My “Great Podcaster” 2019 FO’s

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2019! Today starts “The Great Podcaster Craft Along” that I’m hosting! Click here for details on the Along. I did also put a video up on YouTube to explain everything. I’ll be listing all of the projects I finish in 2019.


  1. Simply Aware
  2. One…Singular Sensation
  3. Unicorn Cozy
  4. Pooh Loves Dumbledore
  5. Apple Butterbeer
  6. DADA: A Winter Cowl
  7. Just You Wait
  8. Gemini Whispers
  9. It’s Easy Being Green
  10. Piglet & Honey, What More Could A Pooh Bear Ask For?
  11. Vertebrae #1
  12. I’m Lovin’ It‎
  13. Vertabrae #2
  14. Ba’s Shawl #1
  15. We’ve Got Mars On The Horizon
  16. Ba’s Shawl #2
  17. Tri-ed And True
  18. Everything’s Just Peachy! 😉


Until next Time, Happy Crafting!