middle of arguing about Jean-Claude’s roll in Anita’s life, Gregory calls Anita for help saving Nathaniel, who was in trouble at a club (the same as the title).

Anita shows up with a few members of her Pard, meets Richard and Jean-Claude.  Before they meet the kidnappers, the three of them must marry the marks and raise more power.  In this exchange, she gets the Ardeur.  Once they have done this, both Jean-Claude and Asher help distract Narcissus while she goes to rescue Nathaniel.  She finds that there are a few other Were animals being held as well.  She pulls them out as well.  She gets injured, and Gregory tries to take some of the damage.  When he does, he is in Leopard form, and she runs the risk of becoming a leopard for real.  Richard goes ape shit, and accuses him of “killing” the Pack’s Lupa by turning her into a leopard..  he brings Gregory into the Pack’s Circle of Power and challenges Anita to come get her Leopard.  When she does, she is joined by the Were Animals.  Richard sees the error of his ways, but another Werewolf Jacob tries to push his hand.  Richard doesn’t like that, so Anita and Richard fight him.

This is the first time that she has to feed the Ardeur, and she ends up feeding on Micah, a new Leopard King in town.  He is Nimira-Raj.  Together they are a married couple in the eyes of the Leopard community.  After hashing out what that means, there is a battle that happens.  Igor is killed, and Claudine is injured(both Were-rats) during this battle.

Since she is new at the Ardeur, she also ends up feeding on Richard, who doesn’t appreciate it.  In fact, he ends up breaking up with her stating: “And I don’t want to love someone who is more at home with the monsters than I am.”  He can be a right fair GIT when he wants to… (read here, AN ASS)

Lastly, in this book we meet Chimera.  He is what is called a Panwere.  A man that made himself into just about any Were-animal that he can possibly can.  He is the main bad guy.  Anita learns that he was once a Necromancer like herself.  This is important, as Anita keeps getting bit and ends up NOT turning into that animal she gets bitten by.  She fights him, and ends up killing him as well.  In this battle, she learns that both Micah and Jacob had been agents of his.  Micah has switched his allegiance to Anita’s side, and was nearly killed for it.

Once this battle is over, there is a Were-Animal Coalition formed to make sure that each group has projection from the larger groups.  She ends up becoming the head of it, as she is the one that suggests that they do this.

From “Narcissus In Chains” we get some more recurring characters.  Micah is one, as well as his bodyguards Caleb, and Merle.  Donovan Reese (the Swan King) makes a few other appearance as well…


Book 11: “Cerulean Sins”

I read “Cerulean Sins” between 9/29 (1AM) and 10/14 (3AM).

Anita’s hat of an Executioner is being brought back into effect, once she has been brought into a police investigation that left 4 people brutally slaughtered by a rouge and out-of-town Shifter.  It had been so bad of a slaughter, that the Governor of Anita’s state ordered her to kill the Shifter.  This shifter had been brought in by Leo Harlan, who has been contracted to hire her for a zombie raising overseas to help follow her.  After she kills the shifter, Harlan disappears back into the ether.

Besides the police case, Anita is confronted by more vampire drama, as well as some personal drama.  As the title suggests, Anita has to bring two new men to her bed.  The first is Jason, who insists that due to her Ardeur, he needs to “take one for the team” when Nathaniel collapses at work after she feeds on him one too man times in a day.  The second, is Asher himself.  His eyes are the color of Cerulean.  She does this, despite her squeamishness, as she wants to protect Asher from being used by a vampire by the name of Musette.

This Musette has been planning on visiting, but later on.  When she came into town early, jean-Claude didn’t have all ready for her visit.  It is during this visit, that Anita is also visited by Belle Morte (The head of Jean-Claude’s Vampire line) a few times.  Belle also manages to suck the energy out of Richard and Anita while both Jean-Claude and Asher are sleeping (after the three have become a true menage a trois).  She puts crosses on Musette’s door, and that stops until Jean-Claude wakes up.

Another by-product of the ménage a trois, is that Anita’s mind  gets rolled by Asher when her shields are down.  She gets pissed at that fact.  Mostly because now that she has been, she gets a taste of the orgasm that she had while they were all together.  That, and the fact that her shields had been down THAT much..  She ends up getting mocked by Jason (as now he knows how powerfully she is affected by orgasms in the moment now…), which makes her even more pissed that she allowed herself to get rolled.

The next night, there is a Banquet.  During that, Richard shows up and tries for a power play, which leaves them vulnerable.  Jean-Claude decides to stand up to Belle Morte while she is in the body of Musette, and succeeds in uniting Anita and Richard at his back with all of their animals to call & Vampires.  From his ability to do so, we learn that he has become his own Sourde de Sang (or leader of a bloodline), just like Belle.  This means that she cannot overtake any of his people.

Amongst all of the vampire politics, we learn that Anita is more comfortable sleeping in a large dog-pile of her Leopards.  Well, she is, until Zerbrowski teases her about it…  We also learn that Dolph is still not happy with her.  We see him go ape shit crazy when he learns that his son wants to become a vampire.  He also tries to scare the crap out of Jason, when he realizes that Jason has been at the crimescenes, and he is a Werewolf.



Book 12: “Incubus Dreams”

This is where I leave you for today, as I just started this one earlier this morning.  This is the last book in the series I have read, so the rest will be a blind read-through for me.  Wish me luck!  🙂


Update: 11/3

Hello again!  Just wanted to check in with you again with this series, as it has been awhile.  This book is a bit longer than the others, but that’s no excuse.  I’ve been overly obsessed with finishing a shawl over the past few weeks, so I haven’t been reading as much as I could be.  Well, that and the fact that I found a new game to play (don’t get me started on that, or we’ll never finish this update, trust me…).

I have to admit, I started the Anita Blake series by finding this book in my local Wal-Mart when it had just come out.  Then I went back and tried to find the whole series in my local library.  Since the whole series wasn’t there, I kinda gave up.  Then I had the bright idea (once I had a Kindle) to download all the books digitally.  My paperback of this books is just slightly used at this point….  Not that you can tell by the rest of my analysis of this book or anything… 😉

This book has so much going on, that it may seem hard to follow my train of thought at times…  Just gonna warn you now…


Update: 11/25

Umm.  Sorry.  I just realized that I had left you hanging with the analysis of this book.  I had meant to go back and re-hash the happenings once I finished the next book in this series, but I guess this never happened.  Again, sorry…

This book revolves a lot around Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard’s seat of power increasing almost too fast for them to be comfortable.  This is the base of all of the personal drama going on between Anita and her “boys.”  With Nathaniel (as her Animal To Call) and Damien (her Vampire Servant), Anita forms a new Triumvirate, which kicks up the original Triumvirate’s power levels.  There is a learning curve that Anita must learn, as she almost drains Damien of all of his energy several times.  Just because she’s fighting having to feed the Ardeur as much as she should be.

With this new Triumvirate, the trio learn that each individual within  the group will gain another’s base personalities the longer that they are together.  This includes more understanding, calmness, the ability to get angry at the drop of a hat, and even how well they seduce their bed partners.  Anita also learns that she also likes to have more than one man in her bed at one given time.  This, she learns while taking both Jean-Claude and Richard to bed,  Nathaniel and Damien, and even Nathaniel and Micah.

Anita also learns that if you love someone, you may have to do something that makes you uncomfortable.  Mostly with Nathaniel.  Before this book, she had always seen him as a younger brother who she needed to protect.  When she lets him move in with her and he is happy NOT being with her (for awhile, anyway), she starts falling for him.  In fact, she often describes her hang-ups with him.  He’s too agreeable, etc.  She doesn’t see him as the man he is, until he has to dominate her when she practically looses her mind to her Leopard while with a client.  Until that point, she only saw him as someone who was young and inexperienced (although he is a stripper at Guilty Pleasures).  She’s blown away by how she was his first real girlfriend, even though he’s done porn.

Another thing that I need to mention, besides the drama that is Anita’s entire world to this point, is that Malcolm hasn’t been blood-oathing the vampires that come to his church.  When Jean-Claude hears this, he becomes scared of what that will mean in the long term.  Especially after Primo (powerful vampire that J.C. has let into his territory) tries to take over things until J.C. and  Anita can blood-oath him.  It also happens to be something Anita needs to deal with in her job with the police, as she is called into investigate a Vampire Serial Killer.  It is through her Executioner role, that she ends up going into Malcolm’s church and killing a Federal Marshall turned Vampire killer.  During this battle, she meets Wicked and Truth (two brothers of a fighter vampire’s line -that these two had killed), who she blood-oaths to Jean-Claude.  She learns that the two were compelled to help her by both her Ardeur draw, and her Necromancer’s call.  This is VERY interesting to me…


5 Stars again, Ms. Hamilton!  Brava!!!


Book 13: “Micah”

This book is actually a novella.  It seems like it was meant to be a short story about Micah, and how he became a Wereleopard.  In previous books, we had only heard that his story was “violent.”  At this point, Anita (and Ms. Hamilton) left it there.  As Anita puts it “I figured you’d tell me when you were ready.  I was treating you like any victim of a crime.  Carefully.”  Or something to that effect.  The exact quote can be wrong, but you get the gist…

This story revolves around a few new and difficult firsts for both Micah and Anita.  It is the first time that the two of them have been completely alone since he came into Anita’s life.  Micah and Anita leave St. Louis to help an Animator friend (Larry, who’s wife goes into early labor) do a job for the FBI.  The fact that they haven’t been completely alone together since they started dating makes Anita squeamish once he mentions it to her.  She had no idea when they first left town  together.

It is also the first time that they’ve had a private moment to discuss the issues that have been (apparently, Anita had NO idea about said issues) brewing up between them.  We learn that Micah is still pretty traumatized by his attack and the change he went through at the start of his Wereleopard journey.  In fact, even at the end, he still cringes when he deals with the FBI agent that had found him in the woods after the attack…

It is the first time that we are hearing about Micah’s insecurities.  We finally realize that his pleasant and smiling face has always un-nerved Anita, and now we learn that this face was one meant to hide his pain.  Once they discuss his “story” if you will, Anita and Micah also start discussing his issue with true intimacy.  Especially based on his past sexual encounters with ex-girlfriends, who were none-to-gentle with his psyche.  We learn that since he has always been well endowed (both width and girth), he has always scared the women he would be with.  Anita tries to convince him that she is NOT like them, the only way she knows how.  By letting him be as rough as he would like…  Don’t get me wrong, it was a good scene, just not something I would like for myself…

This book also marks the first time that Micah has been at one of Anita’s Zombie raising.  He ends up helping her at the gravesite by bleeding and helping her a protection circle that keeps the zombie in.  Which is VERY helpful.  That is, until she gets shot.  Zombie kills the person it believes kills him, and Anita ends up in the hospital.  Nathaniel and Micah hang out and tease the nurses while they are waiting for Anita to wake up.

Going to give this a 5 star rating on Goodreads.  On to the Next!  🙂



Book 14: “Danse Macabre”

I read “Dance Macabre” off and on between 11/2 (at 6:30PM) and 11/25 (at 5:10PM).  I think I should explain the off and on part of that previous statement.  Much has happened in my professional life, as well as the life of my business.  Those will always come first, alas.  The other reason that I used that particular phrase, is that there is only a certain amount of Anita’s bitching about her life that I can take.  Yes, her life makes mine look that much easier and safe.  But still, you can’t take too much drama in your books when your real life is being bombarded by drama and stress.  Well, and to be fair, I was also getting our house ready for guests over the past couple of weeks.  This will give ANYONE less time for doing what they want to do…

Update 1/6: Well, now that the crazy of December is over, I can say that I didn’t do my analysis of this book any justice.  Or do this book ANY justice!  It was a VERY entertaining read when I put some time in to read it.  Anita’s character is a bit whiny, but I was able to deal.  But to be fair, she’s still learning about how her new powers work.  I feel like once she’s had some time to deal with it properly, then she’ll be less whiny.  I am still looking forward to the next, no matter my bitching about it…



Book 15: “The Harlequin”

“Started” this one on 11/25 @5:15.  Read a page, to call this one started.  Haven’t really touched it since then.  I usually work like a dog in the month of December, so I may have to read that one page over later on…  lol.


Update 2/1: I have to say, I didn’t remember what I had read, so I just started this book again.  I read this book “officially” from 1/20-1/27.  In this book, we find out that Anita and those that she love are in trouble again.  I believe the number of times that she almost dies was up to 3 by the end of the book…  The Harlequin are vampires that are supposed to be like Fight Club.  Rule 1, is that you do not talk about Fight Club.  That’s how The Harlequin are.  Spoiler alert, The Harlequin really WAS in town, but those coming to harm Anita’s loved ones were not Harlequin in good standing, so to speak…  I’m trying not to give away specifics, because I really DO want you to get a chance to read the book without being spoiled.  Something interesting I need to mention, is that Malcolm finally gives in about tying his people to himself once the big battle is going on.  Hmm.  Another interesting concept, is that Malcolm (as Anita Puts it: “The Undead Billy Graham”) wanted to go to confession, and Anita helps him find someone willing to hear him.  Hmm…


Book 16: “Blood Noir”



Started On 1/26.  Have read only 5% of the book, but it seems good so far!  Can’t wait to dive back into it!  🙂

Update 2/19: Finished this book on 2/6.  If you haven’t seen my Goodreads review, here it is “Gotta love all the metaphysics that have happened already. Even though she “just went home to meet Jason’s family.” Can’t wait to get to the rest. See how she deals with the aftermath…” This was written at about 44% of the book read.  After that point, the book got really addicting for me….  So much, that I didn’t even bother to write a secondary review.  It truly captured my attention from the very first.  Cannot wait until I can dive into the next…   But alas, busy work week = little -> 0 time to read what I want to read.  Hopefully soon!  🙂


Book 17: “Skin Trade”

Didn’t start reading this one until 2/14.  Wish I had had time before, but alas, busy work week = little -> 0 time to read what I want to read.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to read more !  🙂  Right now, it’s really intriguing  how messed up Anita’s life can get in the first 20 or so pages.  Can’t wait to see how she handles herself this time!  🙂

Update 4/13: I can’t believe this took me almost TWO MONTHS to finish???  Wow!  Even I’m in awe of how long it took me to buckle down and just read through the ending.  But, let’s be fair, I had another book series that I could listen to while I was knitting (Audible), so this one kinda took a back-seat (Gearing up for StashDash, and all).  I wanted to be fair to you, my readers.  If I had tried to read this series while working on some of the large amount of projects I’m currently in the middle of, I don’t think I would have been able to glean as much information for a review as I could possibly get.  To further note, I WAS able to read a chapter her and there while I was getting ready for work, just to keep my interest in the book.  🙂  From Goodreads: “OMG! Even I’m astounded at how long it took me to read this one! Or how close I’ve been to the end for awhile. But as always, I loved the story whenever I’ve had time to devote to reading it! :)”

I have to say I love the mix that this series presents within itself.  Anita’s abilities make her a mixed bag, so to speak.  You have her day job as a Zombie Raiser, her moonlighting as a Vampire Hunter, her collecting Vampire & Shifter lovers in her personal life, and even her work with RPIT/Local Police forces.  With Skin Trade, we get more of her Police side.  IE: She gets to solve a  crime and fight with the police over her choice in bedmates & Lifestyle, as well as fight with the police against the evils of her Universe.  With the last few books, I was starting to think that all Anita was going to experience was her fights within herself.  While entertaining, these fights sometimes get boring.  There are so many facets of Laurell K. Hamilton’s wonderful character that we need to see them all, lest we get bored.

In Skin Trade, we get to hang out with Edward, Bernardo, and Olaf again.  Learn more about each one.  Although, Edward is a lot more ‘fluffy’ as he spills some of his fears and  we learn that he REALLY is falling for his Fiancé and her kids, which we would never expect from a guy with the nickname “Death.”  Olaf the Serial Killer that even Death respects is now become even creepier by falling in love with Anita (even offers himself up to the Ardeur when she needs to feed).  Bernardo shows us how much he doesn’t belong with the other two, in the final fight sequence.  But I DID happen to learn how the three have bonded enough to be “backup” for each other in times of fighting.  They work well together, and have seen the evil & nice sides of each other without running the freaking other way.

Once again while fighting & learning about Vittorio (an Evil Serial Killer Vamipire who decides to give her a Vampire Hunter’s HEAD IN A FREAKING BOX: I mean, who freaking does that!), Anita finds herself biting off more than she can chew while in the City of Sin.  Her mind gets rolled no less than 3 times.  Once from  a collection of Bibiana (The Queen of The Tigers, Chang, of Las Vegas) & Victor (Bibiana & Max’s {The Master Vampire of Las Vegas} eldest son) power, another from Marmee Noir, and the last from Vittorio.  When Victor manages to roll Anita, he becomes a liaison of sorts between his family and the Police.  He helps move the plot along when he can (Ie: helping to take down weretigers who were BAAAAAAD Kitties, or helping her forget her anger after the other rolling scenes have happened).  When Marmee Noir tries to roll Anita, she attempts to feed through even more Tigers in order to become more powerful and to save herself.  As much as a pain in the ass she has been, I don’t think I want to see her leave the storyline, as of yet.  Although, her body was bombed by Vittorio, who takes over the Rolling Sleep thereafter.  Through the rolling of Vittorio (who we later find out is the ‘Father of the Tigers’), she collects two more weretigers to her menagerie while in the midst of a blackout whereby she and a bunch of men engage in an orgy.  Cynric (a blue tiger, and only 16 – OY!  What such powers make her do.  I had to say, I kind a cringed when Anita realizes who he is as well) and Domino (black and white).  I have a feeling we’ll see these two down the road a piece…

I will leave you with this one thought…  When will the Police she works with stop being so judgmental.  If they realized how much she thinks her Supernatural side SUCKS, would they be so quick to judge her?  I’m thinking they wouldn’t…  It’s a life lesson we can take away from this series, if nothing else….


Book 18: “Flirt”

Started reading this one RIGHT after I finished Skin Trade.  Mostly because I was intrigued with the title.  Will we finally see Anita learning to flirt, instead of being the blunt freight-train she has been.  Especially in her large amount of relationships?  We’ll have to see!  I’m only about 10% in at this point, and can’t wait to get back to it!  🙂

Update 4/16:  Finished the book!  I flew right through it.  It was pretty short, so I finished it over the course of a few nights.  I was just ADDICTED to it!  It shows another facet of Anita’s powers, which is what I’ve been crazing.  It’s good to see that Anita can still almost die without her powerbase (her men) and still manage to kick ass and come out the victor in a fight against a madman who wants his wife raised as a zombie (so he can flirt with her) and a Lion Rex intent on doing her harm!

If I had to choose my favorite part of this book, it would be that it began as a funny conversation Ms. Hamilton had with a few of her friends over a dinner where one of her friends (who sounds remarkably like the character of Nathaniel, if I’m being honest) started flirting with a waiter.  Then it all went from there!  🙂  Too good!


My Favorite quotes from the book:

1) “Harm None is the rule, Ellen!  Bad Witch, no cookie!”

2)”He would never be able to fit into our lives.  He would always have to be King, and I had enough kings in my life.  I needed men who were okay with being the power behind the throne, not the ass in it.”  (I think she’s referencing her strained relationship with Richard here, what do you think?)


Book 19: “Bullet”

Started this book immediately after finishing “Flirt.”  The title alone grabbed my attention.  Haven’t read more than a few pages, but I’m already hooked!  So, I’m off to read more of it!  🙂

Update 4/27: Finished this book at 2:30 this morning.  Almost posted here while everything was still fresh in my mind, but I thought that would be a TAD obsessive.  I really couldn’t put this book down last night.  I think I started my reading night last night at about 10:30, and was at 60%…

We learn about a large Metaphysical Shit Storm headed Anita’s way.  It requires that Jean-Claude become the Vampire Council in the US, and that they start collecting Tigers of A Different Color, if it were.  As Anita is considered to be the Queen of the Gold Tigers, she needed to roll the rest of the colors, and she does so through subversion, sex, and metaphysical ties.  Some against their wills.  She manages to get under the Harlequin’s crosshairs again…  But mostly to help them take control over those European Council Members being taken over by that body-less bitch “Marmee Noir.”  I honestly thought we were done with her, when her body was blown up, but I think she’s a worse pain in EVERYONE’s ass!  At one point, Anita and her people were almost taken over by those that had been possessed by her spirit.  Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard fight their influence, and channel the potential of death into a freaking orgy of mass proportions.

Then there’s the face off with Cookie Monster (Haven), where he just about kills Nathaniel.  She blows his freaking brains out, and I’m like “FINALLY!  He was a royal pain in the ass!”  She heals Nathaniel and the rest of the people that were hurt during the last metaphysical emergency I just mentioned…


Book 20: “Hit List”

Started this book as soon as I woke up this morning.  Thought I read that the body Anita was looking at was Edward, and my first thought was “No, no, no!  Anita needs a friend that is not a lover…”  ‘Cause quick glances are awesome!   LOL!  🙂  Then I actually sat down and re-read, and was like “Well then!  I shouldn’t try to skim pages while I’m only half awake…”  Since it starts off with Anita and Edward investigating a body, I thought I needed more coffee before delving back into the (that and the CRAZINESS that had happened only moments ago…).

There was so much going on, story & timeline-wise in “Bullet”, that I think even Ms. Hamilton needed a break…  I think she uses the Metaphysical Emergencies as the heavy in her series, and the Police/Zombie storylines to be the less-heavy.  Let’s see if this prediction proves to be right!  Until Next Time!  🙂

Update 6/5: I finished this book on 5/19. It seems that I’m getting good with my predictions… I like that there was a clear break from the heavy metaphysics of the last book.  With this one, Ms. Hamilton brings us a bit of “levity” with a gruesome monster hunt.  There are times where Edward and Anita make fun of themselves, as well as the situation to make it a welcome break.


Book 20.5: “Beauty”

I read Beauty all in one night (5/19).  But let’s be honest, it’s pretty much a short story.  A very HOT short story, but a short story nonetheless.  I’ve always craved a scene between Asher, Jean-Claude and Anita that uses all that she has learned over her years with Nathaniel and his needs.

Book 21: “Kiss The Dead”

I read this one between 5/20 and 6/5 at about 12:30 this morning.  It was a pretty good Monster Hunt.  Anita learns that she is starting to want to step back from the Police Cases, especially when the big bad vampires that come to town start to use “harmless” looking baby vamps to stir up the media.  At the very end, Anita faces a bomb threat where her metaphysical links with so many of those being held hostage really bring the issue to a head before it gets too much out of control.  I appreciate that there was a bit of drama at the end, as well as a chance for Anita to show off some of her newly figured-out abilities.

Book 21.5: “Dancing”

So far, so good.  I literally just started it 5 minutes after getting home from work today.  I’ll have to get back to you on this.  So far, there’s a picnic with Anita and her cop friends planned.  Couldn’t tell you much more about what’s going to happen, because I haven’t gotten too far…  But it seems like it will be a good one!  🙂

Update 6/6: Very quick read.  I loved every second of it!  🙂

Book 22: “Affliction”

I started to read this book, but then I realized that Dancing comes first, according to Ms. Hamilton.  So far, it seems like it will be…interesting.  Micah’s family matters start us off.  Don’t know how it will end, but the start is a pretty good hook!


Book 23: “Jason”

Book 24:  “Dead Ice”


I hope you enjoy my analysis of each book as I have had in writing them!  -Silver-

No Shit, Sherlock!

As my title suggests, that’s my favorite line of this new audiobook series I’ve been reading… so far.    I’m sure there will be other lines that apply to my sense of humor over the course of it.  But then, I get ahead of myself.  A bit more explanation is in order, I think…

I’ve been listening to Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thriller Series on audiobook while knitting all of the things!!!  There are 19 total.  I’ll be posting a bit about each as I finish it.  It may be a bit, as I’m waiting on credits for audible/paydays to get more.  I believe I have enough to get this series begun, at the very least…

As before, with the Anita Blake Series, if you click the links below, you will be brought right to that book’s analysis.  So, grab your project, sit back, and relax…  In the words of Vince Fontaine in Grease “Away we go!!!”  🙂


The FBI Series:

  1. The Cove
  2. The Maze
  3. The Target
  4. The Edge
  5. Riptide
  6. Hemlock Bay
  7. Eleventh Hour
  8. Blind Side
  9. Blow Out
  10. Point Blank
  11. Double Take
  12. Tail Spin
  13. Knock Out
  14. Whiplash
  15. Split Second
  16. Backfire
  17. Bombshell
  18. Power Play
  19. Nemesis
  20. Insidious (New, August 2016)


Book 1: “The Cove”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

As with every book in a series, it begins with a great mystery.  We hear about a woman named Sally (her last name is not that important, the further into the book we go, as she hates it as much as one could possibly hate their last name.  It’s Brainard, if you must know…), who is on the run from something.  It is not easily apparent as to what she’s running from.  We learn this shortly after reading the first few sentences.  Sally has to adjust a wig, which would tell readers that she is on the run…  It pulls you in, right from the beginning.  We learn that Sally believes she is running from the law after murdering her Stepfather, and then the men trying to bring her back to a Sanitarium.

She arrives in a small little town (The Cove) where her Aunt Amabel lives with her older friends.  It’s a mystery as to HOW the “World’s Greatest Ice Cream Shop” can singlehandedly bring The Cove back from the brink of decay and extinction.  All without the help of young people to do the work.  This fact doesn’t really bother Sally at first.  Her main concern is weither or not she’s been followed.  She believes that the only one who would be following her, is the doctor and his minions are the only ones who could be following her.  When in fact, FBI Special Agent James Quinlan has been following her.  He wants to know the truth of what happened to her Stepfather.

I won’t give away the mystery.  You’ll have to read it for yourself…  I’ll just leave this little tidbit.  Sally and James end up solving both issues together, along with the help from Special Agent Dillon Savich (a computer wizard) .  Their relationship started off with a rocky start (she ends up getting injured on her motorcycle trying to get away from him), but it grows from there.  So much, that we see them further down the road.


Book 2: “The Maze”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

If you were wondering, THIS is where I got the title of this entry from…  One of the cops said it at the very end of this book.  He, apparently, had been waiting the entire course of the book to say it.  To be honest, I had a feeling it was coming.  It would have been the first joke out of my mouth, given the main character’s name…  The author showed her restraint in making that joke at the very end of the book!  🙂  LOL.

This is another mystery.  It revolves around the growing relationship between Special Agents Dillon Savich & Lacey Sherlock.  Savich’s department at the FBI revolves around catching Serial Killers by using his computer programming skills.  The Maze (or String) Killer is the Guy that Sherlock has been chasing since she was 19, and is the reason she wanted to join the FBI.  Together, she and Dillon catch him twice.  He escapes from the mental institution where the judge had him committed due to how the trial ended up working out.  We learn at the same time that Sherlock does, HOW she knows about the kind of man that this Serial Killer actually is as we read on.

It was a REALLY good read.  Trust me, it’s worth a listen.  The reader does a great job as well.  There is a lot of subtle jokes/nuances to the story that may be overlooked if not read properly.  She does a great job, and I was engulfed in the story as I was listening.


Book 3: “The Target”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

Just started this today (9/22), and can’t wait to see what happens next!  It starts off with some great action!  🙂


Book 4: “The Edge”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 5: “Riptide”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 6: “Hemlock Bay”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 7: “Eleventh Hour”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 8: “Blind Side”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 9: “Blow Out”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 10: “Point Blank”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 11: “Double Take”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 12: “Tail Spin”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 13: “Knock Out”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 14: “Whiplash”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 15: “Split Second”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 16: “Backfire”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 17: “Bombshell”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 18: “Power Play”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 19: “Nemesis”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 20: “Insidious”


Photo Courtesy of Goodreads. As the book isn’t out yet, I expect the cover art will change.

When I saw that this one wasn’t due out until this July, I was excited to go and pre-order it.  I’ll do my review of it once I have finished it.  Until then, you’ll have to wait on baited breath with me!  Until then, CHEERS!  😉

Update 8/12: I got contacted by the Publishers to review this one, even before it was out…  You’ll have to wait a bit for this review, as I’m JUST about done with it!  But, it will be worth the wait, I promise you!  🙂



Hope you enjoyed my review of this series as I loved listening to them!  Till next time!  – Silver –

It’s Not Just A Distraction…

Hi all!  I was told recently that I haven’t been talking much about anything other than knitting recently.  So I wrote a lot about soccer during the Women’s World Cup in order to prove her wrong.  But I suppose she brings up a valid point.  This blog was originally supposed to be about the written words that are (sometimes) floating around in my head.  To be fair, though…  I haven’t really written a story in quite a bit.  I’ve been caught up in the stories others have written.  They have caught my attention just as much as my knitting projects have.

The past couple of weeks (4 to be exact), I have been doing a lot of reading fluff or Sci-fi books.  Just today, I finished the second Betrayedbook in the Transformed series by Stacy Claflin.  She is a new-to-me author that I recently discovered.  I actually found out about this series from an anthology of 13 Paranormal books P13 (Titled “The Paranormal 13”) that I downloaded for free.  I’m still not too sure I want to continue with the series, as I have enough on my Kindle to read.  I also realize that there’s not much that held my interest until the last couple of chapters.  However, that may have been my own fault, as I didn’t sit down to read more than one chapter at a time.  Usually that doesn’t bother me, but the storyline was actually pretty good.  It’s about a new Vampire girl who finds that her royal parents have been keeping her in the dark about more than just her Vampire heritage.  The first followed her transformation from a human to a Vampire, and the silly love triangle she finds herself in…  The second continues the second theme, as she finds out that her Royal parents have been lying to her, and she ends up rebelling in a very interesting way.  I think I may want to continue with the story, to see if that rebellion is leading where I think it is.  Who knows, right?  I may end up enjoying it more than I think I will…

Also in this category, I have been reading many more titles.  But the ones I mentioned above are the ones that have stood out.  I have SOO many loaded on my Kindle right now, that I don’t even know if I remember when I downloaded them.  I’m something of a Bibliophile (a collector of books and the written word), if you will!  I wanted ya’ll to know that…

I’ve also been reading many books that cannot be described as fluff or Sci-fi…  They are books that have been instrumental in the day-to-day of my craft and Silver’s Knitted Treats.   Business Planning CO BO Plan as You Go  If you can’t read the titles, they are “Business Plans for Dummies” by Paul Tiffany, Steven D. Peterson,  “Cast On, Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods: Find the best start and finish for every knitting project”  by Leslie Ann Bestor and “The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan” by Tim Berry.  I have only just begun to read these three, but I do believe that I will learn more about my art, and I cannot wait!  🙂


I’ve also been listening to a quite a few books through Audible.  If you haven’t heard, Audible is Amazon’s audiobook website.  I’m freaking obsessed with listening to great stories on my kindle while I’ve been working on the many projects I’ve been working on for Stash Dash.  I’ll actually be discussing this topic in a future post, so please stay tuned!  🙂 I want to do a better revue for these wonderful books, where they won’t get stuck in a large body of text and bore you…  😉


Also to keep with the theme of doing something else while I’m working on projects, I have also been watching a lot of TV Series repeats and movies that I have in my Amazon Library.  Mostly because it’s easier to use one machine for everything.  The other, is because I’ve been on a buying spree of these wonderful gems over the past few years and thought it time I re-visited them while I knit my ass off…  Let’s see, besides catching up with the KnitGirllls, knittingincircles, and in a sKnit podcasts, I have also been watching

1) Seasons 1-7 of Gilmore Girls.  Oy with the Poodles already!  Babette Ate Oatmeal!

2) Season 1 of Supernatural.  I will watch more, but that’s how far I’ve gotten.

3) Magic Mike again, in anticipation of the new movie release.

4) Abduction with Taylor Lautner.  Need I say more?

5) One For the Money.  I love the books.  Only the second time I’ve seen the movie!

6) Kate and Leopold.  For the 6th time, at least.   Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said that without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable. 

7) Wolverine.  I have a thing for Hugh Jackman, as you can see…  🙂

8) Rock of Ages (for the 3rd time)

9) and Stargate (for at least the 10th time.  6th time this year, actually…)


Till next time, dear reader!  -Silver-

Animated Movies Make For Fun Final Essays

They really do make awesome essays! I’ll let you decide for yourself. I have many different sources I used, but for the sake of the length the essay is already, I’ll leave them off for now. Hope you like reading it as much as I loved writing it!

“Do Female Movie Characters Make For Good Role Models?
Role models come and go. Or do they? What makes a good role model has been a highly debated topic for as long as I can remember. It has also been debated about the lingering effects that individual characters have into one’s adulthood. Most recently, this topic has become heated regarding the books and movies that our young children are reading and watching. By its very definition, “A ‘role model’ seems to be popularly understood as ‘someone to look up to,’ and someone to base your character, values or aspirations upon” (Gauntlett, 2008). Over the past 30 years, popular movies have started to include stronger female heroines who, in turn, have become better role models to the youth of America.
According to Rothman (2014), there seems to be a growing trend in the entertainment field that movies with strong female characters do better at the box office. In fact, Rothman’s opening sentence grabs your attention and captures the essence of this whole issue. “By now, it really shouldn’t come as a big surprise: movies with strong female characters aren’t the box-office bombs that conventional wisdom expects them to be. In fact, they tend to do better than man-heavy movies.” In case Hollywood needed further proof of how strong female characters have been affecting Box Office sales, other than the increase in sales they have seen, a test was created whereby Hollywood had it’s proof.
The Bechdel Test is meant to gauge how women are portrayed in movies. The definition of the test is “It has to have at least two women in it who talk to each other about something besides a man” (Bechdel, 1985). “Vocativ’s authors also found that the films that passed the test earned a total of $4.22 billion in the United States, while those that failed earned $2.66 billion in total, leading them to conclude that a way for Hollywood to make more money might be to “put more women onscreen.” A 2014 study by FiveThirtyEight based on data about 1,615 films released from 1990 to 2013 concluded that the median budget of films that passed the test was 35% lower than that of the others. It found that the films that passed the test had about a 37% higher return on investment (ROI) in the United States, and the same ROI internationally, compared to films that did not pass the test.” (Hickey, 2014) So you see, with the exception of a select few movies, Hollywood has finally gotten the hint that parents want movies that that their children can watch and be amazed by their strong female characters. Put simply, when parents are happy with the lessons being taught in a movie, they are more willing to bring their children to movie theaters to watch it before it gets released on VHS/DVD/Blueray. This in turn, will be putting more money back into the studios’ pockets.
Live action movies have produced strong female characters that can be considered good role models to today’s youth. Recently, the main heroine from The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, has come to the top of the list. Katniss has had to step in as the head of the household after the death of her father. Katniss is thrown into a game that the government has created, where 24 boys and girls kill each other off until one remains. During the game, she only kills when she has no other choice and mourns the passing of those she befriends along the journey. She also stops the game when she and another boy threaten to kill themselves. Her acts of strength and valor prove to today’s generation that one person can make a difference in the world without being cruel. In fact, according to Dockterman (2013), “Boys can look up to a woman as a role model…Male and female tributes are set on equal footing at the beginning of the Hunger Games. There’s a male and female tribute from each district, and never does Collins imply that the females are at some disadvantage in the brutal arena simply because they have uteruses.” At this point in her essay, Dokterman brings up one of the wonderful points that Suzanne Collins wanted to make in her original work. By pairing off the boys and girls from each District into an arena wrought with battle, Collins is stating that the sexes are equal in all things.
Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series is another strong female character who we should be proud to call a good role model. At first, you believe she is just a bookworm without any real power in the grand scheme of things. However, as the series continues on, we learn how strong an individual she is. In fact, she rescues the boys most of the time with her wit, book smarts, and lust for knowledge and organization. When both Harry and Ron are at their least inspired, she doles out the inspiration and encouragement to keep persevering with the task at hand. She is also the only one of the three with the foresight to pack all they would need, just on the off-chance they will have to be on the run from the dangers that are always following Harry.
Animated female characters who are strong willed are also good role models to today’s youth. These good role models have lasting power into adulthood, even if we do not realize it at the time. In fact, when children are young, we allow them to watch animated movies. We think them safe cartoons with simple characters an music. However, this is not always the truth.
Disney, the largest creators of animated movies, work a lot of hidden meanings and lessons into each of their full-length movies. According to Caravaggio (2014), “Today’s Disney female protagonists are amply armed with their own personal power and are heroines taking charge of their futures. After all, this empowerment is the only way for women to truly live happily ever after.” The strong-willed female characters of Belle, Mulan, Pocahontas, Elsa, and Anna are just a few of the Disney Princess examples I wish to discuss here.
It is from the aforementioned movie characters, that one can learn about the kind of woman our younger generation wants to become. The character of Belle from Beauty and the Beast is a very good role model who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and who can see past a person’s exterior and get to know the real person underneath. Belle meets this Beast character who starts off very mean, rude, and temperamental, with little in the way of manners. After trading her freedom for her father’s life and running away from the Beast after one of his fits of rage, Belle starts getting to know the Beast better. She is the one who teaches the Beast how to become a better man, through her love of reading, the art of wearing proper clothing, and table manner training. According to Dickens (2011), “To be truly transformed, the Beast must desire the person Belle really is, rather than merely her feminine utility or physical presence.” Once he has shown her that he is worthy of her love, then there is a physical transformation that happens at the end of the movie that we can’t help but applaud.
Mulan is the next on a long list of strong Princesses in Disney’s arsenal. Mulan says goodbye to the gender roles of her society by cutting off her hair, stealing her father’s commission and battle armor, and joining the army. She earns the respect of the entire camp (and even her Prince) by being the first to figure out the challenge put forth to her and the recruits. She is the only character in the movie that runs directly toward the bad guy, using her knowledge of fighting and the “female arts” she has been trained in in order to defeat him.
Another strong Princess who rebelled against what society expected of her, is Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin. Jasmine runs away from her castle when talking to her father regarding who he wants her to marry does not work. When she meets Aladdin while on the run from a vendor who wanted to cut off her hand for stealing an apple for a street urchin. The two go on a few grand adventures together, saving each other a few more times. By the end of the movie, she ends up being able to convince her father to re-write the laws of the land to give her the ability marry whomever she wishes.
The character of Pocahontas is also very strong. In this movie, Disney presents another Princess who rebels against society’s whims. Her father wanted her to marry who he thought was the strongest warrior in the village. She does not want to, and has no qualms about saying so. She and John Smith meet and teach each other about their respective worlds. Pocahontas is the one that comes to John’s rescue in the end, and by doing so, she also saves her entire village. She becomes the peacekeeper between her people and John’s people, as well as their leader. At the very end of this movie, we learn that she was willing to stay and help her people, instead of following John back to England.
Elsa and Anna from Frozen are two of the newest in a long line of strong princesses. When Elsa’s powers get a boost and she ends up running away, it is Anna who goes after her. The two have a wonderful adventure, where they learn about themselves and who they wanted to be, regardless of what society wanted of them. As sisters, these two figured out that they are stronger together without the aid of a man. This is essentially the entire message of the Feminist movement.
Disney is not the only animation studio that has realized they need strong female characters. Dreamworks showcases this with their character Fiona from Shrek. After having a curse put on her, Fiona’s parents lock her in a tower to await a prince who will change her back to her human form. When Shrek (the green ogre) is the one she falls in love with, she ends up rescuing him from as many situations as he does her. She has spunk, and shows us that she is willing to go to battle for those she loves. There is even one part in the last movie where she is the leader of an army of ogres after Shrek stupidly makes a wish that he was free from his obligations and things go a little wonky. She is a strong character, who proves that she does not need a man to be whole.
Disney princesses of the past used to be weak individuals who waited for a prince to come along and rescue them. Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, and Ariel were such princesses. Snow White bit a poisoned apple after serving 7 men in a household for many years. She waited in a glass case for her Prince to come kiss her. Aurora pricked her finger on a spindle and was left in a tower while her Prince had all the fun fighting black thorns that went on for miles, and the evil Maleficent. Cinderella spent her youth dreaming of a better life while she was serving her stepmother and ugly (as sin, one could say) stepsisters. She relies on a fairy godmother to get her out of the house to go to a ball, but her Prince still needs to come to her rescue by bringing back her glass slipper. Her adventure ends when she marries her Prince. Ariel gives up the most important and interesting things about herself to be with her prince. She gives up her tail and her voice so she can have legs. Her prince, Eric, does not even recognize her until she gets her voice back at the end of the movie. Each of these Princesses have their own stories. The thing that links them, is the fact that they all gave in to their gender stereotypes of being damsels in distress.
Like the animated movies mentioned above, live action movies also have their poor role models. The biggest detriment to the whole feminist movement in movies (and in books) so far, seems to be the recently popular character of Bella Swan from the Twilight series. According to Coleman (2010), her lack of backbone and unhealthy dependence on her boyfriend makes one squirm with the reality that this is what the younger generation is reading about and watching in movies. To quote Coleman, “With her puppy-dog adoration of Edward and her squirm-inducing need to be rescued by a man, it seems feminism has completely passed Bella by. And sadly, as the Twilight story has evolved, we can’t say the same of her backbone.” The character totally centers her life around Edward and ignores her friends. Edward then completely tears her apart when he dumps her over and over again. Do we really want our young girls to think it’s okay to put up with abuse like that, as well as a complete dependance on a person who does not deserve their love? The other female characters in the series are somewhat strong and can kick serious butt when it comes to defending the ones they love. However, the rest of the time, they tend to talk about shopping, shoes and their significant others. These shallow characters do not represent the strong women and lesson that parents want their children to be exposed to.
Big blockbuster movies over the past 30 years have made the transformation from weak female characters with weak moral fibers, to characters who are strong, capable women who hold themselves independent of their men. The girls in my generation started with the princess type who had to wait for a man to rescue them (Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, and Ariel), and we are part of the generation that started to see the stronger female heroines (Mulan, Belle, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Fiona, Elsa, and Anna). There have been the rare exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, the female heroines have been strong and powerful in their own rights. Even with those few bad apples, these are the characters and lessons that we should all be proud to share with our own daughters, sons, and many more generations to come. I am confident that these strong female characters will become as memorable to future generations, as they have been to the youth of my generation, and they become topics of conversation for years to come.”

I’ll provide you with sources, if you want to read them. Just let me know. Hope you enjoyed the essay! Till next week!

Bear With Me Folks!

Hey fans! I’ve been working on a new series for my blog that’s based on reviews of books and stuff. I’ll release the first one just as soon as I finish it. The others will follow suit as soon as I finish reading the books I have in mind for this summer series.

I read the Twilight Series over. I’ll be doing some analyzing of those. That, and the Harry Potter Books (seeing as the first part of the last movie’ll be out in a few short months {get excited!}). If there’s any other good books that you want me to try to review, please let me know. I have several ideas, but I’d like to hear what YOU want to read about!

In the meantime, please feel free to re-read my previous blog entries while you bear with me. Thanks for stopping by!

Yes. I’m okay.

I just looked at the date of my last post, and realized I haven’t said a word in over a month. This bitch has just been up to her eyeballs in stuff. I didn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted anything. I’ve had ideas, sure. But mostly, I’ve been writing more of my story again. Which is a big plus. Also, I’ve been working with a bunch of kids over at one of the schools with the school’s Guided Reading Program. Gearing up for Soccer season. First practice is tomorrow. First game is Saturday. Have a campus tour of Central today. I hope I’m prepared as well as I CAN be. My brother’s in town for the week. Been trying to get up to my parent’s place to see him as much as I can.
If anybody hasn’t heard, 24’s in it’s last season. That’s an upset… Still no job. That’s an upset too. For both Empty and I…
Don’t get me started on that.
Anyway, gotta go get myself ready for today.

Wish me luck!!!

Finally, some results.

Hey all.
First thing I’m excited about, is the fact that my Uncle has consented to take me on, at least for one day, with his cleaning business. It gives me something to do besides put in applications for a day.
The second thing that I’m so excited about is that I finally broke the plateau in my weight that I had reached. I’m now down to 212.2 lbs. And loving it, because I only sort-of listened to Dizzy. Usually, my weeks start on Friday and go to Thursday, so I almost got her advice too late. BTW, thanks for the friendly slap at the picnic Dizzy. I needed it to realize that I was eating a cheeseburger. Yeah, yeah. I know. The optimal word in that situation, was CHEESE. But see my previous comment about the subject. It’s almost like my crack. That and chocolate. I’ll be trying to have a more conscious mind about not ADDING the stuff.
The third thing, I think I finally got up the nerve to start writing again. Believe it or not, talking to Empty more about random stuff has got me thinking about how lax I was getting in my writing everyday thing. I’ll try writing a blurb about the Terryville County Fair, if I decide I want to go. We’ll see.
Anywho . . . I’m off to put in more applications and take care of stuff that I won’t be able to do all day tomorrow. Wish me luck with all that.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again . . . Silver’s Back. Tell Some Friends.

Alright. So I forgot to comment on my diet “experiment” recently. It happens, where I have nothing to comment on, and therefore, I forget to tell you. To be honest, this week’s report got lost in the way that I forgot to record what my new weight was. That happens too. The sad fact, is that I just realized that I didn’t even write it down. Just in time for the new week. I believe I managed to stay even with last weigh in. No proof of this, but there you go.

This week has been composed of yours truly trying to get a job. Other than that, not too much new stuff has happened in my neck of the woods.

I suppose I’ll try to do some writing soon. I promise you. I think I’m done procrastinating. Also had a dream about my characters last night, so I think that was my sign to continue the storyline.
See you in another couple of days or so.

Later Gator!!!

Hello world!

Hello all.  I am a CT-born writer by the name of Silverluna Goldenhue.  Please feel free to call my by my nickname, Silverluna.  That’s the name that I’ll be going by whenever I get myself going enough to get published.

The reason I created a blog???

Well, I was told by my Aunt (who has one), that this might be just the thing I need to get rid of my broken writer’s talent.  Most people call it writer’s block, and usually have some way of getting rid of it to move on in whatever storyline they’ve been working on.  Yeah!  Not with me, so much.  I think I have the dream of being published, but not the how of how to do so.  I seem to start a lot of good stories and just get BORED.  I don’t know.  I’ve tried making myself free-write, and writing SOMETHING in a journal (garbage or not).  Also, I’ve tried re-writes until I’m happy with the text.  Tried going for walks, and other distractions.  If anybody has any ideas about how to help me, let me know.

I currently have a novel series about a coven on Wiccian Vampire Witches who go overseas on a pirate ship where the Captain is a mind reader.  Romance novel, if you MUST know.  Heroine: Morgana.  Hero: Djin.

Originally, I wanted it to be an accurate representation of what the Wiccian Dianic tradition really is like.  Mostly because I AM of the faith, and was sick of being told that all Wiccians are evil, and therefore I was too.  (Don’t get me started on that track, or you’ll just get bored, and I DO want you around past this first entry. . . )

Lately, it’s become a large piece of fantasy.  Which is good, I suppose, because I AM writing fiction and not non-fiction.

But hey.  Let’s have a bit about myself.  I’m pretty much a freak for music.  I met my fiancee during a music concert in High school.  We have our 9th dating anniversary coming up today.  June 2nd.  Have plans to have a small ceremony.  Eventually.  I’m not really in a big rush, as much as most people I know have been.  He and I have the joke going between us that we’ve been practically married for years anyway.  Been living together for almost a year now, so that’s pretty much as big a commitment as one can get.

My cousin is getting married in two weeks, and they’re waiting until this week to start living together.  I wish her luck, considering all the shit I’ve heard about his “freakiness.”  I mean, he’ll just fit in with the rest of my family.  We all have our quirks.

I’m extremely anal about how stuff gets done around the apartment, and I’m sure that I’ve been driving my hunny NUTS!!!  But the combining of the individual into a couple gets interesting.  So, good luck cousin darling with that man of yours.  The roosters will NOT stop their endless moving, no matter how you yell at him to stop moving them.  Bitching does not work.  Some things, you’ll learn, are not worth the arguement.  It’s a fable that the female sex compromises less in the relationship, remember that . . .

Ok.  Rant over.

You’ll notice that it’s now 2:47 AM EST.  I’m guessing that I’m starting to exhibit the early signs of insomnia. . .  Heaven above, I hope not!!!