My 2018 Knit To Zero FO Parade

Hello everyone! It just occurred to me today (the 22nd day of January) that you might like a place to find all of my FO’s for the year, given the fact that I intend about blogging about them all.  I’ll make a list below, and link them to each blog entry as I go. Since I’m also going to be talking about them on the Podcast, I’ll also be pointing you to which episode number. This way you can learn a bit more about each.  So, here we go!!!


In Episode 38:

  1. Lovely Friendship Travels
  2. NoBunny Parties Like An Angel On Acid
  3. 13 is Here! Get ‘er Queen!
  4. January’s DVD Socks
  5. Icy Joyful Diamonds
  6. Barley Loves You To Pieces
  7. February DVD Socks 
  8. Lintilla The Hun
  9. March DVD Socks
  10. Waffles ROCK!!!
  11. My First Grannie Square
  12. First Quarter Washcloths
  13. April’s DVD Socks
  14. Spiked Punch Basket Blanket
  15. Birthday Month’s DVD Socks
  16. Ember’s Up!!!
  17. Cotton Candy Sock Blank Socks
  18. May’s Charity Hats
  19. June’s DVD Socks
  20. M Needs Warm Socks
  21. Jodi, We’re Podcasting!
  22. 2nd Quarter’s Washcloths


Hope this Helps!!!