Here Is Where You Can Find My Current WIP (Knitting/Crochet/Cross-Stitch) Discussions

Hello everyone!!! Here is where you will find a list of my current WIPs (Works In Progress). Each one will be by the year that I started the project. As I finish each, I will be updating this list as well.

J’s Shawl: 

Granny Stripes and Cozy Dreamz: 

Whispering Amira: 
Fiery Viajante: 
Flower Power Spiral – Silver Style: 
Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Silver Style: 
The Blustery Day: 
All Squared Up: 

Butterfly Effective Xstitch: 
Purple Viajante: 
My Scrappy Happy Blanket – pt 2: 
Barrow’s Greatest Discovery: 
A Crowley Will Always Be A Crowley: 
DVD Love <3: 
Doctor Who House:
Bebe Flax 1: 

Bebe Flax 2: 
Don’t Test Me: 

Matching Test Socks:

Granny’s Cloud Clusters Shawl: 
Easy Peasy Dude!:
September 2020 DVD Socks: 


2021: (for all future WIPs I may start in the new year…Because I know myself, I KNOW I will need this set up now…)


Hope this helps!

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!