Finally, some results.

Hey all.
First thing I’m excited about, is the fact that my Uncle has consented to take me on, at least for one day, with his cleaning business. It gives me something to do besides put in applications for a day.
The second thing that I’m so excited about is that I finally broke the plateau in my weight that I had reached. I’m now down to 212.2 lbs. And loving it, because I only sort-of listened to Dizzy. Usually, my weeks start on Friday and go to Thursday, so I almost got her advice too late. BTW, thanks for the friendly slap at the picnic Dizzy. I needed it to realize that I was eating a cheeseburger. Yeah, yeah. I know. The optimal word in that situation, was CHEESE. But see my previous comment about the subject. It’s almost like my crack. That and chocolate. I’ll be trying to have a more conscious mind about not ADDING the stuff.
The third thing, I think I finally got up the nerve to start writing again. Believe it or not, talking to Empty more about random stuff has got me thinking about how lax I was getting in my writing everyday thing. I’ll try writing a blurb about the Terryville County Fair, if I decide I want to go. We’ll see.
Anywho . . . I’m off to put in more applications and take care of stuff that I won’t be able to do all day tomorrow. Wish me luck with all that.